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24 hours, 16 fics. Prepare yourself for light comedy, experimental prose, and lots of strangely-written Applejack!

These originate from the Writeoff Association's minific contest, in which I and hazeyhooves attempted to write as many stories as possible. Some of them are good! Some of them are very bad! One of them even won the contest!

Now with additional author commentary :raritywink:

Cover art also by Haze

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 15 )

Wait, you're still here? I thought you left the fandom!

best Celestia fic on the entire site.

What if I told you, that orange background is the One.

Nice jab at the end there :)

A wonderfully insane collection. I really need to get back into the Writeoff.

Dunno abut the Writeoff judges, but the indentation to distinguish Flim and Flam's dialogue reminded me of the circus in the original Monkey Island :pinkiehappy:.

I figured something was up when the line AK Yearling got used the word 'fingers'.

Okay, this one deserved better. It's pretty damn funny.

This was pretty good, should have caught the fingers thing.

Though now I kind of want Discord to channel the wisdom of the sage, the herb.

So is having Twilight deal with them the methadone to the heroin of just letting problems sit there?

I can see why it did well. :twilightsmile: Anyway, I'm honored to have served as inspiration for a medalist!

"I'm on perfectly good terms with Grand Pear and the rest of," Applejack sneered, " that side of the family. I just don't trust her."

That would be the Prench side of the family, I assume. :trixieshiftright:

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