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For a long time now, the citizens of Equestria have been struck down by an epidemic of illness and sickness. Nopony seems to know for sure what could be the cause, but Princess Twilight has found one common answer: The restaurants and hotels of Equestria. All of them seem to be struck with the same kind of problems.

So with her friends Pinkie Pie and Rarity, they will cross over to Earth and bring back over a man that she has heard from Pinkie is a legend among humans when it comes to food. A man that she hopes can help her get to the bottom of the epidemic sweeping across Equestria: Chef Gordon Ramsay. For her sake...let's hope he takes the request well. And pray for the sanity of the poor souls of Equestria.

(this will include elements from both of Gordon's shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell)

(Feel free to give any creative suggestions with this fic, its kind of a shot in the dark on my part making this one)

cover art by the great harwicks-art

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I'm gonna at least try to keep everyone in character as much as possible and make something good. This fic is definitely an experiment I will need to tinker with and get advice for to make it better

As well as the Lamb Sauce isn't mentioned - by all means - the girls will be fine.

Top ranked chef on Earth, Emotional Counselor, Food Critic, Hotel Critic, Building Renovator, Health Inspector.

"Emotional Counselor". Brutal honesty and mountains of profanity are an effective counseling tool. They just might leave you needing a second session with someone else.
I second that!

I love it!

A few nitpicks, however. That bit with Twilight's POV wasn't necessary. Perhaps you could have just had a paragraph in the normal 3rd person that summarized going into the human world. That way, you could have Twilight explain the problems in Equestria through dialogue as opposed to a summary. I think that would have flowed better.

Last minor problem is the unnecessary use of parentheses to establish the POV. You don't need to do that. Try to keep a consistent POV throughout a chapter, and if you have to to change it, use a horizontal rule (it's in the FimFiction word processor next to the hyperlink icon). As long as you make it obvious enough in the narration, your audience can pick up who's speaking without being told outright.

I loved the yelling Gordon part. You've done a great job capturing how he acts in the shows and being just different enough to make this premise work. You've got a fave out of me.

I was binge watching Hells Kitchen before this came out, so I can definitely confirm Gordon was in character.

Overall I'm kind of interested, and I'm looking forward to Episode 0.5 when that comes out.




Me thinks Ramsey is going to need lots of "anti-stress" cupcakes from Pinkie, especially when dealing with Griffon chefs.

Is there an actual story with Gordan and Deadpool? i want to see it
Nice story though

I like the story so far. You might wanna watch out for your spelling mistakes and narration, but other than that.
Its a fun read and I'm excited to see more of this story with the legend, Gordan Ramsay.

Isn't Gordon Ramsay Scottish? Don't they get angry if you call them British?

The Equestrian food service industry will never be the same.

OH no, what have I done? I've been watching too much Super, and I couldn't help but imagine Gordon with Vegeta's voice saying all this.

Haven't read it yet. Though I love Kitchen Nightmares... and this is something I didn't know I needed it!

Comment posted by Minevera deleted Dec 21st, 2018

You're absolutely right, as proven in this footage:

Gordon Ramsay could make a dragon cower before him.

Also, he’s @&$&@ Scottish!

Havent read it yet, but liked it because Gordan Bucking Ramsay! Do try to include some of his better qualities as well. If he likes something, he will let you know. He is also sweet on kids and old ladies


Also, Chef Ramsay has a pony counterpart in Equestria. He was in the group of chefs that were at the re-re opening of The Tasty Treat.
And there are a few stories on this site that mention a Chef Ram Say as Celestia's royal chef.

I wonder how Gordon gonna feel about business equestrian basic basically food attitude and decor he literally has to save the customers and its owner back to a better path of glorious good food.
wonder what advice he shall give to a zesty reviewed restaurants? that gonna be a showdown that zesty gonna lose gives some ponies a taste of why people respect Gordon then just his rage against malpractice of food and wasteful business

welp this is my first story that i will follow after making this account. love it all the way man.

It's a good start, but it might be a good idea to get an editor. There are quite a few errors.

Ramsay should be IMPRISONED for how he treats his coworkers so I'm disliking this story for that reason. I'm sorry if you don't get it but the verbal assaults he gives to people are only pardoned because he's a TV star.

true but hell's kitchen is still Ramsay's REAL FIVE STAR RESTAURANTif he really wanted to keep that rating he shouldn't yell at his line cooks during work hours. he's lucky he hasn't been sued for harassment and mass negligence yet

I get the whole Kitchen Nightmares thing, that's fine. Yelling about the things a restaurant is doing wrong is an ok way of pointing them out but, I think it was done better by Robert Irvine in his series Restaurant: Impossible. I FIRMLY believe that Ramsay's contest should have been shut down at the first sign of Ramsay yelling at his cooks. That show has only gone on for so long because of that verbal abuse that's why I dislike Ramsay not the show Kitchen Nightmares as that's just a louder version of Restaurant: Impossible.

I hope he meets Flim and Flam, that would be a hoot, Iron WIll would be interesting as well

Haven't even started reading this and I've already fav'd. This is gonna be good! :rainbowlaugh:

9359132 It's Hell's Kitchen. His employees know what they're signing up for when they APPLY there. You can't sue for harassment if you intentionally apply to a place where you know you're going to get your head bitten off and your shitty food crammed down your throat with a toilet brush if you make a mistake.

It's kinda like how a sewage treatment worker can't sue the plant because the place smells like shit. That's the entire point of the place.

I'm not talking about the staff I'm talking about the customers suing. After all, if your trying to eat at a five-star restaurant and the head chef/owner is constantly yelling at his cooks for simple mistakes aren't you going to be miffed (take into account that the kitchen is open air and visible to the dining room)

9359264 also I was referring to when his FIVE-STAR restaurant is used for A FREAKING COOKING COMPETITION! Not when it is a normal restaurant (Hell's Kitchen is also the name of the show) at least he restrains himself around kids (master chef junior)

That's what a lot of people go there for. Sure the food is a big reason but quite frankly its entertaining to see his reactions to screw ups.

I get that i'm yelling alot in these comments but I find it ridiculous that Ramsay hasn't gotten punched in the face or had a knife pointed at him yet.

well... sure.

It's Tv innit? it's all scripted. unless they think it'll boost ratings, Gordon Ramseys punchable face goes unpunched.

yeah but all that yelling also makes his cooks make more mistakes. I'm just saying don't yell at your cooks and there will be less to yell about. Ramsay making a big spectacle about a single mistake draws attention away from the food being cooked allowing for more mistakes to happen.

He also adds a unique flare to his restaurant and show. Nobody would watch hells kitchen if he politely told them "good job but its raw." And while the restaurant would still see business, why go all the way to Vegas to eat there if it's just another restaurant? There are lots of other 5 star places out there especially in places like Vegas but Ramsay makes hells kitchen special and fun. For the guests at least.

while most of the other parts are scripted the times in the kitchen on Hell's Kitchen aren't that's all real and why I Dislike Ramsay.

Uh Hell's Kitchen the show takes place at the New York City Restaurant in the actual Hell's Kitchen, not the Vegas one

This is not the story this site deserves, but it’s the story everyone needs.

MRW I saw the comment thread:

Guys take a chill pill, no one was ever about to die over this. Ramsay can certainly shout your ear off, but any good drill sarge will (and some can much worse).

(PLEAEE PLEASE know this reply, semi rant is purely against Gordon, and not against the author in any possible way. Tho I 'do' applaud them for even trying to insert such a character into the MLP world.)

And this is exactly why I don't watch his shows.

Sure he's famous for all the yelling and cursing. But if that is his only reason for being famous in the first place, (despite his only good points of being good to kids and older ladies) then that means he is pretty much one-dimensional. Only expected to always blow a brain gasket if one of the dishes isn't presented right or theres a dust speck on a fork.

Mayhaps in a real world situation when the cameras aren't on him, where he cannot control everything, he will throw a fit at a red light on someone that may react to him in kind.

Or maybe away from the cameras he is as meek as a church mouse. Then that means all his bluff, cursing and screaming up to high-heaven is just for ratings, thus meaning he is worse than one-dimensional. He's a fake.

Why can't he be honest and act just one way towards everyone, from kids, to chefs that do screw up sometimes, to servers that may be a few seconds late, and to those little old ladies? Because if he did, he would disappear into the world of uppity-know-it-all food chefs and critiques.

So to avoid being like every other food-know-it-all, he had to have a way to become different. And sadly, he made the wrong choice. In a toxic, mean spirited world, he decided to be the meanest, most toxic person on the planet.

Being abusive, cursing, screaming like a banshee, and blowing a brain gasket should 'never' be tolerated in public or in the workplace. (Even if it is scripted for ratings, it's simply horrible.)

My apologies for such a one sided rant.... gomen nasai. (and I know I will get a LOT of thumbs down for this... )

(Now this was before I did read the story, and I Did give it a thumbs up.
Good job. ^~^)

Gryphon <><

I once took a friend of mine to Gordon Ramsey’s. This friend is the sort of bloke who likes simple and easy food. He spoke thus “If that bow tied ponce serves me the squid ink, I shall put it in a squid pen, and write squid bollocks”.

Yes, he's got quite a temper, but it's largely a combination of showmanship, and being confronted with errors that should never be made.

...these are supposed to be professional chefs, how do you do something like that?

But it's not all screaming, he'll praise real talent and achievement as enthusiastically as he attacks foolishness. He wants to see people succeed.

(The poor girl's most of the way to being blind, if it's not obvious)

Resturant Impossible is actually one of my fav'd shows. The host of that would be honest if there was something good or bad about the business and or the food. He might get angry, but he often times tries to help, and be constructive.

Gordon just seems to thrive on being abusive and toxic. I'm very surprised he hadn't been retaliated against from a chef, a server, or a patron yet.

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