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editted chapter 1 for Five Score, Divided by Derp · 6:51am Aug 11th, 2013

I got many complaints saying that the transformation was way too fast. And after rereading the original story, I completely agree. I apologize for my laziness of writing and have edited the first chapter. I'll get to work on chapter two soon.

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Thanks for faving Just a Kiss

695324 I wouldn't mind collaborating with you on your story. PM me if you want to. I could help with maybe Silver Spoon, glidergirl.

I can start a story about silver spoon and maybe have her end up meeting Meredith.

You'll just have to see. :raritywink:

I wonder if Diamond Tiara's human father becomes Filthy rich, and one of Merideth/Diamond Tiara's rich friend can become Silver spoon?

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