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Well this is interesting. Right after I get the role of playing The Doctor in Doctor Who it turns out that I really am the Doctor! His Equestrian form for that matter.

Side story to Five Score, Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum

Chapters (13)
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I get this amusing image, if ponykind were ever to settle with humanity, of a pony regeneration on the tv show. Ten's comment about the teeth would be the least of his(her?) worries.

Comment posted by WaihekeHalo deleted Nov 28th, 2013

wait the Doctor and Derpy have weed?! mother of god :rainbowhuh:

Just wondering, do you, or did you, have an editor? Several times you s8d season finally when it should have 8een season finale, and th8re were several other trivial mist8kes. I will still read the rest unless the mist8kes get more frequent, 8ecause Doctor Whooves. I really don't think I need another reason.:derpytongue2:

3549029 You do know that's an offense punisha8le 8y temp8an, right? Posting a comment that s8ys nothing 8ut first.

3550382 um... Yes it is? Its classified as a psychoactive drug, or narcotic. But just to make sure we're talking about the same stuff, you're talking about Cannabis, or Marijuana?

3553064 Cannabis and Marijuana are the same thing with a different name,but the reason why I said it's not a drug was half as a joke and because I don't count anything that comes from nature a drug drug. The reasons for weed being illegal are bull shit, I mean alcohol is a class 4 narcotic and is responsible for hundreds of deaths when taken and it's legal (Ok they tried banning it and it epicly failed but still). Weed is a class C drug and is less damaging than alcohol. Also when's the last time you heard of anyone beating their loved ones well high?

Side effects comparison:

Weed: Chill out, eat chips, listen to music, laugh, don't want to go anywhere, minimal brain damage.

Alcohol: Always want to fight, beat your wife and kids, vomit, want to drive, pass out, maximum brain damage.

Kind of all over the place dude. :unsuresweetie:

I thought this story was amazing and absolutely fantastic because they were turning into ponies slowly instead of poof I'm a pony:pinkiehappy:

Alright, this seems to be progressing too quickly....

FUCK!! I was hoping all of this was real and I was the Doctor...


“I have to admit, you’re the first pony so far to make it all the way across on their first try. I would make a reference to an old overused meme but I'm’m not Spitfire.” She said with a laugh

Well, I am,



I was squealing when you put Mr.Mofett in

I like the idea Hi um don't mind me or fluttershyGOOD BYE! *me and flutter shy run away in fear*

...Needs more detail and dialogue. It's like you want to speed up the story without savoring the events.

But for now, when I blow my whistle I want each of you to kick off from the ground, flap your wings hard, hover for a moment, then lean forward slightly and touch back down.” She instructed. “On my whistle. 3, 2, *toot*.”

Did you just quote Harry potter?


Funnily enough, I read this story before the actual Five Score Divided by Four. Good job. I've always liked Dr. Whooves.

V for Vendetta? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: NICE!!!

4559251 It kind of is actually. This chapter is just to explain where some of the army came from in the main story by TwistedSpectrum.

"Unforchantly parliament has been kidnapping a lot of them and taking them to that research center that Prime Minister Creedy opened at Larkhill.” Steven said with a disappointed sigh.

“What are they doing there?” I asked as we tuned into a long hallway.

“Experimentation.” He said flatly. “They're torturing them, removing the horns from Unicorns, the wings from Pegasi and some things that are too horrible to mention.” He said with a shudder. "

Take Pm Creedy, cut off his arms and legs, nail his torso to a wall, put an iv in him to keep him alive, do something to his mind to keep him sane, and turn off the light closing the door on your way out leaving him there for around 900 years then.


What can I say, I'm a dark hero not a light one y'know that's just my nature.

“Right.” I said looking up at the rings before deciding to go cheek on The Doctor.

Cheek or check :derpytongue2:

Once that is done, assuming Discord sending everypony here isn't a fixed event, we can go back to Equestria before all this happened and worn Celestia.


“Ya, blow up half our living room in the proses…. and a book store.”

"Yea, and blew up half our living room on the process... and a book store."

“Yes, yes and Timer Turner was just an adieus.”


“Oh did I forget to mention that Derpy and I don’t turn back into ponies until November?”

But still a good story.


“Oh did I forget to mention that Derpy and I don’t turn back into ponies until November?”


In other words because they went back in time their human selves are still walking around England unaware of what's going on. So technically using don't in this situation is proper grammar. Remember The Doctor is a time traveler so things don't always happen to him in quite the right order.:moustache:

Fixed everything else though.:derpytongue2:

Exactly what I think.

Since no one else has commented I will. DANG

4918852 Wrap him in unbreakable chains forged in the heart of a dwarf star. Put him on a mini cross and put a sack-mask over his head. Push him into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy. And finally, seal that sucker in a mirror, every mirror.

Thus is the wrath of a Timelord

recommended you for the part of the next Doctor in the hit show Doctor Who.

That's funny cause it will not happen!:rainbowlaugh:

about five other guys

I hated the news report!:twilightangry2:
:flutterrage:I HATE JOURNALISTS!!!:flutterrage:

It takes a lot

“Experimentation.” He said flatly. “They're torturing them, removing the horns from Unicorns, the wings from Pegasi and some things that are too horrible to mention.”

All I can say is...

eventually managed to lose

him and pulled

It took me a second

carefully got out of bed

“Um I’ll have some hay bacon, some hash browns and two muffins please.” I said as she levitated my order on to my tray. “Thanks.”

Reminds me of whose line episode were Ryan was doing an umpire at a drive thru "I'll have a burger some fries and a cooooooooooke....You forgot my cooooooooooke....where the hell is my cooooooooooke"
Couldn't find the clip.

“Thanks"(---- I said

“Sure"(--- I said

Equestria well he did
I don't think that's prober grammar.:rainbowhuh:

all the way to the one on the other side

the room where Shooting Star

when I did,

on there their faces,

managed to make it

in need of a dress

as a he brought

ready to travel through

actually trying to get

Shining looked like he was going to ask something else but was interrupted by a light pink unicorn filly with a blond mane.
“Daddy!” The filly yelled running up to me and hugging my leg, Derpy flying behind her. “I’ve missed you so much!”

That's a brilliant idea,

much needed medical

you’re getting into.


I left it back

I heard somepony

was lifted into

with of thousands

---)"But just to be

Well this wedding

look just like him."(---

7492258 now that you've pointed out all the spelling and grammar mistakes what did you think of the story?

and why has no one commented except writers acre

“I don’t know I just started to get this weird tingling sensation in my-”


Aaaand we got the matrix

Free your mind:derpytongue2:

This was amazing story. Now I know how things happened in Five Score.

It's a more niche 5score story, that said I'm enjoying it so far

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