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Well this is interesting. Right after I get the role of playing The Doctor in Doctor Who it turns out that I really am the Doctor! His Equestrian form for that matter.

Side story to Five Score, Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum

Chapters (13)
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a 5S/4 fic? :rainbowderp:

I wish you the best of lucks :pinkiesad2:

good idea, but honestly? Poorly executed. You threw me into to the story wayyy too fast and lost me within the first minute of reading it. Please, get a proofreader and rewrite it 'cause I really do like the idea.

3547764 well there are stricter rules for Five Score fics so I decided to keep it short.

Five score divided by four,
The doctor dies with a knock at the door...

3547791 that's not what I meant, here is an example from the text

Oh bloody hell. I’ve heard of being born to play a role but this is just fucking ridiculous! Ok maybe I should go back a bit and explain what’s going on. You see my name is Jeremy Taylor, I just turned 25, am a graduate of Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance, have brown hair, blue eyes, light tan skin, and just landed the role of the next Doctor for the hit television series Doctor Who! Well I guess I should say I HAD all that.

You just barraged me with a crap ton of information right at the beginning, you should have eased me into it, showing of small bits of information throughout the story, but not too slow as to have no connection to the character at all.

3547856 well that;s just my style of writing because I hate it when stories take forever to get to the plot and introduce who the main character is. I find that if you take more than a paragraph or so to introduce your main character it takes away from the story By telling the reader who he his and a bit of his past right from the get go it cuts down on the bullshit and you get to the plot faster.

3547913 The thing is you can explain the charterer and there personality by leaving little snippets throughout the story, examples taken from my (Unpublished) five score fic.

wiping a few strands of loose brown hair from my face, walk towards the bathroom.

There, I just reviled the character has brown hair without barraging with information.

“It’s more likely they put some kind of slow acting chemical in our hair to change it. Still I don’t know of any substance that can make your hair longer.” I explain. Dylan gives my a surprised look, “What?” I ask, but as soon as the words leave my mouth I understand why. “It’s because I’m just a electrician isn't it?” I accuse, Dylan's face changes to a guilty one, “Well fuck you, working in the trades doesn't make me a retard you asshole.”

Now I reviled the character is a electrician and is sensitive about there intelligence.

See? There are ways you can tell the reader stuff about the character without making it an essay.

3547944 Ya I'm just giving some basic information. There are other things about him that are revealed over time. The beginning is to have you get a feel for the type of guy this is happening to.

I get this amusing image, if ponykind were ever to settle with humanity, of a pony regeneration on the tv show. Ten's comment about the teeth would be the least of his(her?) worries.

Comment posted by WaihekeHalo deleted Nov 28th, 2013

wait the Doctor and Derpy have weed?! mother of god :rainbowhuh:

Dear Author
when is next story about Doctor Whooves? can't wait

Just wondering, do you, or did you, have an editor? Several times you s8d season finally when it should have 8een season finale, and th8re were several other trivial mist8kes. I will still read the rest unless the mist8kes get more frequent, 8ecause Doctor Whooves. I really don't think I need another reason.:derpytongue2:

3549029 You do know that's an offense punisha8le 8y temp8an, right? Posting a comment that s8ys nothing 8ut first.

3549461 That coming from someone who keeps putting 8 in his words.

3550382 um... Yes it is? Its classified as a psychoactive drug, or narcotic. But just to make sure we're talking about the same stuff, you're talking about Cannabis, or Marijuana?

3550059 You need an editor, regardless whether or not he put '8's in his words. Your story would probably get more reads if it was grammatically correct.

You don't take constructive criticism very well, do you?

3553064 Cannabis and Marijuana are the same thing with a different name,but the reason why I said it's not a drug was half as a joke and because I don't count anything that comes from nature a drug drug. The reasons for weed being illegal are bull shit, I mean alcohol is a class 4 narcotic and is responsible for hundreds of deaths when taken and it's legal (Ok they tried banning it and it epicly failed but still). Weed is a class C drug and is less damaging than alcohol. Also when's the last time you heard of anyone beating their loved ones well high?

Side effects comparison:

Weed: Chill out, eat chips, listen to music, laugh, don't want to go anywhere, minimal brain damage.

Alcohol: Always want to fight, beat your wife and kids, vomit, want to drive, pass out, maximum brain damage.

3550059 I've already posted this on this site 8efore. Twice! Here, have a quirk.

Kind of all over the place dude. :unsuresweetie:

I thought this story was amazing and absolutely fantastic because they were turning into ponies slowly instead of poof I'm a pony:pinkiehappy:

3597626 Except the Doctor but that's because he regenerated.:derpytongue2:

Alright, this seems to be progressing too quickly....

FUCK!! I was hoping all of this was real and I was the Doctor...


“I have to admit, you’re the first pony so far to make it all the way across on their first try. I would make a reference to an old overused meme but I'm’m not Spitfire.” She said with a laugh

Well, I am,



I was squealing when you put Mr.Mofett in

I like the idea Hi um don't mind me or fluttershyGOOD BYE! *me and flutter shy run away in fear*

Great story, don't stop!

...Needs more detail and dialogue. It's like you want to speed up the story without savoring the events.

But for now, when I blow my whistle I want each of you to kick off from the ground, flap your wings hard, hover for a moment, then lean forward slightly and touch back down.” She instructed. “On my whistle. 3, 2, *toot*.”

Did you just quote Harry potter?

Comment posted by Violet Runner deleted Mar 6th, 2014


Funnily enough, I read this story before the actual Five Score Divided by Four. Good job. I've always liked Dr. Whooves.

Comment posted by Mr Ignorable deleted Jan 10th, 2015

Alcohol comes from nature. So do cocaine, hallucinogens, and methamphetamine. So... are all drugs not drug drugs? I'm just trying to keep up here.

4332255 Cocaine and methamphetamine don't apear in nature. Cocaine is made when you refine the cocoa leaf into a fine white powder, which dosen't happen all on it's own. Ever here of a Meth Lab? If Meth short for methamphetamine apeared in nature then there would be no need for a lab, but seeing as you need one to make it that means it's not natural.

Alcohol is a byproduct of rotting fruit so it dose technically come from nature but because it is a byproduct I do not count it.

As for hallucinogens it depends on the source.

Grow it, cut it, use it. If it takes more then those three steps then it's most likely a drug drug.

Methamphetamine, along with all amphetamines, occurs naturally in plants. As for hallucinogens, salvia divinorum, peyote, opium, and even datura are all natural. If you're making the distinction between things that come from nature and "drug drugs" in terms of potential harm, look up datura (jimsonweed.)

I also don't get your point about alcohol. Decomposition isn't natural enough for you?

Also, the only difference between cocaine and chewing the leaves of the COCA plant ( Erythroxylum coca, which is very different from the Theobroma cacao) is purity. Cocaine is more refined and concentrated, but the effects are the same.

4450758 Though methamphetamine, along with all amphetamines, occurs naturally in plants in order to get enough of them into your system to do anything or even have it regester in your system you would have to eat a lot of the plants and you would get sick or most of it would wash out of your system before you got close that's why they are made in labs. So no they do not exist in nature as a drug.

If the hallucinogen follows the grow it, cut it, use it rule then it depends on it's potential harm.

Alcohol dosn't follow the grow it, cut it, use it rule. There is no plant that when ripe produces alcohol.

The effects of chewing the leaf of the cocoa plant might be the similar as cocain but it is mild and like with methamphetamine you would need to chew a lot of it and you would become sick before you got close to 100% the same.

Now if you don't have anything to say about the story

4458072 And laugh at us, with our silly rhymes...

V for Vendetta? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: NICE!!!

4458875 Dam... I want to add to this but I don't know what to say :fluttercry:

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