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A partially insane Knoxville Brony who likes to write. I also edit. And Vector too. Who knew? Not I. If only I could focus on just one...


Moosetasm the OC (wrongfully called a Ponysona by many) learns of the tragedy of Princess Luna being trapped, crying, on the moon for 1000 years, and pledges to remedy this gross injustice. He recruits Sonata Dusk with the promise of unlimited tacos, uses her siren powers to break the laws of time and space, forges an alliance with the changelings based on shared love, and battles the incessant Communist threat of Starlight Glimmer, the only pony standing between him and victory. Oh, and somepony is wearing diapers. Just because.

Special apologies to Miranda Laufeyson for inspiring the world’s first “Sonata-Dusk-taco-diaper-changelings-need-love-too-Poor-Luna-on-the-moon-Starlight-communist-OCs-are-ponysonas” fic, and the semi-authorized use of her OC, Florian.

Special thanks to Coffee Minion for inspiration, editing, cover art, and use of his OC, Nutmeg.

Rated P for Purple

Now comes in reading format! Also thanks to Coffee Minion for this!

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I'll get there. Just give me time. :moustache:



That's... Cryptic?


Well... Yeah?

6441903 oh, what the hell, I know how to appreciate a true troll fic when I see one.:rainbowwild:



Once upon a time... there was a blog.

A blog that inspired... Madness creativity. And history was made. :trollestia:

I laughed; I cried; I was asked to leave. :trollestia:


That was pretty fun. UP VOTE! Now, I shall take a face... from the ancient gallery and... WALK ON DOWN THE HALL!


I am confused... As to what Doors have to do with this story.

6758589 Because I like The Doors and as I walked toward the door of work that day I declared that statement loudly. Now I could have gone on about how portals and doorways are important to the plot of the story and that without the portals the end result would not have been reached. I could have said that for a lot of kids I knew growing up the taco was the doorway to delicious Mexican cuisine, even if most off the time it's just Old El Paso and ground beef. That moment much like the pizza moment for italian and so on are the moments that a new and exciting world of flavor explodes on the scene. I could have said that if it weren't for the various doorways being opened Luna would have been depressed and sorry about what had happened. Now that she got a hug by a diaper wearing individual it put her mind in a state of flux, so much so that her nightmare powers reactivated and she became bent in revenge.

I didn't though. I just went with The Doors line because I like it. Had some fun with story too. Shoo be doo be doo.


More profound than I had intended... :pinkiegasp:

But now that has me thinking... Am I responsible for the nightmare returning? :rainbowderp:

And all because of a simple wardrobe change! :twilightoops:

Speaking of change... :twilightblush:

Typo alert!

you’re trying (missing "to") call

Quickly Mr. Chekov; to the nuclear wessels!


Fixed, you MONSTER. :trollestia:

6948575 Oho, and I found the original version still lurking out there in null-space...

...could add it as a bonus chapter to this one? :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

6948589 I... don't know if I'm allowed to do that, the mods said it was "too meta" :raritydespair:

6948610 Let it never be said that I would encourage disobedience to our beneficent mods.

I might only suggest that it can serve as an encouragement to developing authors to be able to see firsthand how a work has progressed from its conception to its actualization as a finished product. And really, the introduction of a "bonus" chapter to an otherwise finished work does not supplant the finished version's status as such.

6948654 True... Hrmmm... Dunno, awfully risky... though it would give me some front page time...

Author Interviewer

This is a thing of beauty and I demand more.



Tyvm for the comment!

Unfortunately, I don't think I've been able to crank my absurdity dial back up to 11 after this first time. It seems to have gotten stuck around 7 or so. It's so very sad.

So, this is somewhat autobiographical is it? And, if we're reading this here on Earth does it mean you were banished here by Princess Luna, like Sonata was to the EQG world by Princess Celestia, or are you channeling this into some partly insane Brony from somewhere, I dunno, Knoxville maybe?

But yeah, coffee with an event horizon and Hawking Radiation, now that's a cup worthy of the name. :pinkiehappy: Does Star Bucks make anything like that?

And why are there no Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon emoji thingies?

Anyway, love the randomness, good show! :yay:

Bless this fic in the hopes of increasing SHOE BE DOO SHOE SHOE BE DO SWIM ALONG WITH SEAPONIES

This fic is what cemented my presence here on the site. It was a rare combination of inspiration, input from other peeps, and all kinds of magic.

This one didn't do it for me (ancient review) but I know a lot of people love it. I guess I'm just not cut out for this level of fic!

It’s is not for everyone. It was just meant to use every point on someone’s “I hate these things about the fandom” checklist. I took it to levels of purple that required me going back several times because I obviously hadn’t described things enough.

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