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A brony that is into Steampunk


This is a story of a Human who wakes up in Equestria and the Ponies have a hard time saying human.

This stoty is not to be taken seriously.

Chapters (2)
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Dat ending.:rainbowlaugh:

wow he really takes the whole sperm thing easely :D though it it's not supposed to be taken seriously so yes :;_;:

3398938>>3398966 you should have seen the ending I was going to put instead.

I came out a few minutes later and handed the cup to Celestia who took it in her magic.

Mustn't make jokes about premature ejaculation... mustn't do it... mustn't... do... it...

:rainbowlaugh: It only took him a few minutes and that was by himself without porn? Jeez that guy has like no stamina. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, Lyra seems awfully enthusiastic about helping a human... repopulate. Yes... repopulate. But not in that way, that doesn't work. Ponies know how to clone or something somehow. Hopefully they figure out genetic diversity or else this plan will fall flat fast. Also they might be in jeopardy of introducing another sentient species into the world, especially considering how much we've changed our planet for our own needs. Start them off with a fairly safe jungle/clearing area and they should be fine. You know Fluttershy's cottage and surrounding area? Something like that, an open space for hunting and a shaded space for sleeping. Though being a hunting species the safety of the native inhabitants might be called into question.

There's just so much that can go wrong here, and with only about three ponies that apparently know so little about humans that they can't even pronounce the name correctly, the future of neo-humanity is kinda bleak.

3399100 or he's very good with his hands...

or he masturbated... furiously

3401510 I'm very good with my hands (Giggity) and I can't do it that fast. :trollestia: :rainbowwild:

3401689 i dunno, man. not sure if i want to, either:rainbowderp:

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“How ‘bout NO! You crazy Equine.”

I see what you did there... and I like it.

Poor child. This is probably worse than if we humans grew a neanderthal child.

I was actually going to ask if Lyra was going to become a surrogate mother to the new human. Well, this answered my question.

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