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You'll find, my friend, that in the gutters of this floating world, much of the trash consists of fallen flowers.


Fluttershy writes daily poems.

Haiku from a waifu.

Originally written for WriteOff - October 2017 minific round, "Cold Comfort"

Published barely in time for International Haiku Poetry Day (April 17)

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I'm so glad:

To see this here at last. And with a second month, too! Maybe take us through a whole year with Fluttershy haiku?



I don't have any more planned for this, but it's still a possibility if I feel like it. Writing the poems is fun, but planning the continuity is much harder than it looks.

It's marked Complete, but if I add another stand-alone chapter, it'll be Complete then too. It's always Complete. :derpyderp2:

These poems are so good! I can totally see Fluttershy writing them.

Still a fan of the 12th.

Lovely update.

The blank ones are rather unsettling.

Always have love for this.

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