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Welcome to the Torchwood group! This group was made for all fans of the BBC show: Torchwood. Feel free to discuss with eachother in the comments and post your crossovers of Torchwood or Doctor Who! Please be kind to one another, and limit the foul language. Most importantly, have fun!

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Man, I didn't know there was a group for this. You made my day!:pinkiehappy:

I forget isn't Torchwood more or less all the people that had their lives turned upside down by the doctor who decided to form a group?


Welcome everyone to the Torchwood group!


I love Torchwood. Its amaazin:pinkiecrazy:

I've seen a movie and liked it... :pinkiecrazy:


Welcome. Are you a fan of Torchwood?

I joined this group :pinkiecrazy:

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