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If any users wish to formally introduce themselves to the rest of the group, they may do so by posting in this thread, though it is by no means required. You may share whatever information you feel is necessary; these posts are intended to give the other members an idea of you and your interests. As the group's founder, I'll post my introduction first.

As you can see, the name's TimberWolf65 and I'm a German-American veterinary student currently residing in the Southern United states. Pastimes include reading, gaming, and generally spending time with friends, family; including our two dogs. I also offer prereading services in my free time, and I am more than willing to extend them to anyone within this group. See my user page for further details.

As for my experience with cyberpunk, the majority of my exposure was through gaming, I'm a rather dedicated fan of the Deus Ex franchise, and have had experience with a number of other fairly well know cyberpunk series, such as System Shock, though admittedly only the second. I've recently begun branching out into films and literature involving the genre, William Gibson's Neuromancer being a recent interest.

That's about all I have for now, hopefully this is satisfactory. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you all have to say in your own introductory posts, and I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. But until then, auf wiedersehen, meinen freunden! :raritywink:

I am stiggerzz

There are some who call me....stig, stigz, stiggy, a popular fuck-up of my name is stingerzz and my own personal fuck-up for my name is stikkerss (Do not ask me how it happened, it just did)

I am just your average, 17 year old, autistic, Australian Brony Fan of MLP who spends more time on the internet than he should.

I am heavily addicted to gaming, play piano casually, enjoy reading and adore camping and the activities you do while you camp (Fishing, hikes, touristy shit etc.)

I have a very laid-back attitude and am very broad-minded so, as long as you're not a total dick, I'm very easy to get along with.

My sense of humor is, what one might say, a spur-of-the-moment type of humor. If the situation calls for it, I can craft gold.

I have a fic in the works however, due to my laziness, it may be some time before it gets enough done to it to be uploaded:twilightsheepish:

Group Admin

1511610 Eh, in regards to writing procrastination, I was in a very similar situation some time ago. Might eventually get around to writing, but for now I'm happy enough editing.

In any case, I think we'll get along pretty well then! :twilightsmile: Good to hear a little more about you.

I do not even edit:moustache:

Group Admin

1511700 :trollestia: Indeed.

Hi. I'm CM12. I am kind of a stalker in a non-creepy way. I rarely comment and interact with others - I prefer to observe from afar. That's mostly because of my nonexistent social skills.

Group Admin

1618450 Whatever works for you, really. Welcome to the group! :raritywink:

I just wish the group had more fics.

Group Admin

1621189 Yeah, I'm on the lookout for more. Might post a thread soon addressing group policies and the possible need for revision; I feel one of my policies might be hindering collection. Hopefully we can find more.

By the way, love the avatar. :ajsmug:

Jensen is kind of a role model for me.

Group Admin

1621519 Understandable, There are worse characters to look up to than an ex-SWAT chief of security for a prominent corporation for transhuman studies, after all.

I am not sure what to make of that reply.

Group Admin

1625391 Probably could have worded that better, to be honest. :derpytongue2: Sorry. Basically what I was saying is he's not a bad role model.

Oh. Yeah, it didn't came out well.

Group Admin

2865886 Wow, I managed to overlook this for a long time. :rainbowhuh: Just goes to show we need to put some effort into generating activity within this group.

Welcome to the group, though! :raritywink:

I never asked for this... but I've always secretly hoped.:heart:

Pleasure to meet all of you.

I call myself Ashes VI and - if any of you want to talk over Xbox Live - that is also my gamer-tag. I got interested in the Deus Ex franchise a few weeks ago and well I love ponies so I thought why not mix the two. Oh yes I live in the upper Midwest of the United States though I maybe moving to South Carolina in a few months. My speaking skills are practically non-existent: tend to speak too fast, stammer, and I have a soft voice. I would that Timberwolf has the gist of what I do here. Texting is better.

Group Admin

3362422 Understandable. Believe it or not, despite all the comments I get from people telling me that I'm pleasantly well-spoken, I actually have a tendency to stammer while speaking, as well. I'm working on it, but it takes time.

In any case, welcome to the group. Also, funny you should mention South Carolina, as that's the state I live in. :rainbowlaugh:

How is it: my mom had an interview for a job down there but I don't believe that she will be taking it.

My speaking skills have also improved thanks to a new found job. *fist pumps the air* Still can't talk to people I find good looking... :facehoof:

Name's Appletank. 6th grade or so, I often had apples for dessert at the time, and I like tanks.

Lord of Dorkness made me obsessed with cybernetics and related fields. Deus Ex and Ghost in the Shell are the things I've followed.

I am an average artist, and due to my cheapstake-ness, tend to commission myself for cover art.

Terrible self esteem. Read my fic. Please. Barely anyone talks to me anymore there.
(Diary of the Dead)

1502213 Hi. Nova Arc. Fan of MLP, Steven Universe, and a bunch of other stuff! Deus Ex got me interested in cyberpunk stuff and COD:BO3 just enforced it. I'm a gamer, aspiring engineer and TV series producer, and have quite a few personal issues.:twilightsheepish:

So, that's pretty much me in a nutshell. If you want to know more, just ask.:twilightsmile:

Heyo all you lovely peps!

I did not really know that I was into cyberpunk before I tried to play the P&P system Interface zero 2.0, having loved the ever loving shit out of Deus Ex and Ghost in the Shell years before trying that.

Don't really know what to say beside that I have been so swallowed up in the world of Interface Zero that I have slowly begun making a compendium of fan made gear to support the RP line :twilightblush:


I got into cyberpunk from Batman Beyond. I'm a biology grad student and my favorite topics are science (especially biology) and technologies.

Wake up members! We got stories to write!

Howdy, I'm Lone. I'm been a fan of Cyberpunk since I first saw Bladerunner when I could barely walk. Followed by excellent stories and games from Cyberpunk (2012, 2020, Red & 2077), Observer, Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix, Total Recall, Robocop and most recently Upgrade. I really hope people will write more with this setting. That's really my plan. Only time will tell if I succeed.

I'll be seeing you guys around.

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