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Lulamoon's Castle - Bookish Delight

The Great And Powerful Trixie has returned to Ponyville at last, and Twilight Sparkle doesn't stand a cha--hold on. What's this giant shiny house doing sitting in the middle of everything?

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4: To The Stars

After twenty minutes of leisurely, self-guided travel, Trixie's carriage slowed to a stop at the eastern edge of Ponyville. She and Twilight opened its doors, and stepped out.

The rain had stopped a short time ago. Twilight and Trixie walked on grass, moist under their hooves. A peaceful meadow lay all around them, surrounded by trees, and overlooking a calm river a short distance away.

A cool breeze blew through the warm air. Trixie allowed herself a smile.

"This is certainly scenic," she said. "You picked a good spot. I'm surprised ponies don't use it more often. Especially on a night as nice as this."

"Well, it's close to the Everfree Forest," said Twilight, "and ponies are sort of taught to stay away from there no matter what. But this area is far enough from the forest that there's no real danger."

Trixie looked over to the trees. She'd indeed heard of the Everfree Forest, but had never made a point to actually venture inside.

She conjured a blue blanket, flapping it to spread it out. "And I'm guessing this makes a perfect thinking spot for Miss Studious Sparkle?"

"It used to be," Twilight replied. "Then... things changed."

Trixie cast a drying spell over a large patch of grass, then laid the blanket on top of it. "Oh?"

Twilight nodded. "Now I come here whenever I don't want to think. When I don't want to think about any kind of weight of the world being on my shoulders, or who needs my help, or even who has overdue library books." She walked closer to the river. "I... I can just sit or lie here and be Twilight Sparkle, Student of Nothing, Princess of Nothing. Just one girl in the wide world of Equestria... and nothing else." Twilight gave a long sigh.

The alicorn's disposition wasn't lost on Trixie. She could read whole audiences -- a single pony was foal's play. She gestured to the blanket. "You should sit. Moist grass is only fun for so long."

"You're right. Thanks, Trixie."


Twilight stepped towards the blanket, levitated herself and cleaned off her hooves, then stepped on. Unseen by Twilight, Trixie gave a small smile and nod of approval.

Twilight sighed in contentment as she sat on the soft, comfortable blanket. "Let the nothingness begin." She idly levitated a small nearby pebble, and flung it towards the river. It skipped three times.

"Hmmm," Trixie said, observing the river. Perhaps she could take on two birds with a single pebble. She levitated one of her own.

"En garde, Sparkle."

Twilight blinked. "What?"

"This is where Trixie challenges your magical prowess at last!" She flung her pebble at the river with her magic as hard as she could. After six full skips, it sank. "Beat that," she said with a toothy, satisfied grin. "If you can."

"Ha!" Twilight said, her face brightening. "You're looking at the rock-skipping champ of... well, nowhere really, but Canterlot knew my name for more than one reason!" She flung another pebble towards the river with her magic.

Trixie looked on and counted, squelching her nervousness. "One... two... three... four... five... ha!" The blue unicorn raised her hooves. "Victory is Trixie's!"

The pebble bounced one more time before sinking.

"Six," said Twilight. "Guess we're tied."

Trixie gagged. "Clearly you cheated!"

Twilight laughed. "Who cheats to tie?"

"Ponies who don't know how to cheat correctly, that's who!"

Twilight gave Trixie a mischievous look. "Are you calling yourself an expert on the subject?"

"I-... wha-... no!" Trixie flushed. "B-but you travel enough and you learn the type, is all." She crossed her forelegs and turned her head away from Twilight. "Anyway, fine. We're tied. And you can't take it back!"

Twilight reached over and put her hoof on Trixie's shoulder... and suddenly there was that frustrating warmth again, hitting Trixie in waves. She concentrated on the breeze to take her mind off of it.

"I'm fine with that," Twilight said.


"Lulamoon's Castle"

A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanfiction

Chapter 4: "To The Stars"

Bookish Delight, 2014. MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro.


"Well... good," said Trixie, declining to remove Twilight's hoof. "Because you no longer have any choice in the matter."

"Speaking of choice..." Twilight moved closer so that she was sitting directly beside the unicorn. "...Trixie? Is it okay if I ask something? You don't have to answer if you don't want to."

Trixie kept her head turned away, and looked out at the river. "What is it?"

Upon not hearing a response, Trixie turned her head to face Twilight... and realized Twilight had been watching her intently the whole time.

"I've been noticing some marks on your coat for a while now," Twilight said. "Have you been crying?"

Trixie gasped, conjured a mirror and looked at her makeup. Curses! How could she have forgotten to tend to face after waking up? For all this time, no less?

"No!" she said, just a little too loudly. She blushed as she cast a quick face-clearing spell. "I-I mean, sorry, no. I've just been thinking tonight. Hard. Very, very hard. You wish you could think as hard as The Great And Power-"

"About what?"

"Well, about..." Trixie trailed off and shook her head. "Nothing important."

Twilight raised a tentative hoof up to Trixie's cheek. Trixie bristled at the contact, but as with before, didn't move or bat it aside. The lightest of hoof-touches was the least Trixie could allow Sparkle for managing to duel her to a draw. If she tried it too many times, however, she would naturally have to be taught not to overstep her bounds.

"Trixie," said Twilight. "I truly want to know."

Why? Why was this girl so insufferably insistent?

More silence passed before Trixie closed her eyes and answered, in the softest of voices, just barely audible above the sound of the river.

"What care you, the greatest of Equestria's successes, about the thoughts of a failed and terrible pony?"

Twilight recoiled and gasped, surprising the unicorn with her volume and force. "Trixie!"

"What?" Trixie snapped. "It's true! Don't try to deny it!"

"I'll do more than deny it," said Twilight. "Trixie, I've seen terrible. I've fought terrible. Nightmare Moon? That was terrible. Lord Tirek? That was beyond terrible. You are not terrible. A terrible pony would not have apologized or owned up to her mistakes last time she was here, not to mention back in the carriage! I don't profess to know what goes on in your head, Trixie, but I'll say this: terrible doesn't have a conscience, and you've shown that you do. Am I making any sense?"

Trixie took some time to mull over Twilight's words. "Draw it is, then," she said once she had done so.


"Trixie was not kidding about that little match we had a few minutes ago. She has decided that that was her official rematch challenge. And it ended in a draw, so we're tied." She gave a small smile. "The Great And Powerful Trixie... ties with you."

"I-..." Twilight gaped. "That's seriously what you're sticking with? I expected a full-on magic duel! You know, huge spells flying and stuff..."

"The Great And Powerful Trixie subverts all expectations! Besides, Trixie knows her limits. This?" She gestured to Twilight's wings, then pointed to the crystal tree castle, the highest spire of which could still be seen across the river. "And that? Would be quite the task to overcome through sheer magic force, even for Trixie. Therefore, Trixie is content to remain tied with a Princess of Equestria."

She paused, then added, "For now."

Twilight processed everything Trixie had said... then started giggling. "It only took this much, huh?"

"Trixie is being quite serious," Trixie said, turning up her nose.

Twilight kept giggling. "I don't doubt it. But you do realize you've been the only one keeping score this whole time, right?

Trixie gave Twilight a derisive look. Her eyes narrowed to slits.

"It's not as if I didn't have ample reason."

"Oh? And what would that reasoning be?"

Trixie walked to her carriage, then inside. She looked towards a corner of the room, and opened a box with her magic. Out came a folder, which she gave to Twilight upon returning to her. Twilight looked through the papers, her eyes widening when she saw what they were.

"These are... attendance papers for Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns?" She blinked in realization. "...wow, I didn't get out much, did I?"

"No," Trixie said, dryly. "You really didn't. You were inside your special tower so much, but you were the yardstick by which all the other students were measured, and measured themselves."

Trixie rolled her eyes and flourished a hoof towards Twilight. "Twilight Sparkle, the magical genius, the pride of Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, now and forever." She paused. "Well, you and some other girl named 'Sunset Shimmer,' but talk of her faded not long after I enrolled. It was a bit weird."

Twilight didn't reply.

"Trixie, however, is not fond of being in the shadow of others. And she had a hunch that if she stayed at the School, such would be her fate. Her destiny would forever be out of her hooves. So she left to take charge of it herself! Before..." Trixie took a deep breath. "Before my schooling was complete."

"So that's why you're not in my yearbook."

"I suppose?" Trixie shrugged. "For years, I had no regrets. Then I found out what happened to Twilight Sparkle, who stayed under Celestia's tutelage the entire time, and unbeknownst to her, had so much of her life mapped out-"

"My life was not planned!" Twilight snapped.

"The parts that matter in the eyes of history were!" Trixie shot back.

A breeze blew, audible in the silence of the meadow. When Trixie spoke again, her voice shook.

"Trixie apologizes. She didn't mean that the way it sounded. It's just... the parts where you made Equestria a better place... Celestia knew they would happen. You have no idea just how proud of you she was back then, before you even had the chance to do anything! But the rest of us did. Celestia never said as much in words, but through her actions, and all the attention she paid you... we knew. It was obvious."

Trixie exhaled, wiping her eyes.

"But I guess it all paid off. I mean, when I first came here and saw you, I thought it was a fluke. A coincidence. Not the Twilight Sparkle, I said. No one with her upbringing would have any reason to be that humble. Then you handled the Ursa."

Trixie fed Twilight a lopsided grin. Twilight simply blushed.

"And I kept hearing things afterward. Discord. The changelings. The Crystal Empire, where even your dragon sidekick got to make a name for himself! Your achievements just wouldn't stop, and since everypony was talking, I could never avoid hearing about them. For months on end. Years."

Trixie stood and walked to the edge of the blanket.

"To be constantly reminded of how much better, how much more useful, one could have been... is it any wonder I went for that stupid amulet?" She paused. "Not... not that I'm defending those actions, of course." Her face grew hot, and she bowed her head. "A-at all."

"Of course," said Twilight, her voice level and patient.

"And I..." Trixie brushed her hoof against the blanket, still studying the grass. "Trixie also wants you to know that she's not blaming you for anything. She made her own mistakes." She tittered. "Pretty good at that, actually."


Twilight walked in front of Trixie, and took both hooves in hers. Probing, hopeful eyes met forlorn, misty ones.

"Like I said before, I don't know what you're thinking, but in case you're wondering? I'm not mad. You've been through so much, and I only ever asked because... well, you're always here one minute, then gone the next. I wanted to know more about you."

Trixie closed her eyes, took a heavy breath, then opened her eyes again. Twilight was still there. Still smiling.

Trixie was starting to not mind that smile so much.

"And it's working," Twilight continued. "Honestly, a lot of this makes perfect sense. Even for unicorns who weren't me, the School was a symbol of security. We knew we'd learn tons there, and be prepared for so much. But you still left. Not because you wanted to stop learning, but because you thought there was more to know beyond the School."

Her voice became soft and reverent. "That's really brave, Trixie. Facing the unknown head-on like that? That's something I never could have done back then, and something I don't like doing now. And I don't think anypony would have seen it coming, either."

Trixie looked out at the river. Her eyes traveled its length, trying and failing to determine where it ended.

The words were helping. Truly, they were. She appreciated them. If only she believed them as much as Twilight clearly did.

Trixie sniffled. "Princess Celestia certainly didn't see it coming. Yet she seemed..." She hesitated. "...she seemed to still have faith in me."

Twilight giggled. "She does that a lot."

Trixie let go of Twilight's hooves, stepped back, and replied in a shaky whisper. "Sometimes she's wrong."

Twilight shook her head. "Trixie, no..."

Trixie shook her head harder. "Stop it, Twilight. Just... just stop. If I could take it back, go back to that 'symbol of security,' do it all over again, I would. In a heartbeat!"

"But why?" Twilight pressed.

"Do you truly not understand?" Trixie said, her voice cracking. "Look at you! Look at me! Look at what we've become!"

"I have been! This whole time!" Twilight's voice followed suit. "And I don't see anything wrong with what's become of either of us!"

For a full ten seconds, the only sounds to be heard in the meadow were the rushing of the river, the chirping of crickets, and the sound of two mares catching their breath.

"I'm not better than you," said Twilight, "and you're not better than me. This whole night we've been talking about how much we both envy what the other has. You're the one who proposed the idea of us being tied. Do you really believe in it?"

"I..." For the first time in as long as she could remember, The Great And Powerful Trixie was genuinely unsure of something. "I think so. Maybe."

"Well, I know so." Twilight took Trixie's hoof, and Trixie allowed herself to be led to the river's bank. Twilight looked up at the stars, and Trixie did so as well. Specks of light shot across the nightscape, acting as decorations for a full moon.

Twilight took a deep breath, the night air cool across her nostrils, clearing her mind and allowing her to best choose her words.

"All your talk about your old choices and turning back time... if you think you're alone, you're wrong. There's never a day I don't think about what might have been. I may finally know why I'm a princess, and what to do... but I'm still going to have to make so many choices after today. Choices where lives could hang in the balance. I've hardly been here as long as Princess Celestia or Luna. I don't have anywhere near their experience and wisdom. But, when the time comes, I'll have to be the princess making choices anyway."

Trixie gave a slow nod, silently listening.

"And I think... I think that's the point," Twilight said, her expression thoughtful. "I stuck my nose in so many books, thinking they would allow me to know what exactly to do in every situation, ever. Then, over the last few years, I got hit with a bunch of situations where I had to just wing it." She turned to face Trixie. "I'm terrible at winging it. But I know somepony who isn't."

Twilight wrapped her forelegs around Trixie in an outright hug, and rested her head on Trixie's shoulder.

"And I wish she'd stop feeling sorry for herself long enough to realize that there's so much she can teach me."

And there Trixie stood, trapped -- short of a teleportation spell -- in the embrace of a girl who had just done something Trixie never thought possible.

She was used to praise from audiences. But what Twilight was doing... this was new.

This was praise she didn't work for. That she hadn't planned for via an act.

Does Twilight actually like Trixie... for Trixie?

Her mind turned the notion over and over, trying to decide whether or not she liked it. After long enough, her heart made the decision for her.

A chuckle bubbled up from her chest. Then, a mirthful giggle. She wrapped her forelegs around Twilight in return, running a hoof through Twilight's mane. She sniffled, knowing Twilight probably saw the tears. Trixie didn't care. She knew behind her tears were eyes filled with renewed confidence.

"Of course Trixie can teach you." Trixie sniffled again. "But Trixie is glad that you finally admit it."


The ride back to the castle was wordless, with Trixie deep in thought.

Twilight Sparkle considered her an equal. Not a rival. And she wanted to learn. From Trixie.

But learn what from her, exactly? Just how to present oneself to a crowd? Anypony could teach that. Trixie had the contact information for a traveling bull who had been in Ponyville for a while -- he certainly could have taught anypony there how to be more confident in front of others. Heck, that boisterous blue Wonderbolt-wannabe of a weather pegasus was actually friends with Twilight. Why hadn't she been tapped?

Why did Twilight choose Trixie?

And why did the thought fill Trixie with naught but satisfaction? She'd come here to win.

Hadn't she?

She looked over at Twilight, who was once again looking out the window. Not as energetically as last time, but it was clear she was still very much enjoying the proceedings.

Trixie wondered what Twilight was thinking.


Once the ride was over, Trixie parked the carriage next to Twilight's castle and the two exited.

"Enjoy your 'theme park ride', Twilight?" Trixie asked.

Twilight giggled. "Very much. Thank you."

"Heh. Good. So what is this thing you said you wanted to show me?"

Twilight gave a little hop. "Ooh, yes! Follow me."

They entered the castle, and Twilight led Trixie up to the top floor, in a direction she didn't remember going on the tour. Eventually they came to a door bearing Twilight's cutie mark. Twilight flung it open.

"This is my room. I figured if you were nice enough to let me into yours..." Twilight shrugged. "Watch your step, there's spell stuff everywhere. Also, books."

Trixie looked around. The room was spacious, but less furnished than even Trixie's -- rebuilding was taking place here as well, apparently. Still, Trixie briefly considered playing hopscotch with the pockets of free space she could see on the floor.

"You don't say. All this room and you still manage to make a mess of things."

Twilight laughed. "I've actually gotten a lot better. You should have seen my room back in Canterlot. I once buried myself in an entire sea of books because I never put them back after I was done using them."

Twilight walked to a shelf on the far end of the room. Sitting on a shelf were several scrolls which, thankfully, were organized. She levitated them towards Trixie, whose eyes widened when she unraveled them.

"These are..." Trixie rubbed her eyes, looked again, and gasped. "Flyers! My flyers! From my revival tour!" She turned to the alicorn. "Twilight, I don't understand. Why do you have these?"

Twilight gave a confident nod. "When I heard your show had started up again, I did what I could to keep up with it, even if I couldn't go see it myself."

Trixie looked over the scrolls again. Apart from being rolled up, they were still in completely pristine condition. "But why? Why go through so much trouble?"

Twilight brushed her hoof on the floor. "Well, I won't lie. At first it was because... well, after the last time you were here, I got a little scared. N-not of you, but... you know... possible... potential amulet-related troubles?"

Trixie sighed and bowed her head, her ears drooping. "N-no, that's completely understandable. Keep your friends close, and..." Trixie trailed off.

"Neither of us is finishing that sentence."

Trixie looked back up to see that Twilight had stepped in front of her, and was now giving the warmest smile she could.

Trixie blushed at the smile, then looked back at her flyers. In retrospect, some were better designed than others, but she'd learned valuable lessons making them all. In the end, that was what mattered.

Twilight went about levitating books and spell ingredients from the floor onto a nearby shelf. "After a while, when I saw the posters -- and the listed locations -- becoming more and more elaborate, I knew I could rest easy. Even if you somehow don't see yourself as anypony special, Trixie? I always have. From struggling egotistical magic act, to rock farmer, to would-be despot, and finally to beloved showmare. Your journey's no less important than mine -- because it was yours. And both of our journeys have allowed us to bring happiness to ponies in our own ways."

Trixie turned her head and 'tch'ed. "You're really going the full nine yards with this 'cheer-me-up' stuff, aren't you?"

"Is it working at all?" Twilight asked.

Trixie snickered. "Well, don't quit your day job, Princess."

Twilight laughed. "Back at you. Especially since you seem to have gone from beggar to Bridleway at the speed of a Sonic Rainboom."

"Well, it has been said that The Great And Powerful Trixie defies explanation! Unless, of course..." Trixie took a deep breath. "...it comes from Trixie herself."

Twilight said nothing, giving Trixie an inquisitive stare. Sensing interest, Trixie stepped closer to Twilight.

"Do... do you want to know what really happened? I-I mean, instead of getting your information secondhoof," Trixie said.

Twilight nodded. "I'd like nothing better. You know I love learning things."

Trixie nodded, this time welcoming the warmth in her chest instead of ignoring or questioning it. She cast a spell, and a rectangular window appeared before them. On it was displayed Trixie in various states of either solitary meditation, or performances in front of others, in several cities.

"After you freed me from the Alicorn Amulet's control, I realized how low I'd stooped for something so petty. The more I thought about it, the more mortified I became. I asked myself just why I'd left the School in the first place. What I really wanted to do. And that was when I realized... trying to win ponies by force was never part of my plan. I had let my confidence become conceit."

The magical window showed a Trixie in tattered clothes experimenting feverishly with new spell techniques. Trixie sighed in pained reminiscence. Twilight placed a comforting hoof on Trixie's side, which Trixie gently grasped with an acknowledging nod.

"I started my show back up, making sure to remember what I'd realized. And... ponies liked it. Well they did eventually. No one was buying at first, of course. They even threw things. But I never let myself get discouraged. I never cut my act short.

"Eventually, the tomatoes stopped flying. Ponies listened. They came out to shows again. They paid again, and I was able to put my new carriage together. Three times bigger than the old one." The rectangle faded, and Trixie's voice went to a whisper. "I was so happy with myself, Twilight. Happier than I'd ever been."

"And you still should be. Because you earned every bit of it."

Trixie nodded. "I only came here to test my magic fair and square this time. No silly trinkets."

"We still can, if you want. I'd actually like a practice partner. Ponyville isn't exactly lousy with practicing mages."

"Trixie will consider it," she said, a familiar glint in her eyes. "Princess or not, Sparkle, I've still got some tricks that can catch you off guard!"

Twilight snickered. "Like rock tossing?"

The old Trixie challenging stare was officially back. "Like sending you to the moon. Or at least making you think I have."

The challenge didn't last and Trixie relaxed, sighing. "Right now, however? Dueling is the furthest thing from Trixie's mind. After tonight, she has so much to think about, but even the thought of thinking does little but tire.

"Does..." Trixie hesitated, then decided simply to blurt it out. "...does that offer to stay the night still stand?"

Twilight shook her head, a somber look on her face. "Sorry, but it doesn't."

Following Trixie's dejected look, Twilight winked and put her hoof on Trixie's shoulder.

"Because one night won't cut it. I want you to take as much time as you need. All of Equestria's just been through a lot. I can't imagine what it must have been like for you to face someone like Tirek. Until you're ready to resume your tour, my castle is your castle."

Upon processing those words, Trixie stood and stared at Twilight in stunned, dumbfounded silence.

Yet again with the displays of generosity! Were their places reversed, Trixie would have charged. This was madness. This was nonsense!

It was wonderful.

Trixie no longer saw reason to hold anything back. Wordlessly, she leapt forward, and wrapped her forelegs around Twilight as hard as she could.

"Twilight," she softly said, "If you believe it from no one else, believe it from me, who has been jealous of you for years. You bring honor to the title of Princess. Let none tell you otherwise."

Twilight hugged back, soft coats and warmth channeling happiness between them. "Thank you, Trixie. Coming from you, that means the world."

"Trixie is... I'm... glad to hear it."

They stayed in each others' forelegs for a minute more, basking in the quiet, joyful moment.

Finally, reluctantly, Twilight let go. "Now, I know you said you're tired. I am too, and it's been a long night. We've got one last problem to deal with, though."

"What's that?"

Twilight walked towards the bed in the center of the room. "The guest rooms are on the other side of the castle. It's a very, very long walk, even if we don't get lost. And neither of us knows this place well enough for transport spells to be reliable."

Truly, this castle held no end to complications. Trixie crinkled her nose in disapproval.

Then a pillow hit her from stage right. It was soft enough that Trixie almost hadn't noticed.

She caught the pillow as it fell. She squeezed it. She squeezed it again. She did not want to stop squeezing or pressing her head against it.

"I... I'd swear this were a cloud were I not looking directly at it. These are the pillows you use?" Trixie said, awed.

"Maybe." Twilight patted the king-sized bed, clad in lavender linens, which she was already lying in. "And I promise you, the mattress feels three times as nice." She blushed. "That is, if you don't mind sharing such a close space with your 'fated rival' for one night. It's up to you, though."

As Trixie mulled her options over, Twilight sent quick jolts to the magic lamps around her room, turning out all but one.

Trixie looked at the floor. It was shiny, it was sturdy... but she was not built for sleeping on floors.

Also, books.

She looked at the bed, then walked to it, gingerly pulled the covers aside, and crawled in. Once she was in -- oh gosh, Twilight was right, it did feel three times as nice -- she turned to one side, and saw Twilight directly in front of her, wearing yet another one of those infectious smiles.

She returned it.

She moved to turn back over when Twilight grabbed her, darted forward, and gave the blue unicorn a soft kiss to the forehead. She lingered there several moments before pulling away.

Even after Twilight let go, Trixie's body refused to move, no matter how much she willed it.

Twilight turned back over and sent a spell to the final lamp, leaving the room in darkness. "'Night, Trixie," she said, with a yawn. "We can talk more tomorrow."

Once the shock finally wore off, Trixie lay on her back and gave a long, mock-dramatic sigh. She looked up at the ceiling, which reflected the smallest amount of moonlight.

It would appear that Trixie has won after all, she thought.

Closing her eyes, she smiled to herself.

As if there were ever any doubt.


Author's Note:

Hi there! If you've made it this far, thanks. Even if you didn't like it. Though I of course hope you did. :twilightsmile:

I've held off writing for Trixie for four years, largely because I couldn't quite pin down the exact story I wanted to tell with her. Oh, I knew bits and pieces but nothing really came together to give me any sort of guiding vision.

Then Twilight's Kingdom happened, I saw the big castle sprout out of the ground, and I thought about how far both Twilight and Trixie had to have come since the show started. We've seen a lot more of Twi, of course, but if you've made it this far then you've clearly seen I like to think that Trixie managed to right herself eventually.

I have to give the most gargantuan of thanks to my editor, nanashi_jones, who figured out what I was trying to do with the original draft I gave her, pointed out all of it weak spots (oh, there were many) and urged me to make it the best I could. This story was only half as long before, and made a lot less sense characterization-wise. :twilightblush: She writes a lot of down-to-earth pony stuff so definitely watch her too. One of them undiscovered gems, and all that.

So this is it, then. My four-year Trixie thesis. I can now finally close the book on her. Or sequelize this into a romance with Twilight hell I don't know. I'll let you know when I figure it out. Till then, ta ta!


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Wow, thanks for reading it all in one shot. Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, no kidding! :rainbowlaugh: It was like a rubber chicken to the face when I realized it.

Technically another author beat me to it, but I was inclined to treat it as a jumpoff point for a larger thing, so balance, n' stuff.

Yay! :heart:

Twixie... Twixie... oh, those are those candy bars, right?

Personally I never see the downside to candy bars, but to each their own. :raritywink:


That ribbon. How I've missed it so. Thankee. :pinkiehappy:

Okay. This was good. No, this was magnificent.

Honestly, when I first read the description I wondered if this was another "Trixie comes to Ponyville to challenge Twilight again, gets curbstomped, runs off humiliated while Twilight's friends gloat" story. Then I figured that such a premise couldn't last long enough to cover four chapters, so I decided to give it a shot. I was not disappointed.

Absolutely wonderful. Intensely emotional, and really delving into the psyches of the characters. It showcases how different they are, yet without painting either as better or worse. Twilight even admits that for all her accomplishments, she recognizes that Trixie has done things that impresses her. And it doesn't come across as hollow or insincere or flattery to make Trixie feel better, but genuine respect.

Friendshipping is beautiful, and this presents it very well. This Twilight, here, shows why she's earned the title of Princess of Friendship.

I'm putting this on my Favorites of the Favorites list so I can read it again. This completed my evening.

You're very welcome, and it was definitely earned. :twilightsmile:
I also added it to a few other groups as well...

If you excuse me, I am going to go and fave this now!

This. This was pretty good.

Sequel of romance sounds very good


All of my thanks. :heart:

While I had no idea "Trixie coming back to Ponyville only to get run out of town" fics were a thing, I definitely knew that I wanted to explore Trixie's potential as a character -- I've loved her for years now! I also like the thought of her and Twilight interacting, even though (especially since?) there's always that tension hanging over the both of them. Though if I'd known before I started that trying to get her and Twilight on "equal terms" would be this hair-pulling a task, I might not have attempted it. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh and I also absolutely love the whole "Twilight Princess of Friendship" deal and wanted to explore that through as much as possible. I'm glad this made your night, and thanks for the follow too!

Faldo #22 · Jun 4th, 2014 · · 4 ·

It was a good story simple and nice nothing grand etc just a reconciling between these two and it felt quite natural the only thing which was unneeded was that twixie shipping at the end with the Kiss that was no it felt unnatural in that situation Because if you really wanted to show a Twixie there it was a too fast development which happened in 1 day inside that story a Kiss even on her forehead? even if twilight is the Princess of friendship that felt OOC

If you write a sequel my words to it
I think the Twilight X Trixie shipping is done far far too much why not write a simple friendship story ? and personally most people cant write Romance stories because most times the Romance is written over the Top. I think i have only 3 times seen a good romance fanfiction story
I think one was a Warcraft story on Fanfiction.net and the other was Here on fimfiction The story "The Wheel and the Butterfly" because there it felt right but beyond that nope

Ahaha, that line at the end-- Trixie is still Trixie! And I'm totally wagering that Twi went with the 'oh, the other rooms, so far.. Look, fluffy bed!' gambit on purpose. :twilightblush:

Well done!

This was brilliant! Been awhile since I've read a great Trixie fic, and this sure hit the spot. Well Done! :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

It's all well and good to say that a magical tree castle doesn't matter when you live in one.

I doubt very much that Twilight, despite her supposed admiration of Trixie's cartage, would be willing to trade for any lengthy period of time.



You'll give away the sequel!


After careful consideration, I've revised the ending. Twilight now gives Trixie a salute and makes her sleep on the floor.


I kid, I kid. Thanks for your honesty in your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it, at any rate! As far as the ending goes, I knew it wouldn't be for everyone, but I'm a retired-shipper-turned-friendshipper, and old habits die hard you don't even know. Couldn't help myself. :twilightsmile:

I think she's still trying to get that other castle right. You know, the one we all thought we'd be working with? :pinkiehappy:

> Twilight
> Rainbow Dash
> Sleepover
> Sleep

:rainbowderp: ...sorry, I'm just not seeing how that last one fits in, I...

Okay, so last time was Khan, this time it's Kenshiro...

...a-am I doing better or worse I'm gonna need a Rosetta Stone here :pinkiehappy:

As a diehard Trixie fan, I've read a lot of stories about her. I can say that many of the ideas here have been done before. However, few stories do them in such a concise, sincere, heartwarming package as this one.

This hits all the notes, both high and low. I love how Twilight and Trixie's characters work with each other since they are so similar, yet different enough that you never know just how the other will react. I like how they slowly come to understand each other, and grow together, even if the journey is a little bumpy. This type of development is not easy to convey and I'm glad you had help to flesh out the story. It's very beautifully constructed.

And that trembling feeling in Trixie's heart? Well, a little magic.

Again, let me say how much I enjoyed this. It was perfectly paced, well edited, and packed with enough feels to get my crusted heart to beat a little faster.

Well done.

Darn it. With that ending theme, I want to see a Kamen Rider Wizard crossover with Trixie as the main rider.

Don’t worry, Bookie. You’ll understand my image moods soon enough.

But trust me on this. If you ever do worse… you’ll know.

Hey, congrats, you're on the front page! I'm going to read your story and do an in-depth review on it later. :pinkiehappy:

4493847 Its not the sleeping in the same bed just the KIss the rest with sleeping in the same bed and even a royal size bed that can happen

Just chiming in to make my opinion known: The only reason Lulamoon’s Castle is not in the number 1 featured spot right now is because it’s not a romance. And that burns me up a little bit.

That it’s not in the number 1 spot, I mean. Not that it isn’t a romance.

I just found this story on a random whim, and I'm glad I did. It felt kind of weird at first, because I was expecting it to evolve into a shipping story, and for once, I'm glad it did not. :twilightsmile:

Wanderer D

I really enjoyed the story! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for sharing it!

There's not much here that I can find fault with. I mean, there's a fine line between this story and a Twilight times Trixie romance, but that's just a personal nitpick.
This is fantastic.

A romance between these two written with this kind of care and attention would be pretty fucking awesome.


Twixie! Twixie! Twixie!! TWIXIE!!!

I really enjoyed this story. :pinkiehappy:

Any romace story when it is writen well can be amazing I am eager to see weather or not you continue this

You are my hero.

I mean, I figured people would gravitate to the Montoya quote but I was hoping at least one person would point out Domon. I'd almost given up though!

In our hearts, don't we all? Though I'm not so sure Trixie would do so well at pulling off Haruto's "I'm so selfless it's practically killing me" schtick. :pinkiehappy:


Thanks muchly. Honestly that was one of my biggest fears as I was researching Trixie stories involving Twilight -- I found out that I'm late to the party on a whole bunch of reactions and circumstances and whatnot. Eventually I decided to just damn the torpedoes and see if I could just make everything work. :rainbowlaugh: Happy to see you still enjoyed the song, even if it's largely a remix.

...i-is that Shampoo riding Trixieback? I... I'm scared.

The only complaint I have is I finished reading it.
Thank you, for writing such an interesting story.

4494346 4494344
Thanks, you guys. :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to it!


A romance between these two written with this kind of care and attention would be pretty fucking awesome.

I agree, though it would probably also kill me. You shoulda seen the long dark night of the soul I went through just to make this work!

Well, just great. Now I sorta want to do worse just to see what'll happen.

Also, yeah, I can't in good conscience send the Shipping Armies to this so it'll have to remain in second maybe perhaps. :D That's fine, though! Karrakaz is good people and deserves his--wait do you finally have an avatar what is this madness :pinkiegasp:

Yeah, this got a thumbsup from me by the end of the first chapter, and I wanted to keep giving it thumbsups after every chapter. Great great story.

Madness? No, no, Bookish Delight. You mean madhouse.

Welcome to mine. I do hope you enjoy your stay. I know that I will.

This is actually really good, and I can't wait to see if there will be a sequel.

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