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You'll find, my friend, that in the gutters of this floating world, much of the trash consists of fallen flowers.

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Fluttershy writes daily poems.

Haiku from a waifu.

Originally written for WriteOff - October 2017 minific round, "Cold Comfort"

Published barely in time for International Haiku Poetry Day (April 17)

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Everypony is Sad

All of them. Every pony. They're all horny.

Chapters (10)

Madame Fluttershy and her assistant Twilight Sparkle aren't the first ponies to journey around the Equestrian multiverse's ring of worlds on a daring wager.

But they might be the last.

Written for horizon's 80 Days crossover challenge.

Chapters (1)

Rarity and Rainbow Dash must track down the world's greatest gentlemare thief.

Chapters (1)

All of them. Every pony. They're all sad.

Proud winner of the "most controversial" award of the June 2016 Writeoff competition.
It did not make the finals. This made some voters sad.

Chapters (10)

The cultural ministry of Yakyakistan has decreed that season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic needs more yaks and more smashing. They hope that you enjoy this new and improved version of historical events.

Thanks and/or blame to Majin Syeekoh for convincing me I should actually write this.
Thanks to Dubs Rewatcher for pre-reading and advice.

Chapters (12)

What if you could get anything you wished for? Well, you'll never find out now.

Who leaves these genies lying around anyway?

Written for the Most Dangerous Game Contest, mostly to toy around with the 2nd person perspective prompt.

Chapters (2)
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