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I'm a MLP:FIM fan that goes by her pony name 'Moonlight Script'. And I love writing fan fictions.


It's a work in progress · 5:35am May 19th, 2017

I love writing. And I love writing fanfictions unfortunately I have so many fandoms to write fanfictions about. But I am trying to finish some of my fanfictions including some of my MLP fanfictions. :)
So I'm still writing and sometimes reading fanfictions on here. :D

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1063575 Yea, I'm excited to see how they present it in a cute and non un-appealing manner.

My biggest hope is that it's not just a one episode thing, unless Fluttershy does not feel the same way.:fluttershbad:

If she DOES... well, i hope to see more hints and nods and even *gasp* a follow up episode!:rainbowkiss:

YES! :raritystarry: ROMANCE!

Yea, I know.

i'm excited now! More romance in MLP?:yay:

one important thing to remember is this: Just because it's not canon, doesn't mean you can't ship it!:trollestia:

Thanks, I totally love this site and I totally love your fanfic.

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