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Triplets are born, and the throne awaits. But when a seer warns of a deadly fate, Celestia must give up her children, separate. Biding her time, lying in wait.

As the children grow, they learn what's right, becoming leaders of the freedom fight. They seek their mother, she knows they do, but is it time? If she only knew. Will the prophecy come true?

Celestia longs for her children, but she has to wait. To act too soon could seal their fate.

They made a vow, their mother will be found!

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Long ago, a brave hero banished a great evil, fighting along side an Alicorn. Now, a millennia later, a young boy must discover his destiny after being sucked into Equestria when the evil returns and threatens both earth and Equestria.

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Turmoil has engulfed Equestria. The taxation of trade routes to outlying kingdoms is in dispute.

Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly airships, the greedy Griffin Trade Federation has stopped all shipping to the small kingdom of Neighboo.

While the world’s leaders endlessly debate this alarming chain of events, Princess Celestia has secretly dispatched two Crystal Knights, the guardians of peace and justice in the Equestria, to settle the conflict...

A prequel to Order 66 and sonicdash123's Equestria Wars.

I've made Equestria more advanced thanks to energy crystals that latter disappeared with the Crystal Empire.

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With season 4 over Twilight and her friends find themselves out of a job and princess celestia calls them to cantorlot to discus the problem.

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When Nightmare Moon scatters the Elements to hidden temples across Equestria the mane six enlist the help of the Hero of Time to retrieve them.

Co-Author ZeroChill

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This story is a sequel to Discord Wars Side Story: Reunion

Since her return Luna has secretly set up an organisation within the governments of the nations of Equestria, ready to obey any orders given. Now in the wake of a huge fight with her sister, Luna, along with her long lost daughter, shall cease control of the kingdom and bring an end to Celestia's reign.


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Well this is interesting. Right after I get the role of playing The Doctor in Doctor Who it turns out that I really am the Doctor! His Equestrian form for that matter.

Side story to Five Score, Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum

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This is a story of a Human who wakes up in Equestria and the Ponies have a hard time saying human.

This stoty is not to be taken seriously.

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