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Captain’s Log; Stardate: 54870.6

It has been two weeks since Neelix left Voyager to be with his own kind and things on Voyager have slowly started to readjust itself. We've recently picked up a strange unknown energy signature coming from a small M-Class planet and have changed course to investigate.

A Star Trek Voyager Crossover.

This will be getting a new author as soon as ShobieShy gets around to it.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 79 )

nice i like the start to this story

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but there are some rather obvious errors that you keep repeating.

For example, it is the Borgs, not Borge.
I'm sure you misspelled the 2nd in command name and isn't Mocky either...

2742714 You're wrong too. It's the Borg. No s in there anywhere.The plural of Borg is Borg.

2742714 no i Googled it Borg is like moose it's both singular and mutable. but you got me on Chakotay.

Borg. Chakotay. Maquis. Sooo many others.


“That Phenomenon, though possible, is highly unlikely as we are picking up a gravitational pull coming from the planet. The possibility of a planet not rotating but still generating a gravitational pull is illogical.” Commander Tuvok said in an almost matter-of-fact tone.

... What? Gravity is created by mass, not rotation. We FAKE gravity with centrifugal (centripetal) force. Planets have gravity because they're made of matter, and they have significant gravity because they're BIG.

People also have gravity, it's just irrelevant because we're tiny.

2742731 Actually, I don't think that singular can really be used for the Borg :rainbowwild:


Mocky - Maquis
Chacotah - Chekotay
do - due

I'll continue to point out any misspellings in your chapters if there are any.

Other than that good story so far :D

I am really enjoying this :)

Its a very nice idea and plot wise I am looking forward to next chapter. A couple of spelling issues spotted however

The correct spelling is Chakotay. And he is an ex marquis.

u have some characterizations wrong as well, Seven, as a result of spending most of her life with the Borg, has a very technical manner to her speech. she does not often use contractions, if at all, and would never address the Captain in a casual manner. all in all, a decent start though, and at least the away team is meeting with Fluttershy first, though what shes doing in the Everfree Forest i dont know...


Actually the rotation of a planet does cause its gravitational pull. It's silly i know, but if you look it up, I'm sure you'll find that there are sources that say the same thing.

2742811 No... No it doesn't. The rotation of the core causes the magnetic field. A planet that doesn't rotate at all has mass and will, thus, have gravity.

A planet rotating REALLY FAST would toss everyone off it due to centripetal force.

Anything you've read that says a planet rotating has anything to do with causing gravity is... insane. Or screwing with you.

All a planet's rotation is is angular momentum left over from the formation of a planet, caused by gravity. As the nebula that formed the solar system collapsed, it spun. And the things in it continued spinning. The rotation of earth, for instance, is slowing. In a ludicrous amount of time, we will be tidally locked with the Sun, rotating once per year. Gravity will not care. The moon will do this much sooner than the earth will.


What's weird is that your theory makes more logical sense, but when I did my research for a science project when I was still in high school for Aerospace Science, one of the things taught is that rotation has to do with the generating of a gravitational pull. It's weird, but this is what was explained to me in school.

I'm sorry...but what's the point in doing a crossover if you're not going to do at least enough research to be able to spell names correctly?

2742839 I'm going to need to know what school that was so I can find someone to submit their curriculum to and have them... audited. There's GOT to be some governmental organization that takes care of that.

2742839 Now, if your project was about ARTIFICIAL gravity on a space station, then yes. That's how we'd do it. We make a ring or ball shaped station and spin it. Then you walk around on the OUTSIDE part of it as centrifugal (centripetal) force shoves you away from the center of mass. THAT makes sense. (see the film 2001: A Space Odyssey for a demonstration of how that works)

I just saw you mentioned aerospace science. In aerospace terms, that is how you would pretend to have gravity on a spacebound object.


Pete Knight High School, worst school in our district :D

2742879 Unless they were talking about spaceship design, you are correct. They fail at basic, basic physics.

2742799 near the end of the series, after Neelix leaves she starts to get a little less serious as she develops her humanity thanks to the Doctors lessens, sort of like Data from Next Generation.

2742761>>2742782>>2742787>>2742841 Fixed

2742714 Name one time in the series where a non-child character says the world Borgs

Ahhh this took me back to my star trek Voyager days... Voyaver and deep space 9 were the best.

Next Generation was good too :3

But yeah Voyager for me had the best story :)

2742985 Probably errors in the script? :rainbowwild:
Ok I admit, I was wrong on the exact spelling.:twilightblush:


Its my plan to watch them all.... maybe by the end of summer
(thinks about statement o.o)
It cant be done....
well, i am planing on a MLP marathon, non stop... episode after episode after episode.... no breaks between them at all.... what can go wrong?

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Jun 19th, 2013


Wanna do a livestream of that? xD

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Jun 19th, 2013

2743201 I can take constructive criticism but you criticized it with out being constructive.

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Jun 19th, 2013

2743232 like i said: Don't like it don't read it.

2743186 oh gwad.....i could but who would watch?

Tritanium? I was under the impression it was the setting's generic super-alloy, not a naturally occurring metal.

2743339 Maybe duo to the unknown energy it appears in nature in Equestria.:moustache:


Try to get people to watch. I could join you in that Livestream :3

You got skype?

2743232 but how can you learn to write if you don't write first.:facehoof: i would instead, suggest the author find a beta reader or ask for the grammar Nazi's to nitpick the fic, then take that information and improve with it.:twilightsmile:

not to mention the trekkies who have snuck in. (you know who you are.):twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Jun 19th, 2013


Also: Welcome to the Internet where the spelling is made up and the grammar doesn't matter. It's not like i'm trying to get this thing published as an actual book and it passed moderation so it can't be that bad. so could you chill the fuck out and let everyone who understands that it's just a fanfic and wants to enjoy it enjoy it. If you don't like it, don't have anything nice or constructive to say and not follow The Brony Code of Love And Tolerate then:

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Jun 19th, 2013

2742985 while that may or may not be true, u also have Tuvok showing emotions during the away mission...and thats a major nono for Vulcans...he would not say 'get a sample' he would say something like 'Mr. Kim, perhaps it would be prudent of u to retrieve a sample for analysis' u need to remember that Vulcans suppress their emotions, r extremely logical, and dont do anything without a very good reason

2746456 I was originally going to have Chakotay go on the away mission instead but decided to use Tuvok. I wouldn't really call what I have showing emotions, more like being a little less serious. If you choose to read it like that then that's your choice though. Also Tuvok was talking to Tom not Kim.:moustache:

Several misspellings and grammatical errors, and some out-of-character behavior from Voyager, but I like it!

This is a really awesome story! Now give me a second to yell at Celestia for being arrogant...

“Then what are we to do?” Luna asked.

“I don’t know Luna. I don’t know.

Gee, I don't know. Not like you have an entirly specially trained army at your disposal! So fucking send them to attack stupid horse! You have weapons in Equestria don't you? SO USE THEEEM!

2766539 Celestia and Luna want to avoid war at all costs plus you saw how useless the royal guards where at the Royal Wedding.

2766577 Well... errm... better to die trying to survive? Instead of die trying to be a pussy? .. hehe..

2766577 Not just then either there was also Nightmare Moon's return, the dragon in ponyville, the ursa minor incident, returning Celestia's pet phoenix, Appeloosa, Trixie's return, Discord's revival, the chrystal empire mess... So... why DOES Equestria have a royal Guard again?

I mean granted if the guard did EVERYTHING the mane six wouldn't get to do stuff but STILL. These yutzes make the Storm troopers look like the MIB.

Keep up the great work thanks. I like it. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

This is appalling now if we only could of had spock tell us about this planet

2768499 NightMare Moon was approached by the Royal Guard when she first appeared...she blasted them without even messing up her mane. Discord is a God and took everypony by surprise when he woke up...i think he turned most of the guard ponies into chickens that lay cream eggs. the Guard couldnt deal with Chrysalis as they had their hooves full trying to protect the rest of the city during her attack. Twi and her friends were closest to deal with the sleeping dragon. the Crystal Empire was meant to be an important test for Twi. there was no time to get the Guard from Canterlot to Ponyville for the Ursa Minor before it caused significant damage, Appleloosa was an internal affair and again, much to far from Canterlot, and Trixie had a force field over Ponyville after she returned. the duties of the Royal Guard r primarily the safety and security of Canterlot and the Princesses of Sun and Moon, they deal in mundane threats, not crazy Chaos Gods

2766589 war is not the way of Equestria and u know it...they know the best way to defeat an enemy...make them, ur friend

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