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Two Pegasisters, named Eleanor and Samantha, go to a BronyCon event close to their hometown. There, the CEO of Hasbro reveals a contraption that allows dimensional travel. So Pegasisters and Bronies alike can meet the Mane 6 and ask one question each.

However, something goes wrong with the contraption and the Mane 6 cannot go home until it's fixed. Now, it's up to Eleanor and Samantha to volunteer and take the Mane 6 into their home and keep them calm until the contraption is fixed and they can finally go home.

How will Eleanor, Samantha and the Mane 6 handle with this new turn of events?

Cover Art by INowISeeI.
Pony Design belongs to EarthSong9405.
This takes place before Twilight Sparkle became an Alicorn.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro, Lauren Faust and DHX Studios.
Hope you enjoy it.

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can we get a link to the cover art?

Are all these stories just female-based?

Tomorrow is gonna be a new day...

Yeah, but it might be worse...
(Reference from Zootopia)

i think he meant if all the characters involved will just be girls?

Oh, I see.
Well... I'm female myself, so I'm not good at writing from a male perspective. So, yeah.

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