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Captain Steve Rodgers was on his way to becoming America's greatest hero. Throughout the course of the second World War, he has been working his way across Europe, the Mediterranean, and Northern Africa, destroying every last Hydra base created by his dark counterpart: Johann Schmitt. More infamously known as The Red Skull.

Until one day, he discovers an adorable explosive package in one of Hydra's labs that will change the course of his life in the war and his life in the future forever.

For the first time in his life, he will have something more precious than his country to fight for...

(Inspired by Tatsurou's PWNY-verse fan fiction

(cover art by Khunis Genie Pony)

(This fan fic is dedicated to Josh Scorcher, AKA Commander Firebrand and The Fiery Joker on Youtube, who is the subject of this fic)

(Because of some confusion people have had, this story takes place during the events of the movie Captain America: The First Avenger and the game Captain America: Super Soldier)

I appreciate anyone who provides me with editing, proofreading, or grammar tips that might help my story.

Major edits:

UPDATE: I am revamping 12 chapters to clean up the flow of the story and removing a plot element.

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Mein klien pony, Mein klien pony! Vat is Facissim about?

so far so good im willing to give this a chance

I like it. Extinction shall keep reading.

Not bad so far. Interesting place to find it. I'll keep reading.

Wait... ... ...

...Oooh...oooooh...oooooooohh shit...

What? Did I do something wrong?


No, just a dawn of realization that I'm late to the party...

*sighs*......were all gonna die of a cute induced heart attack over Colt firebrand arnt we....?

Oh boy, already imagining Firebrand accidentally burning up Howard Star's research papers

Mein\my klien\little pony! And here I thought Skull wouldn't watch that kind of show.:rainbowlaugh:


Firebrand can't help himself can he?

I just saw this, but did anyone else notice the grenade in firebrands mouth on the cover art?

It looks like he's gearing up to go for a field goal with the pony.

I quite like this story .

Having not read this yet, I will be disappointed if the unicorn's name isn't Explodey Mgee

FYI, Captain America is Steve Rogers, not Rodgers.

Oh... dear sweet Frost.... I forgot That the worst part of these stories is.... THE FEELS!!!!

Having just read to this chapter, Firebrand is a much better name.

Is Firebrand going to call Peggy mommy?

Hee hee. Chocolate and explosions. It's a good day.

Stark's going to get Degi vu with the little blue thing

Wut? Explosions equal portals? At least Howard gets a nice apology gift for being exploded this time.

I'm sorry to say this but.... MOAR!

Uru fighting-shoes? When he grows up he's going to be a right terror in combat.

those will hurt to get hit by

He was slightly surprised to feel it have some extra weight but figured at the time that it had to have been Howard giving him extra gear to assist him on missions.

Oh come ON Steve, that's the oldest trick!

A minor nitpick, "horseshoe" is one word.

No one can resist the oldest trick.

Holy fuck your reading this story

Yeah FB would be in biiig trouble

we need more pls! I wanna see Firebrand with the Avengers! especially with Thor and Loki and what is their Reactions are!

You must construct additional kaboom.

Firebrand is too young to experience a war.

Might give him the wrong ideas about it lol.
Can't wait to see how he handles Winter Soldier

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