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Equestria Noir Case 25 "Endgame" - Jacoboby1

Part 2 of Equestria Noir's Season Finale. The final battle begins when Lunard comes with an army to wipe Equestria from the map. Private will need every ally to stop this fiend from taking over his home. But will that even be enough?

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Chapter 4 "The Battle of Ponyville Begins"

Chapter 4

“The Battle of Ponyville Begins”

Perspective: Big Macintosh

Everypony was scramblin tah set up defenses. I watched as Caramel and some other earth ponies were setting up the Nightmare Night catapults. Thank goodness it’s summer and there’s plenty of watermelon to use as ammo.

Ah looked over at Raiden as he was tapping some buttons on his suit. Ah could never figure out that thingymabob, but I wasn’t about to deny it was useful. Ah just hope he doesn’t get as crazy as last time he used it.

Ah looked over and saw Applesnack loading and cleaning rifles, most of them were designed fer shootin Timberwolves or other beasties that tried tah steal crops. But they’d hafta suffice in this case.

He set a rifle down and looked at the defenders. He shook his head. “Farmers, bakers, shopkeepers.” He sighed disapprovingly. “These aren’t soldiers, far from it.”

Swarm walked up to Applesnack. “Come on, most of these ponies have had to put up with crazy things before.”

“Way I see it,” Applesnack started, getting up and walking over to me. “We’ve got a whole army of changelings against a hoof full of villagers. Those aren’t good odds.”

“We aren’t gonna turn and run Applesnack!” Ah yelled, giving him a glare that he returned.

“We can’t win this and you know it,” Applesnack replied gruffly. “They’re going to die!”

“Then Ah’ll die with em!” Ah yelled, which caused everypony to stop what they were doing. I kept mah green eyed glare on Applesnack. Ain’t no way he was jus’ gonna say that!

Slowly, he smiled. “All I needed to hear.”

“Huh?” Ah asked, feelin mighty confused.

Applesnack kept his smile “So, are you going to command me? Your confidence hasn’t wavered has it?”

He walked off and went back to his work after that. Ah dun know what AJ sees in this fella. But, he’s been fightin’ a lot longer the Ah have. Somedays Ah wonder just what makes ‘im like this.

“I can never read him,” Swarm said, shaking his head. “Usually it’s easy to tell what ponies are feeling for a changeling like me. But, with him I get nothing. It’s like I’m facing a steel wall.”

I looked to mah changeling friend and told him, “Gather yer hive quickly and prepare to fight back!”

“But how will we tell my hive from Chrysalis’?” Swarm asked. “I’d love to beat the living crap out of her, but I don’t want my own brothers and sisters to get shot.”

“Mighty simple,” Ah said with a smile. “Yers can change, they can’t from what AJ told me.”

Swarm smiled at me. “I’ll get them then.”

“They’re coming!” Ah heard Thunderlane shout. “I just saw them coming! There’s thousands of them!”

I looked back at Swarm. “Get yer hive here! On the triple!”

Swarm saluted and dived into the earth, digging a mile a minute. Ah looked back as everypony scrambled to their positions. Private, ah hope we can buy ya enough time…


Perspective: Discord

We’ll isn’t this interesting…

Did you plan for this dear Celestia? This is all far from coincidence.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first when you presented Tenacity before me. But, when I he used his full power on me I understood your plan.

Do you really think it will be enough? You know that Lunard has far more years under his belt at this sort of thing. But then again, you are blood are you not?

Then you had to go and reform me, using dear Fluttershy was predictable, but effective nonetheless.

But, I can’t sit by while all the fun is happening. Whatever you plan is Celestia, I want to see it all.

After all, I have a score to settle with Lunard. I mean it wouldn’t be much of a party without a little chaos…


Perspective: Queen Chrysalis

I stood on a hill looking down at the disgusting town of Ponyville. To think such a small and insignificant village could be so much trouble. I watched as the ponies mounted a pathetic excuse for a defense.

These ponies will make a fool out of me for the last time. Once I take their town they’ll be little more than cattle for us to feed upon. Now with dear Cadence and Shining Armor out of the way nothing can stop us!

“Your majesty!” One of my brood said, flying over.

“What is it?” I groaned. “Why does everypony insist on interrupting my internal monologues?”

“We have caught the scent of the traitor,” the drone said. “He must be gathering up the other members that broke from the hive.”

“He is of little consequence,” I glowered. “He will be dealt with swiftly, and I will leach the fear from him once I drain his little pink marefriend dry!” I looked at the drone. “Do not waste the effort in looking for him, these wretched townsfolk will fall before he even arrives.”

“What will we do with any civilians we find?” The drone asked with a delightfully evil smirk.

“The youngest will provide the highest yield, children are so easy to scare. Kill any who fight back.”

With that, I screeched and unleashed my army upon the town. Nothing can stop me! See me now! I will do what every villain before could not!

I will destroy this pathetic excuse of a town.


Perspective: Private Eye

Walking through Everfree always unnerved me. The place just gave off this strange atmosphere, never mind the weather, here, being about as chaotic as Discord himself. Despite it being early afternoon it was rather dim in the dreary forest. The canopy of leaves and branches did not allow much light in, and even that was dimmed by the time it got to the forest floor. Leaves crunched underhoof, and there were a multitude of unnerving sounds that could be anything.

“I really hate it here,” Rainbow commented as we moved along. “This place is just beyond weird, who’s idea was it to build a palace in the middle of this place?”

“Apparently Everfree wasn’t always like this,” Twilight said, entering her lecturing tone. “I read in a book that this place used to be green and beautiful.”

“Yeah, well Ah think dark, dreary and freaky is more fitting,” AJ grumbled, ducking under a tree branch.

“Hey, you know this is kind of neat,” Pinkie said suddenly.

“Pinkie, did you miss the last few times we came in here?” Rarity asked our pink friend.

“Well, Private wasn’t there the last time,” Pinkie explained. “So, this is kind of his first ever Everfree adventure with us!” She laughed and bounced along.

“Just so long as we don’t have to face any scary creatures again,” Fluttershy whimpered, moving closer to the center of the group.

“SPEAKING of ‘scary creatures’,” came an all too familiar voice.

I looked up at a nearby tree and saw that none other than Discord himself was walking on the bottom of the branch. I immediately tensed up, like Twilight I was extremely skeptical that Discord reformed himself. His part in the conspiracy surrounding my mother’s death had not been forgotten.

“Hello, my dear Fluttershy,” Discord, said bowing floridly at her.

“Discord!” Fluttershy said with a smile. “What are you doing here?”

“Well you know, I heard that some friends of a friend were walking into certain death and I thought...” His smile started to stretch from ear to ear. “Maybe it would be fun to join this ragtag group of do gooders.”

“No deal Discord!” I yelled, glaring at the creature.

“Well, if it isn’t detective stick in the mud, and his lovely marefriend, princess stick in the mud,” Discord glowered, hovering over to me and Twilight. “You’re not still sore about the whole, trying to kill you thing are you?”

“You could say some of us are,” Twilight growled, glaring at him as well. “Among other things.”

“Look, about that, I was just doing my part,” Discord said, flying around us. “You see, it was not I specifically who tried to kill your dear mother. Twas somepony else who’s idea it was. I’m sure you are familiar with him.”

“What is he talking about?” Twilight asked.

“Adamus, my grandfather,” I replied.

“He’s your grandfather?!” Rarity exclaimed, shaking her head. “I met him back in Canterlot one time. How could you possibly be related to such a brute?”

“I wonder that myself every day,” I sighed.

“Well this is depressing,” Discord commented, and then snapped his fingers. Suddenly my hat turned into... ”Have a sombrero!”

Pinkie giggled a little at the hat change, that earned her a look from all of us, minus Discord who was laughing his ass off.

“Change it back,” I said with a low growl.

“Oh, forgot you’re not the fun type,” Discord sighed, changing my hat back. “So, here’s the deal kiddies, Lunard and I have a bit of a history. So that’s why I’m helping you out on this occasion.”

“What’s your beef with the guy?” Rainbow asked.

“Well, it’s a bit of a long story,” Discord said, “The short version is that his kind have been none too kind to anything that isn’t an alicorn. I wanted them wiped off the map for how they treated me. I...” For the first time I’ve seen sorrow cross over the creature’s eyes. “I do not wish to delve into that, that’s more depressing than anything Private can give out.”

“Discord.” Fluttershy flew over to him. “If it’s really that bad you don’t have to tell us.”

“I think they’d appreciate context, my one and only friend,” Discord said, his tone showcasing seriousness. “Anyways, Lunard tried to stop my little plan. I convinced a powerful being to curse the Alicorn race. You all are the result of that.”

“Say what now?” AJ asked.

“Basically the curse made us all into what we are,” Twilight explained. “Unicorns, Earth Pony, Pegasi, all of them were the...” She looked at Discord. “The result of your revenge.”

“Give this princess a prize,” Discord said half heartedly. “Lunard did a number on me after that little stunt I pulled. Then Lunard got in a tizzy after some sorcerer killed his mate. Went crazy mad, thought everypony was touched with dark magic. But as an enemy of mine used to say, those that are most corrupted never see themselves as such.”

“No wonder he’s after Private,” Fluttershy said. “It’s still no excuse for wanting to kill everypony.”

“So, what happened after all that?” Rarity chose to ask.

“Well, Lunard thought it would be a glamorous idea to unleash Miasma on the world, thinking it would,” His head suddenly transformed into Lunard and spoke in a satirical tone. “Purify the world and save it!”

“So you’re saying that stuff that Luna had in her,” Pinkie remarked, “Is also in Lunard? Causing him to be a meanie pants?”

“Oh my dear Pinkie,” Discord said with a smile, “everypony has a dark side, you all know that more than anyone. Miasma just causes one to ignore the consequences”

“So that, obviously, it didn’t work,” Twilight deduced.

“Thanks to me,’ Discord said, leaning back. “My seal worked to put the miasma away forever so long as my power was active. Unfortunately, it happened to seal dear Voidera in as well as Lunard. Celestia was none too happy about it and,” His skin suddenly became stone and then back.

“And when we defeated you,” I said gravely.

“Yeah, you got her boyfriend out, but you also got Lunard out. He also had himself a Miasma bath. So, he’s not exactly in the mood to negotiate,” Discord answered.

“Ya think?” I grumbled. “I still have cuts from being thrown out of a stain glass window, thank you!”

“We need to find the palace of the Princesses,” Twilight said. “We got there the last few times, we can do it again.”
“And leave poor little ol’ me behind?” Discord asked, dramatically getting close and giving Twilight puppy dog eyes. Which would have worked if his eyes weren’t yellow with red irises.

Fluttershy told him, “You can come with us, we could use all the help we can get.”

“What!?” Twilight and I exclaimed.

“Well, it sort of makes sense to have him along,” Fluttershy explained. “He doesn’t like Lunard either.”

“Enemy of our enemy, who was our enemy, is now our friend?” Rarity asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m so confused,” Rainbow groaned with a facehoof.

“So, without further ado,” Discord summoned hiking gear on himself. “Let’s trek on into this forest of nasties!”

Pinkie bounced along after Discord. I gave Fluttershy a look, she returned it with a look of her own that said “I can be just as stubborn as everypony else here, don’t try”.

I sighed, this was going to be a long day.


Perspective: Raiden Bolt

It’s chaos, down there. The Earthies are doing their best, but the changelings can fly. And they outnumber them. The barricades are holding, for what they’re worth, simple things of earth and wood they may be, but with the sheer numbers, they’re sure to crumble despite the stakes on the outside claiming many of the drones. Catapults send showers of rocks into the air to pelt the changelings, bringing some more down to earth, but there are still more coming.

I flew over the chaos down below and dodged a drone trying to tackle me mid air. I aimed my suits flight stabilizer and blasted him with lighting. This sent him down towards the fighting below. Taste the Raiden Bolt, bastards!

Dude, comic book worthy catch phrase right there.

I ducked as another drone tried to snap at me. Okay, enough screwing around, time to get to business! I slammed my metal covered hoof into it’s jaw and sent the creature flying downwards.

I looked on and saw only more were coming. Swarm, where the hell was that backup?

“Sir,” Neko said in my earpiece. “The suit has not been tested fully for combat. I advise caution when using it’s powers. We don’t want another incident.”

“Don’t worry, I can keep track of watts,” I said, shooting a bolt of lightning, shocking a pair of changelings. “Raiun was always good at that apparently.”

I watched as more and more kept coming, one managed to latch onto me. It bared its fangs at my helmeted face as I tried to shake him off. He tried to find a vulnerable spot to bite into my suit. I struggled and kicked, trying to get this bug off me.

Suddenly the changeling was ripped off me, I saw Stormfront and his team were battling the Changelings in the sky. He then punched the changeling in the stomach and threw him down on a nearby roof.

Icestorm flew over to me. “If you hadn’t stopped showboating around you could’ve gotten killed.”

“Hey, do you guys have a high tech suit?” I asked rhetorically. That earned me a roll of the eyes. “I thought not.”

“Less chatting and more beating up!” Firestorm yelled, delivering a swift kick to a changeling’s face.

“There be more of ‘em than seagulls after a garbage scow!” Squall cried, dodging a pair of them.

This was going to overwhelm us quickly, we needed more...

I tapped my earpiece. “Neko, activate Suit Up protocal!”

“Sir, are you sure that’s wise, they haven’t even...”

“Just try it! They need as much help they can get!”

“Launching suits now.”

I watched in the distance as sets of armored suits flew towards us. I smiled. “A little present for everypony!”

The suits all flew towards a Storm Rider and followed them. One managed to get close enough to Storm Front that it opened up and began putting itself on him. The large pegasus adapted quickly and punched a changeling, his natural strength was enhanced by the suit and sent the bug flying into a group of unsuspecting changelings.

More suits landed on each Storm Rider and I was amazed at how they adapted so quickly. I’m guessing they are used to hectic situations like this.

The suits helped turn the tide in the battle of the skies, as each Storm Rider put the suits to good use. I saw Icestorm raise her hooves and fire a small blizzard at some, sending the Changeling sickles falling to earth.

Never underestimate the power of the suit, baby.

I flew over to join the fighting myself. I hope everything’s okay down below.


Perspective: Octavia

I fired my tommy gun at a bug that tried to corner Caramel during the fighting. While Raiden waged his war in the skies, the streets of Ponyville had turned into an all out brawl. The barricades and catapults only managed to stall the oncoming horde, not stop it.

Where did Vinyl run off to?


Oh there she is...

I ran into an alleyway and found several changelings on the ground nearby. Vinyl was standing over them proudly, her bass cannon by her side. “Well, how d’ya like that Octy? Pretty sweet huh?”

“Vinyl, only you would find this fun,” I sighed.

“Aww, don’t be like that,” she smiled. “I get to be badass too sometimes.”

I fired at a Changeling behind her, hitting the bug in the shoulder. “Eyes off my flank and on the enemy, sweetheart.”
“Octy watch out!” Vinyl cried, I turned just in time to see a Changeling bearing down on me. I barely had time to react when suddenly a shotgun blast was heard and the bug went flying, bleeding green blood from the terrible wound it sustained.
I looked at the shooter and saw Grimwing was standing there. The griffon smirked. “Well, if it isn’t the head of the Val Jean family.”

“A pleasure as always, Grimwing,” I smiled.

“Dude! That was so awesome!” Vinyl whooped, her eyes were probably glowing under those shades.

“Who’s the doll?” Grimwing asked.

“A very close friend,” I said. Don’t look at me like that, I’m still trying to figure out how I ended up with her.

“Would you two quit the romantic prattle, and get back to fighting the damn insects that are trying to kill the town, please?” Sour Grapes uttered, as she lifted yet another impossibly heavy stone, and sent it flying into the horde. “THANK you.”

I nodded and Grimwing and I leaped into the fray, I saw that griffons had joined the fight in the sky. They were small in number, but very effective at killing. I fired another round into a changeling and asked Grimwing, “Some annoying detective rope you into this?”

“Yep,” Grimwing grunted, clawing a changeling that was stupid enough to get close to him. “I owe that guy quite a few favors, you as well?”

“Let’s just say I owe that annoying detective quite a bit,” I said, tossing aside my empty tommy gun and pulling out my bow sword. I sliced the horn clean off a changeling and delivered a swift kick to his throat. “But let’s just say I’d benefit from a town grateful for my help.”

“Doll, this may be the start of a beautiful friendship,” He said, tossing a changeling towards Sour Grapes.

Grapes smirked, catching the changeling, and then slingshotting it back into the horde.

“Why, Octavia, I’m shocked at you, shocked! You’re throwing over Vinyl for a griffon? And ponies think I’m weird for dating an overlarge pegasus,” Grapes quipped.

“My friend, this relationship is strictly buisness,” I grinned, slicing another changeling.

“The way it should be,” Grimwing said, blasting a changeling in the face with his shotgun.


Perspective: Tailspin

It was dark and cramped, with as little light as we could get away with. We didn’t want to attract the attention of those things. Cheerilee was kind, gently soothing the scared fillies and colts to make sure they didn’t make too much noise. The basement of the school hasn’t been used much, except for storage of supplies, and outdated materials. Some of the boxes of books had been moved to the door, blocking it, but we knew that it was only a matter of time.

Dinky looked down. “What’re we gonna do?”

“Just wait it out ‘til somepony comes Ah guess,” Applebloom said, just as depressed.

“I never imagined the changelings were so mean,” Sweetie Belle went on. “Swarm wasn’t so bad, I guess these aren’t the same.”

“Don’t worry guys,” Scootaloo said, trying to sound brave. “Rainbow Dash and the others will find a way to clobber them! Just like last time.”

“I’m worried about Fluttershy,” Genny said sadly. Rumble went to hug her gently. I was surprised at how gentle he could be. But, then again today has been full of surprises.

I knew Private was with the others and he was going to be fine. But, I was worried about everypony else. Some of them had siblings that were active in the fighting. I had to do something.

“Guys,” I spoke up, getting everypony’s attention. “We just gotta have faith.”

“Faith?” Diamond Tiara yelled as quietly as she could without getting chastised by Cheerilee. “We’re being attacked by a bunch of roaches and you want us to have faith? I guess pegasi really do keep their heads in the clouds.”

“Hey shut up!” Scootaloo cried, coming to my defense.

“Scootaloo...” I gave her a look. “Please?”

She nodded slowly, not saying anything.

“Private and the others are going to find a way,” I said, trying to sound confident for them. “The story is only halfway over. There’s still a chance for a happy ending, right?”

Applebloom smiled. “AJ wouldn’t want us wallowin’ in self pity. This is just like at the Mansion, we got each other so we’ll be fine.”

“She’s right,” Pip smiled. “We’re not going to give up on those fighting evar!”

Dinky smiled at Pip’s courage and nuzzled him. “I’ll be right with you Pip.”

Pip blushed in turn, causing us all to laugh a little...but we stopped when we heard something from the stairs...

“Little fillies and colts...come out to play...”

That was a Changeling...


Perspective: Private Eye

The gloom only got worse the further one went into the forest. The canopy thickened, and it was practically night inside the deepest parts of the Everfree. Strange plants abounded, everypony recognizing Poison Joke by now, but there were some others that were just... strange. Even a plant that snapped closed on a flying insect.

“Are we any closer?” Rainbow asked impatiently.

“We haven’t gotten much closer the last twelve times you asked,” Twilight groaned.

“Well, so much for the in trek movie,” Discord said, levitating a television he summoned into existence. He then snapped his fingers and caused it to disappear. “I shall go back to being bored.”

“We could always play eye spy again,” Pinkie suggested.

Discord shook his head. “Doesn't have the same appeal when the options are tree, rock, more trees, giant dragon, and-”

“Wait, what did you say?” I asked, stopping.

“Tree” Discord said with a shrug.

“No that thing about the giant dragon,” I said, looking urgently at him.

“Oh, that thing that’s been flying behind us for the last couple of minutes,” Discord answered, pointing behind him.
All of us turned around and watched with horror as Shar’drel flew towards us. She must’ve gotten past the fighting somehow! I looked at Discord. “You failed to mention this until now?”

“Beautiful Purity was about to have her vampony baby. I wasn’t about to miss that breach of logic,” Discord smiled.

Everypony except Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie face hoofed at the same time.

Fluttershy out of politeness, and Pinkie couldn’t stop laughing.

“We still got a dragon to deal with!” Rainbow cried, pointing.

“Oh dear,” Fluttershy squeaked looking up at Shar’drel. “She doesn't look too happy.”

“Let me at her Private,” Rarity growled, glaring up at the dragon. “I want to rip the wings right out of her sockets!”

“There’s no time for this!” I yelled, shaking my head.

Discord became quiet for a moment, and snapped his fingers to summon a dagger. “I’ll make time.”

“Discord you can’t be serious!” Fluttershy cried.

“I’ve faced dragons before, I can at least stall her,” Discord said, looking back.

“But you can’t! You’ll get hurt!” Fluttershy argued, now tearing up.

Discord was quiet again, and then said, “I don’t want my only friend getting hurt either...”

With that, he flew off towards the dragon. AJ and I grabbed Fluttershy before she could go after him. “Let me go! I have to stop him!”

“Fluttershy, you can’t let what he did go to waste!” I yelled, grabbing one of Fluttershy’s legs to help out.

Fluttershy looked on the shrinking image of her friend and cried, “DISCORD!!!!!!!”