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After fifty years of horror and torment, the spirits of the murdered children are finally released, and the man behind the slaughter is in his eternal hell. Reliving the torture and pain that he put countless people through for over fifty years. The sentient robots that have been the instruments and victims of everything, are burned away in two final fires that destroyed all. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The Tale of the Fazbear Murders had finally come to an end.

The children however, have one last gift to give to the many animatronics who showed them kindness for decades. New lives, new bodies, and a new paradise filled with children who still need their protection from the many dangers this paradise provides. Children who will teach them to truly love and be loved in return.

They will feel The Joy of Recreation.

(Spoilers for FNAF Pizzeria Simulator)

I have many of the lore details from Matpat and Markiplier's playthroughs, so expect most of it to be at least 90 percent correct. Scott Cawthon has been known for pulling fast ones, so I'm gonna be improvising at times by mixing and matching canons from the books and games

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(but take ur time lol)

good start thus far
i wouldn't say i'm eager to see where this goes, but you've my interest for sure
while i'm here, you gonna update Kitchen Nightmares soon?

And one of the children trapped in Golden Freddy wants William to suffer still and kept the basically burnt corpse of the man alive even after the fire. (Its one of MatPats newest videos about the revelation of who is the child in Golden Freddy)

I like where you're going with this and I love it that's, why I created the FNAF world crossover and please, keep going. I am a huge fan of FNAF so and I also watch Matpat's videos too so please keep going, please.

Yes, with work and school its just been hard. I have the next chapter of Kitchen Nightmares started, the next chapter of this started, and the next chapter of A New Brand of Freedom almost complete

"Like that time you drank an entire keg of my apple beer and set Soarin's house on fire?" AJ remarked. "How is igniting clouds even possible?"

I'd pay to see that.

So "Charlie" in her second body since there were three stages, baby, teen and woman is now in Equestria with the other four spirits.

But what about Martha, Jessica, Clay and John?.

Aren't they going to appear?.

When are you going to try to finish the story?

I've been focused on Kitchen Nightmares recently but I will definitely do my best to get two to four chapters out before Halloween.

If feel like Spike is having a love at first site when he found an unconscious Charlie Emily, I wonder if Michael Afton will be in this story and maybe have a liking to Twilight Sparkle?

He was in the prologue and it was strongly implied that he was the Crying Child from FNAF 4 and the technician in the "final" game Pizzeria Simulator. Just wait and see. I have many big plans for this story.

Sorry for being a bit impatient, but when are you going to update this again?

I live in Northern California where everything is on fire and getting more expensive. It's getting done I promise. It's just not going to have a definite date. I will get two to four chapters out by Halloween

What season of mlp is this supposed to take place in?

Any time after Season 4. That's the time frame I usually go for. I don't usually restrict myself with a specific place in the timeline for any of my stories

I wonder if William Afton will show up since… He Always Comes Back.

Take your time man I’m in no hurry👍🏻

You still continuing this right

Oh boy, I wonder what all the ponies including the mane 6, spike, and maybe even the cmc will think when they meet the fazbear gang and Charlie Emily/The puppet? I wonder Charlotte and the puppet are still same or are separate? Also I’m pretty eager for an update , sorry I’m just not a very patient person

Yeah!!!!! Finally new chapter thanks buddy!👍🏻

I'm happy you started working on this story again. The story so far is pretty good. Keep up the good work.

I think you’re doing fantastic.

So is that toy chica and toy bonnie or their fnaf1 versions

Basically the classic animatronics got upgraded somehow when they came to equestria.

When FNAF Security Breach's trailer dropped, it was really uncanny because in my head, that is what I imagined their "upgraded" proportions to be. Actually masculine or feminine but still bulky and muscular.

I got a few questions for ya, first are you also going to include stuff from the Fazbear Frights books for example the Stitchwraith, second are you excited for security breach when it comes out because I am?

I'm focusing more on the widely accepted primary characters and the lore of both the games and the first book trilogy. I don't want to crowd and confuse by adding too many characters. I may add a few more characters down the line but shifting focus between the four is hard enough.

Can’t wait for the next chapter you titled the four children, I’ve always wanted to see a fanfic where the magical world of My Little Pony meets the twisted world of Five Nights At Freddy’s.

I wonder what’s going to happen next in chapter 4?

When’s the new chapter?????

I’m very eager for the next chapter!

Very soon. The past two months have been murder on me and my schedule. I always make promises I can't keep but I promise it will come very soon

Glad to hear you’re doing fine by the way what’d you think of security breach I thought it was pretty sick.

I was planning on tweaking my story a little bit to fit some of the elements. If I can I may fit their designs along with Monty and Roxy into the story somehow if it doesn't ruin the flow.

Cool can’t wait for the next chapter, hopefully the mane 6, spike and others will find out about Charlie/Puppet, Golden Freddy/Fredbear, and Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy because just like the sister location trailer said at the end they don’t know what they’ve been through.

I don’t know if you are having trouble but, when will there be more chapters?

When will there be a new chapter, me and maybe others getting pretty eager?

This is pretty cool, so basically the Fazbear Family along with charlotte “Charlie” Emily are going to be the mlp characters’ guardian angels.

I have a 2 questions,1. Is Charlie Emily now separated from the puppet that now has a mind of its own or they still the same in a way? 2. I don’t know how busy you are but how are you doing with the next chapter of the story so far my good buddy?

Making forward progress.

Wait you mean Roxy and Monty are going to be in the story?

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