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Hello, weird british brony guy here. I've been writing for a while now, but only recently did pastel ponies get involved. My Deviantart now has the cover art for my story, Of Men and Insects.


This story is a sequel to Of Men and Insects

With Queen Chrysalis gone, and peace once again restored, you'd think life would be simple and calm for Allan Ryder and his friends, right? -HA! Think again, silly! Life's never that simple!-
-Dammit Pinkie! Get out of Vegan's description!-
Chaos gods, crazy neighbors, crazier friends -Hey! I resemble that remark!-, ridiculous misadventures, and a world full of magic don't make good bedfellows with the word"ordinary".
Being in a new body, yet again, and being an adoptive mother? That just makes everything worse.
Welcome back to life in Equestria. Please enjoy your stay.


The sequel is here! Basically an anthology series detailing the goings on between major events, this fic will include plot relevant details and characters involved in future stories, so read this before moving on to any sequels that I write in the future.
Allan and Katherine Ryder, as well as several other characters who will be added to this description later, are of my own creation. AKA, COPYRIGHT TO ME! I will be extremely annoyed if people use them without asking for permission first.
Mature rating and tags for innuendo, references to booze, physical violence, swearing, and multitudes of adorable, pastel coloured ponies. You have been warned.

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“KATIE’S HERE?! WHERE?!” Allan nearly leapt off the bed….or, he would have, if he could move his legs. He still managed to get himself zapped by the Doctor’s spell though, eliciting a high pitched yelp from the transformed human.

me: i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/223/670/d0a.jpg
also Liked!

Heeeeeeeeere's....the cat?

This story can use a pic :heart:

I'm willing to bet that this is the person whose dream Luna saw at the end of the previous story. Enough details certainly match up.

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