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Thanks so much for favoriting We're the Same! :twilightsmile:

2011575 Glad that you enjoy the story for as far as you have read it up to this point. While that may be true, that's a thing that I will leave over on the readers themselves, shall we say. Perhaps I deserve more, but I am not complaining about the amounts I have. Now that's quite the interesting story that you're having there. Curious one, indeed. Hmhmhmh, even though time is quite valuable to me, I do always make (or at least try) to get in contact with the people the read my stuff.

2010317 No problem! It's a very good read so I can confidently say that you fully deserve it and that the fic would deserve a lot more faves! :raritywink: In case you're wondering how on Earth Rairity is my favorite pony and I have a Soviet Applejack as a wallpaper, well, Aj's my second favorite and a looooong time ago I started writing an alternate universe fic where an assasination of Celestia, a right wing dictatorial coup d'etat and sequently a communist revolution took place in Equestria, (i was caught up in school in the end and I abandoned it) and Rarity is a business owner and an aspiring star among the Canterlot elites, so making her a revolutionary leader was pretty much... out of the question. Long story short, the picture was mostly story-related. (although I admit I'm a Marxist too and I'm a bit weird in loving Rarity the most, but I don't care and I always will - :raritystarry:) Anyway, I'm really engrossed in Blood Curse Boutique right now,, but I'm stiill humbled a good popular writer took the time to grace my page with a comment, so thank you Rarity Belle! :pinkiehappy:

A big thanks for the fave of Blood Curse Boutique my dear.

A new group dedicated to glorious Communism has come. Spread the word and join our herd:twilightblush:


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