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A group made specifically for stories centered in or based off of Pony Blogs from the wonderful world of Tumblr! This group will be constantly updating with new groups, so be sure to constantly check it out!

And if you happen to find a Tumblr Pony Blog that you think deserves a spot here, post a request with the blogs canon as well as a link, povided it's not NSFW, in which case just leave the name.

And if you want more info on other blogs, feel free to check out this wiki!

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My advice, you should add the LINKS to several blogs on here. I would add a story here, but I only had one chapter with Tumblrpon characters.

That chapter referenced Pirate Dash, but made her ship fly. Replaced Pinkie and Gilda with Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie and Radical Gilda. Ask Surprise was there because she was in a Hotblooded Pinkie Pie post making a reference to Pacific Rim.

...So I made a reference to tumblrpon, but one of the posts I reference was a reference in of itself so technically I was referencing Pacific Rim... Yeah.

"Applebottom Jeans" by Jake Witt.

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