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Are you the best of the best? the toughest of the tough? Do you think you got what it takes to be a member of SCALE? Join the ranks of Equestrias elite special fighting force.

we deal in all things MARVEL when it comes to FimFiction, we're looking for those action packed stories that just scream EPICNESS!!

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Hail HYDRA! Finally somepony who gets it!

365695 I mean we'll need to

356752 This, I have not commented on... till now. This idea seems good but the way you want it, we'llevar need to start seeking out some other writers. It's still early in the project, though so I wouldn't push it. At least 1 more person[or 2, but remember, the more people, the harder we have to comprise to make everyone happy]

Okay, I'm back and boy do have I have enthusiasm! We need more stories. More members and a fitting banner. I task anyone of you to find a good story. Go!

h-hey... guys... its been a while since i last was heard from.
if you can read this [like, its showing up] then I've posted a new blog. read it, it explains EVERYTHING...:fluttershysad:

I'd like to make a suggestion as to the concept of the group. I've been thinking about how SCALE would work as a group and as a story. I've had ab idea that is currently in its infancy so:

the pitch;

SCALE is an open book for character writing and plot, therefore any character or plot can be created.

So perhaps if Insane Crusader was interested SCALE could be set up as a collaboration project.

Each chapter of the story can be set out as a mission or a group of chapters as a mission, included in these chapters would be focus on one or more main characters. This means that one mission focussed on character X, the next on characters X and Y and following chapter with characters X and Z.

I would like to know if there is any interest by the authors oj whether this could be a possibility?


That's usually the case.

WELCOME TO SCALE Epsilon-Delta your the first one!:yay:

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