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Spike considers himself to be a strong individual. Healthy, happy, but most importantly, sober.

Unfortunately for him, that changes during a night time Summer festival courtesy of Pinkie Pie. After a few dances and spiked drinks from Ponyville's delinquent Berry Punch, Spike finds himself getting drunk....by accident of course. And before he realizes what had happened, he finds himself in his room the next morning sleeping on top of Griffonstone's newest resident baker Gilda Gruff.

Spike will soon see if he is to come out of this situation beaten to a bloody pulp, or come out with a new special somepony to share his feelings with.

(I figured it would be interesting to try my hand at my first shipfic)
(Be gentle with me on this one, this is another one of my experimental fics)

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Twilight has convinced Celestia to allow The Dazzlings to return to Equestria under her custody to once again become citizens. She reluctantly agreed, on the condition that The Dazzlings must do community service for the next five years by providing a variety of services for the people of Equestria.

The only problem for them is that they are terrible at everything .

(For those who arent up to speed, this will parody The Three Stooges, the world famous slapstick trio from the 40s)

(This is another one of my experimental fics. If it kicks off well enough, I plan on doing more chapters, or "episodes" in the fic.)

(MLP canon will take place roughly between season 4 and 5)

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Captain Steve Rodgers was on his way to becoming America's greatest hero. Throughout the course of the second World War, he has been working his way across Europe, the Mediterranean, and Northern Africa, destroying every last Hydra base created by his dark counterpart: Johann Schmitt. More infamously known as The Red Skull.

Until one day, he discovers an adorable explosive package in one of Hydra's labs that will change the course of his life in the war and his life in the future forever.

For the first time in his life, he will have something more precious than his country to fight for...

(Inspired by Tatsurou's PWNY-verse fan fiction

(cover art by Khunis Genie Pony)

(This fan fic is dedicated to Josh Scorcher, AKA Commander Firebrand and The Fiery Joker on Youtube, who is the subject of this fic)

(Because of some confusion people have had, this story takes place during the events of the movie Captain America: The First Avenger and the game Captain America: Super Soldier)

I appreciate anyone who provides me with editing, proofreading, or grammar tips that might help my story.

Major edits:

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For many weeks now, the citizens of Equestria have been struck down by an epidemic of illnesses and sickness. Nobody seems to know for sure what could be the cause, but Princess Twilight has found one common answer: The restaurants and hotels of Equestria. All of them seem to be struck with the same kind of problem, but none of them seem to be sure why its happening.

So with her friends Pinkie Pie and Rarity, they will cross over to Earth and bring back over a man that she has heard from Pinkie is a legend among humans when it comes to food. A man that she hopes can help her get to the bottom of the epidemic sweeping across Equestria: Chef Gordon Ramsay. For her sake...let's hope he takes the request well. And pray for the sanity of the poor souls of Equestria.

(this will include elements from both of Gordon's shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell)

(Feel free to give any creative suggestions with this fic, its kind of a shot in the dark on my part making this one)

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The Daedric Prince of Madness is a man of unknowable motives. There is no way of understanding the insanity that he unleashes upon others or what he will do in the next moment.

When he goes to check up on his old Brother in Madness Discord, he is unpleased to find a completely peaceful land devoid of chaos. The first thing he takes his frustrations out on are the Royal Sisters. The next thing they know, they are transported to a savage world of magic engulfed in war. At opposite ends of the province, they must quickly learn to survive without each other, and find the mighty hero of the land, if they are to ever to fulfill the prophecy, make it home, and end the madness of the Daedra. That is if they can handle the madness of the hero they are to meet....

(This is going to take place after Season 3 and before Season 4)

(The Dragonborn in this is going to be based on the default Nord look to make the story flow a little better. His personality will be somewhat reminiscent of Star-Lord's from Guardians of the Galaxy: Just a bit silly in his free time, but serious and stoic when the situation calls for it.)

(To all those wondering, don't worry, the Death tag is only there cause naturally, Skyrim is a place where you can almost use literally anything to kill someone and almost anything can kill you. And the Sex tag is only there for occasional IMPLIED sexual stuff, and a little romance, nothing too overblown) meaning: it has a PG-13 Rating. So nothing is actually described in explicit detail

(And because of his help on this, Mr. Aquino is going to join with me to bring a certain Merc with A Mouth into the story at one point in the future for a triple crossover that will last for a few chapters. PREPARE FOR NONSENSICAL FUN!)

(And just as any author on this site will tell you, be gentle with me, this is my first fic, so there's no guarantee that it will exactly be perfect.)

Chapters (22)
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