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I am here for a singular purpose. I live to serve friendship and magic. I will bring both serious/fun FIC to this site. I will not however, perverse this great show. If you want that then go burn...


"It was her light that allowed me to see a universe so different from this. It was her light that warmed my life. No pony can take the place of Octavia Melody. They are but candles which try to compete with the sun, and when the sun sets, no candle can replace it."

Please Read:
First and foremost I hope no one gets offended. I don't know how someone could but if you do I did not intend it. This is my second attempt at first person so go easy on me. If you notice any big boo boos please point them out.

This is a story that I feel many people have gone through in some way. It is 2014 and becoming much easier for gay people to just come out and be themselves. I have always wondered about those who have had to hide their feelings. Growing up my mom watched a lot of news and sometimes there would be married couples splitting because one person was actually gay. Thats were I got this idea. I wanted to try to imagine what it must be like for both people. Imagine loving someone with every fiber of your being only to find out they won't ever love you as you love them. Imagine having to lead someone on in a relationship because of the fear that has been instilled in you since a young age. Having to hide yourself from everything and everyone because you don't know if they will still accept you. Either one seems terrifying to me. I don't know if I effectively captured these emotions or feels. I suppose you all can tell me if I did. Celestia knows, I don't think I could ever truly capture those feels because I don't think I have ever been in that situation.

For all of you who have been in a situation like this. You have my respect.

I may do a second chapter if reception calls for it. I intended for this to be a one shot but I know I could do another chapter from another view.

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Sparks, you have no idea now much this made me cry. Thanks for such a beautiful story! Now I'm going to go cry myself to work before people ask if I'm ok.

4593665 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Mark it complete if it is. Click on "edit" and look for the drop down that has "incomplete" selected; change that to complete.

That outta the way, you have piqued my interest. I look forward to reading it.


This was...


I think that's really the only word to describe it. The way what's his face still loves Octavia was the most amazing thing I've ever read.

When I first looked at this I didn't see the 'OC' character tag, so I thought this was a Tavi and Vinyl thing. Then I got to the shop and it said has name was somthing something wood(I can't remember his whole name and I'm too lazy to go back and find it:twilightblush:) and I was like;

'Whoa whoa whoa...whoa! Wat?'

Then I realized what was up and everything was right in the universe again :twilightsmile:

So yeah

Really great story

Loved it :rainbowkiss:

Love you! :heart:

For the night is dark and full of terrors...

Couple of thingies.

to have something knew

Should be "new."
Also, some commas missing here and there, usually with sentences that start with words like "however." Might want to scan it for that. Aside from that and a couple rather-large paragraphs, pretty solid. Anyway, on to the important part: the actual story.

Man, that's gotta be a tough thing to go through. Poor guy. I kinda want to see where this might go from here, but I'm not really sure. It'd probably only be more painful for the guy. Overall, I liked this. Nice work.

Reminds me of a quote from a song.

You ask me, "Do you still love me?"
I ask you, "Does the sea ever dry?"

4593734 Got it marked as complete!
4593956 Thank you for the support! :twilightsmile: Your words humble me. I am happy that you enjoy it.
4594469 Thank you!!! It may get one though I am still on the fence about it... who knows?:raritywink:
4594561 Thanks for the feed back man. I will make sure to go back through it and fix some of those. Maybe if Tidal didn't suck...:twilightangry2:(looking at you Tidal)

4595355 whoops! My bad :twilightsheepish:

No you did that on purpose to get my attention again :trixieshiftright: You used the 'D' and 'T' word.

9/10. Good job.

Octavia Melody? Is that an official name? I've seen "Octavia Philharmonica" before...

4597244 I might do a second chapter.... So don't give up hope...

lol ol I had to do that...

And no sempre is a musical term that mea means:always, still

4595669 i read the mlp wiki and according to that melody is official....idk though.... oh well:derpytongue2:

4597037 thanks for the kind words buddy. Might get a second chapter so dont worry to much.:twilightsmile:

4597337 dont. I only know that because I use to sing a ton of songs with that marking when I was in choir.

Double feature!!

I like it.



So when's the next chapter when he hangs himself?:rainbowdetermined2:

Indeed, Melody is her last name, according to the toy line.
I shall have to remember this.

Whatever I am feeling... I would not wish on my worst enemy.

I doubt anyone would. Sweet Cthulhu's embrace! This story was so gorgeously tragic.
It's rare I can relate to such stories, but to love someone who will never love you back and instead barely acknowledges you just to keep you hopeful and happy is a pain that is far too real.

For at the end of all things I still love her. I love her despite knowing she will never return that love.

And now you've essentially reduced me to tears as I read this. Well played. Well played.
Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep and favorite this depressingly beautiful story. :fluttercry:

I have never understood the need to be in a relationship when one is not desired.

Gay people marrying heterosexuals to 'fit in' simply makes no rational sense.

There are plenty of single people.

Why could they not have simply been single?

As one who has achieved complete conscious control over my neuroendocrine system and am no longer bound by primitive impulses, I cannot help but find most people's choices very irrational.

Emotions are illogical. They must be... deleted.


Loved it. I really hope there will be a part 2 from Octavia's POV.

Idk. I personally prefer it this way.
The question of "Why?" only being answered so much by so little keeps the tragedy so much more painful. To me, that's the beauty of implications. Not every action needs to be specified.
The idea of falling out of love with the author is there.
Perhaps she was just keeping up appearances for either her or his sake and then discovered a more powerful relationship with Vinyl.


Your irrational comment seems to contradict your so called superior mental state.

Begone, pest.


4599622 You do have a point. I just have a burning curiosity of Octavia's side of the story is all.

4599995 Many have tried to be rid of me...

*random guy from "Dune"* They tried and failed?

They tried and died.


I understand. It's cool though.


LOL what just happened? Also there maybe a second chapter. I am undecided...

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