Equestria Noir Case 25 "Endgame"

by Jacoboby1

Chapter 6 "Fall of Tenacity"

Chapter 6

“The Fall of Tenacity”

Perspective: Private Eye

Twilight and I walked side by side as our group walked through the forest. There wasn’t anything awkward about us walking now that Twilight and I got our feelings out. Instead, I found myself accidentally-on-purposely bumping into her. She would smile and bump into me, we would laugh, look into each other’s eyes and just go on. It just felt great that despite all that’s happening, we managed to get how we felt for one another fixed.

“Uggh!” Rainbow groaned as she hovered behind us. “Watching you two is like watching all the sappiest parts of romance movies all at once!”

“Now Rainbow Dash,” Rarity interjected. “Those two deserve a little of that after getting back together.”

“Still, if we weren’t trying to stop Lunard, I’d suggest they just get a room already,” Rainbow huffed.

“Yer just wishin yer flashy rockstar coltfriend would be like that,” AJ smirked.

“Nu-uh!” Rainbow pouted, crossing her forelegs. “Raiden doesn't have to be all gushy and stuff.”

“Uh guys,” Twilight said, looking back. “We can hear you.”

“Oh don’t mind us,” Pinkie smiled. “We’re just doing what good friends do and talking about your romancing and kissy wissys behind your backs!”

“Sometimes it is rather fun to be the spectator, darling,” Rarity observed. “Especially when you two are quite happy.”

Twilight and I rolled our eyes and nuzzled each other just to tick Rainbow off. We then ventured deeper into the forest. There we found a river in our path. Rainbow tilted her head. “Hey, we’ve been here before haven’t we?”

“Alas, that wonderfully stylish serpent isn’t here to help us across, however,” Rarity added with a sigh. “Quite the gentleman, if I recall.”

“Oh, what a world to see you all again!” A rather, cheery sounding voice called. Before my eyes a large sea serpent came out of the river. He had violet scales and a blond pompadour on his head, followed by a very stylish mustache on his muzzle.

“Oh, Darling! You are here! How wonderful!”

“Who’s this guy?” I asked, looking at the others.

“Oh he was here last time we came through,” Twilight explained. “Back years ago when we all first met.”

“And I have not forgotten the generosity shown to me by miss Rarity, here,” the sea serpent said happily. Then he turned to me. “Who are you, if I may be so brash? I most certainly don’t remember you being here last time.”

“Private Eye, I’m an element too.” I said, nodding.

“What a world!” he cried, rather dramatically. “Now, do, please, allow me to aid in your crossing this river. I never forget my friends! Especially ones as fabulous as you all!”

With that, he moved his long body so that a bridge formed. The ones who couldn’t fly began crossing along it. Twilight and I were the last. I smiled and bowed. “After you, milady.”

She giggled a little and curtsied. “Always a pleasure dear sir.”

“Uggh!” Rainbow groaned. “This is going to be a long trip.”

The serpent gasped. “Oh! Do I detect romance in the air?”

“Yes, darling, you do,” Rarity said beaming. “Aren’t they just the cutest couple?”

Twilight and I blushed a little at the comment.

“Oh it’s so trueeeee!” the serpent gushed.

AJ just chuckled. “Ah always pegged them as gettin’ close, ever since they walked through mah front door.”

“So!” Pinkie suddenly got in my face. “When are you and Twilight gonna get busy?”

“PINKIE!!!” both Twilight and I shouted at the pink pony. The party animal just hopped along, giggling despite our embarrassment.

I looked over at Twilight as we walked. Everything just felt, right at this point in time. Suddenly I felt like I did when our relationship hit it’s stride. I was happy again, happier than I’d ever been.


Perspective: Cadence

The battle for Ponyville raged around me, as I clashed with Chrysalis, my rapier flashing in the weak sunlight as I fought the Changeling Queen. I had an old score to settle, and I wasn’t about to let her get her way twice!

She laughed as her dagger clashed with my blade. “Bah! You think you can defeat me? You could barely protect yourself the last time we faced each other!”

“This time it’s just you and me, you bitch!” I yelled at her. “Your army can’t save you now! They’re too busy! I’ll make you pay for every ounce of love you stole!”

“Still sore about your hubby abandoning you for me?” she mocked as she swung her dagger. She managed to cut off a bit of my mane, but she didn’t draw blood.

“You tricked him!” I cried, swinging my blade and drawing blood from her chest.

“Do you want to hear what he said to me?” she sneered. “All those wonderful things he said to me before the wedding? How much he loved and cherished you...?” She licked her lips. “It was...delicious.”

“Love isn’t food you monster!” I screamed, but she then managed to deliver a hard kick to my chest. The force sent me flying back. I can’t believe I got so careless. I fell for such an obvious trick. She knows exactly how to get under my skin.
Shining Armor, MY Shining Armor. How could this witch ever think of touching him! Let alone using him to milk love for herself! I...

Is it possible, for a Princess of Love to feel hate?

I crashed into the earth, my sword falling out of my magic. I groaned in pain, and looked up as the witch stood over me. “What did Shining Armor ever see in you anyway? You’re hardly a princess worthy of anypony’s time. Weak, pathetic, and so believing in the good in ponies. You’re nothing more than a pampered child.”

She punched me right in the face before I could get back on my hooves. I fell down to the ground. I wasn’t going to give into her. I couldn’t let her win. I glared at her, blood falling from my lip. “You’ll, never understand. Because you gave up the emotion of love. Now you’ll never understand...” I levitated my blade. “Why I fight now!” I plunged it into her side. She screeched in pain and I fired a bolt of magic into her chest. It sent her back several feet into a wall.

She glared at me as she recovered. “I see the princess shoes are off.”

Suddenly I was grabbed by a pair of Changelings. I struggled in their grip as Chrysalis came with her dagger and my sword in her magic.

I glared at her. “Even if you take me down, your army is finished! You know that!”

“A small price,” she said with an evil smirk. “My army is infinite! Your ponies are only seeing a small portion of it! My army will crush this pathetic excuse for a town! I will have ponies under my hoof once an-”

A white blur hit her in the side, causing her weapons to fall from her magic. I took this opportunity and zapped the changelings holding me with a stun spell. I looked over and saw Shining Armor was standing there, clad in his armor, with a sword in his magic and a shield on his left foreleg. His blue eyes held a fury I’ve rarely seen in the stallion. But, at this point I’m glad for it.

“You. Stay. The hell. away. From my. WIFE!!!” Shining roared, swinging his blade and cutting Chrysalis across the cheek. The Changeling queen screamed and I went to retrieve my Rapier. I looked at my husband, and he smiled at me. “I’m glad you’re okay, honey.”

I smiled in return. “Be careful captain, or you might get another foal after this.”

He blushed in that cute way he always does when I tease him.

“Later, lover, we’ve got a battle to win, in the meantime,” I said nodding to the Changelings.

Shining Armor crouched into a fighting stance. “Let’s make sure they don’t interrupt anypony’s ceremony again.”

“You two again!” Chrysalis bellowed, sounding frustrated.

“What can I say?” I smirked. “We make a great team.”

“I will do what I should have done ages ago!” the witch cried as her changelings leaped towards us.

He and I looked at each other, smiled, and then dived into the fray.


Perspective: Discord

I looked on Shar’drel as she laid on the grass. She’d wasted all of her energy fighting a god of chaos. Not to mention all the fighting it must’ve taken her to reach me. Poor thing...

I landed down beside her, looked down at the tired and bloody creature. “Lunard got to you too, huh?”
She growled weakly, some of her scales seemed to be flaking off, as if the skin under them had dried out. Large painful gashes, and large scorch marks covered a lot of her body, and... Oh, the poor dear, it looks like I had broken her tail with that anvil. Oh well. Can’t beat the classics, can you, old drake?

Her eyes looked to me, I could see a glimpse of what she once was. I spoke gently to her. “I know it hurts, too many have suffered from Lunard’s mind dive. First he breaks into your mind like a wrecking ball through a balsa wood wall, then he starts picking up the pieces and messing around with them. Once all that is dealt with, you’re left with little more than a shell of what you once were.”

She let out a weak plea, I know what she wants.

“No I won’t leave you like this, if I do you’d suffer for a hundred years before you died. I know how long dragon lifespans can last, even you bleeding out here would be a disservice. Pride, I’m sick of it, Lunard can’t get enough of it, and you were destroyed for the same reason. I don’t know how you ended up with Lunard, nor do I care.”

She looked at me, as I summoned a long dagger. Her eyes showed she was pleading with me.

“This, is a dagger made from the fang of the Leviathan. The most powerful dragon predator in existence. I had the misfortune of having to face one in battle. But, I’m guessing the spoils will help you pass.”

She let out a pitiful cry as I walked forward. I then saw her eyes close...she was ready.

“Goodbye Shar’drel...rest now...”

I plunged the dagger into her heart. This way I knew it would be quick, and relatively painless. The dragoness sighed, and her body stilled, and seemed to... deflate. Scales flaked off, bones crumbled, and generally disintegrated.Her spirit had left her body ages ago, Lunard was misusing her shell of a body.

She was free now, that was the kindest gift I could give her.

“How sentimental...” I heard a voice say, right before I was blasted by magic from behind.
Perspective: Private Eye

Across the ravine, there it stood in all its ruined glory. It was once called “The Castle of the Two Sisters”, and was where two climatic confrontations had taken place, a thousand years apart. The towers were crumbling, and the Everfree had claimed parts of it, but it was still fairly magnificent to behold, even in ruins. I could still see some of the battle scars it held from the battle with Nightmare Moon. Both of them. The gray stone still held some of the ancient carvings, though timeworn, and more abstract than they once were. I wonder if this is how Twilight felt, when she first saw this place? I just can’t get used to it, honestly.

“So we’re here,” AJ declared. “What now?”

“We’re supposed to find something here, right?” Fluttershy asked.

“Celestia wasn’t exactly specific,” Twilight said, putting a hoof on her chin.

“Hey Applejack,” Pinkie said. “Don’t you think it’s weird we keep coming back here. Not to mention, that this place was here before your granny showed up?”

“This place is just too weird,” Rainbow commented.

“Well, we aren’t going to get anywhere gawking at it.,” I said. “Let’s go check it out, maybe we’ll find a weapon of some sort.”

We all entered the castle and came to the central chamber...then...

I felt a weight on my neck.

I looked around at the others and the Elements of Harmony were on them. They all glowed, including mine.

“Whoa!” Rainbow gasped, looking at her shining Element of Loyalty.

“I feel strange, darlings” Rarity commented. “Like, we were meant to come here.”

Twilight looked up at her tiara and light flowed from the five elements into it. It then fired my element, and I felt suddenly...clearer. Like wool was removed from my eyes for a brief moment. Then a beam fired from my element, curved in the air, and fired down behind me. I turned and saw a staircase leading down.

“Sweet! A secret passage!” Rainbow smiled. “This is just like Daring Do and the Gryphon’s Goblet!” She was about to let out a fangirl squeal, before seeing our smirking faces and reverting back to regular Dash. “I mean, it’s kind of cool I guess.”

“Let’s have a look,” Twilight said, taking the lead and descending the stairs. We all followed soon after and walked lower and lower. We went down for what felt like an hour before...


Downstairs was a room filled with carvings, all intricately detailed and covering the walls.

“Oh my gosh!” Twilight gasped, her eyes wide with excitement. “Nopony’s ever found this before! We’ve just made a huge archeological discovery!”

“Whaddya think they mean?” Applejack asked.

Twilight walked up to one. “Guys, take a look at this.”

We walked over and saw the picture, seemingly at the beginning of the tale as it was the carving farthest to the left, depicted an Alicorn. She was standing over a planet, her head was turned away, as if in sadness. The carving went on to show the same Alicorn standing before...it couldn’t be...

“That’s Celestia!” Twilight cried in shock, pointing at the carving of the princess. “Look how detailed it is! This can’t be a coincidence!”

“But who’s with her?” I said, looking closer, and recognizing the figure next to the princess. “It’s Voidera!”

“Hey guys, look at this,” Rainbow said, looking further down. “Doesn't look like this story has a happy ending.”

We looked on and the carving depicted a group of alicorns standing over a group of smaller ponies. One of them raised a hoof, and I saw behind the ponies were more Alicorns, with blades in their magic.

“Some kind of slaughter?” Rarity guessed grimly.

“Whatever it is,” Pinkie frowned, “Those Alicorns don’t look happy at all.”

“Well, I think there’s a reason,” Fluttershy said, pointing at another point in the carving. It showed a meteor shower coming down on the Alicorns. The following carvings depicted the terrible destruction that followed. Floods, earthquakes, fire from the skies...but in the center.

There was Celestia and Luna, their carvings showed that much. They were in a circle standing protectively over the ponies from before. Seven in total, three unicorns, two pegasi, and two earth ponies. I then noticed the circle around them was lined with jewels, the same jewels on each of our elements.

“Well, at least we know how Equestria was made,” Pinkie said, trying to lighten the mood and failing miserably.

“So much destruction,” Rarity said, shaking her head. “I cannot imagine what it must’ve been like to live through that.”

“Hey, there’s more to the story,” Applejack called, pointing.

The next carving depicted six of the seven ponies laughing and playing with one another. The seventh was off to the side, looking on them.

“Wait,” Twilight reached into her saddlebags. “I think I’ve seen this before.”

She pulled out a painting made from an older kind of paper. I looked on and noticed that the ponies on them resembled the ponies on the carving...and us.

“This is too weird, sugarcube.” AJ said, shaking her head.

“Of all the ponies, mine gets shipped with Applejack’s?” Pinkie said, tilting her head.

“Can we focus please!” Twilight called. “I have a theory, I think these are our ancestors. Adamus and Evona,” she pointed at the Pinkie and Applejack lookalikes, “Are Pinkie and Applejack’s ancestors.”

“Then the pegasi have to be mine and Fluttershy’s. I heard they were called Askus and Emblem,” Rainbow guessed.

“Oh my goodness, what a lovely couple they make,” Fluttershy smiled, looking at the painting.

“Don’t make this weirder than it already is, Flutters,” Rainbow replied.

“Then by process of elimination,” Rarity said, looking at Twilight, “We are descended from the white and lavender unicorns here.”

“I would believe so,” Twilight nodded. “They are called Izanagi and Izanami from what I read.”

“Then wait,” Pinkie said. “What about Private?”

They all looked at me, and I looked down at the last unicorn. “Wait... I know him... Prometheus.”

“I’ve never heard of a Prometheus in any book.” Twilight said, looking at the grey unicorn. “He looks, so... sad.”

“I think I’ve seen him once,” I explained. “I think, he’s my ancestor, that’s why Tenacity was able to call him.”

“When did you see him?” Twilight asked.

This, was a little bit harder to explain. I couldn’t rightly say it was from an alternate timeline where Twilight became evil queen number forty seven. So I simply said, “It happened during one of the chantings.”

“He does looks really sad,” Fluttershy commented. “He was probably lonely, not having a mate to call his own. Maybe that’s why Angel’s so grumpy all the time, I should try to remedy that when we get back.”

“Somehow, I don’t think any female bunny would want to put up with Angel,” Rainbow said, rolling her eyes.

“That aside,” Rarity said. “How can Private be descended from this, Prometheus, if he was unwed?”

“Maybe he married one of our ancestor’s kids,” Pinkie suggested.

“Wait a minute, grey unicorn...” I put a hoof to my chin. “Siblings, two alicorn parents, I remember this!” I looked back at them. “I read a story to Skyla about this! The First Crystal Pony, that’s what happened to him!”

“I think you’re right!” Twilight said, pointing at the carving.

We looked and sure enough, there was a carving of Prometheus walking away from his family. It then showed him showing up at the Crystal Valley. Then it showed his slow process of creating the first Crystal Pony, because he felt lonely and needed a friend. I saw the Crystal Pony nuzzle Prometheus, and he nuzzled her in turn.

“Did he just...” Rarity shook her head. “Create a marefriend?”

“At least it’s better than some of the other stuff stallions do when they are lonely,” AJ quipped, tilting her head.

“So, that’s how Private is descended from him!” Rainbow deduced. “But wait, does this mean in some weird way Private’s related to every pony in the empire?”

“I think so,” I said, looking at Prometheus as he stood in on a balcony with his love. “I think, my ancestor created the Crystal Empire!”

Rarity smiled, “Well then, I guess Private can say that to any nobles that try and deny Private and Twilight’s marriage.”

“RARITY!” Twilight and I yelled, causing the other mares to giggle.

“Uhm... There seems to be more to the story,” Fluttershy whispered, pointing to more carvings.

I looked on, the carvings depicted Prometheus with his siblings. There was a large castle in the background. The next few carvings showed the ponies in prosperous nations. Farms were made, pegasi dotted the clouds, and Unicorns built magnificent buildings.

Prometheus, however, turned away from these. It showed him with his head bowed, his mate with a hoof on him. It then showed Prometheus pushing her away. Then...there was a detail added...Prometheus’ eyes had emeralds on them.

“Just like,” AJ said warily.

“Yeah, just like that Sombra meanie pants,” Pinkie commented.

“It, can’t be.” Twilight said, turning to me. “You...and Sombra...”

I looked down, I never thought it would come out at a time like this. I decided to let it come out. “Sometimes, when my emotions get the best of me, I feel, something strange. I felt it build in me ever since that case with Discord. I felt, powerful, like I could make things how I wanted. I think, it’s dark magic that’s inside me.”

They all stared at me for a long time. Nopony said anything. Finally, it was Fluttershy that asked, “But, you don’t use it all the time right?”

I shook my head. “It, I don’t really have any control for when it happens. I just, kind of lose it.”

“It would explain your rather aggressive behavior sometimes.” Rarity said. “Like when you turned us away back at the garden.”

Twilight walked to me. “You’ve been hiding that part of you for that long. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because, I didn’t know what it was myself until recently,” I admitted. “I wanted more information before I go announcing it to the world. It’s not really something I can control as I explained earlier.”

Twilight simply looked into my silver eyes. She lifted a hoof to my cheek and said. “Whatever it is, we’ll find a way to help you keep it in check. I promise you that.”

“Twi,” I smiled at her.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Rainbow cried from behind us. “The carving’s cut off!”

We walked over and saw that indeed the next part of the carving looked only half finished. The last few images depicted Prometheus leading an army towards the castle. It then showed Prometheus with a unicorn, his eyes emeralds. Then it cuts itself off.

“That’s Izanami,” Twilight noticed, pointing to the unicorn Prometheus was with. “What is he doing with her?”

“If I could hazard a guess.” Rarity said, looking at him. “I would think she was trying to dissuade him from attacking.”

“Well, it sucks that we don’t know the ending!” Rainbow huffed.

“Wait, there’s stuff after the unfinished stuff.” Pinkie pointed towards the carvings after the blank area.

I looked on, and saw that the carving depicted...us.

A carving of Twilight, along with all five other elements were surrounding her. They showcased Twilight’s defeat of Nightmare Moon.

“Yer tellin me this crazy thing predicted us fightin Nightmare?” AJ asked, looking on the carving.

“Not only that,” Fluttershy pointed towards another carving. “I think it shows Private coming in too.”

Sure enough, there was a carving of a unicorn wearing my element, he was with the other elements. It showed him nuzzling Twilight’s carving, and showed her with wings.

“So, it seems we are made for one another,” Twilight said, nuzzling me. I returned it gently.

“I’m really starting to freak out now guys,” Rainbow said, looking on. “Just how far does this thing go?”

The rest of the carvings that followed made almost no sense. One showed another unicorn holding the element of magic. One showed some kind of dragon leading others to ponies. Another still showed a pair of unicorns clashing with one another.

We looked on the largest carving, the one that seemed to stand out the most. It was a familiar enough picture. It showed alicorns chasing each other across a planet. But instead of the two that you normally see, Celestia and Luna. The carving depicted four, Celestia, Luna, an alicorn traveling between Celestia and Luna one way, in a position where there would be...

“Twilight, it’s you!” Rainbow said in realization.

“That’s me,” Twilight said, looking at the carving. “They predicted I would become an Alicorn.”

“Well, if anypony could become one it’s you, silly filly,” Pinkie smiled.

“But, who’s the last one, is that Cadence?” AJ asked, pointing to the last one.

I looked at it, the alicorn depicted was no different from the others shape wise. But, her mane appeared to be a reddish if the carving’s old painting is any indication.

“Could it be, that there is one more Alicorn we don’t know about?” Rarity asked, putting a hoof on her mouth in shock.

“Whoever she is we should try and find her,” Twilight said. “Maybe she’s here, and that’s who Celestia sent us to find.”

“Then why not just say,” Rainbow started to imitate Celestia. “Find the Alicorn that may be hiding here.” She went back to her normal voice. “Why give us the cryptic prophecy, this is interesting and all, but how is this going to help us now?”

“It won’t,” a voice said from behind us.

He looked tired, and battle worn. His armor was dented, and not as shiny as it had been, and his once-smooth blue fur was now darkened with soot, and scorch marks. His blade, Moonsunder I think it was called, looked chipped in some areas but still in good condition. Memories of seeing him wield it did not escape my mind.

“How in the horseradish hay did you find us?!” AJ yelled, looking dumbfounded.

“Simple,” Lunard said, his voice not showing emotion. “I followed the trail, with Chrysalis distracted the towns folk you led me right to a remote area. In your attempt to get away, you isolated yourselves from any protection.”

“Listen here you brute!” Rarity cried. “I don’t care if you are an alicorn, we will not stand by and let you harm Private or anypony!”

“That’s right!” Rainbow joined Rarity. “We got the Elements of Harmony right here! We’ll take you down before you can even blink!”

“Yeah!” Pinkie yelled. “After all the meanie pants stuff you pulled, you’re gonna get it!”

“Nopony tries to hurt our friends!” Fluttershy cried. “Nopony!”

Lunard... smiled.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Show me this great power of yours.”

“You want it?” Twilight asked, her tiara glowing. “Come and get it!”

Suddenly all six elements of harmony began glowing brightly. Twilight was lifted into the air along with the others. I wasn’t about to let them fight this alone!

The chanting has come...

I saw Tenacity glow brightly as I too was lifted into the air. Cords of light came from the element and reached to connect to the others. I lifted my hooves up to Twilight, and started to move the pow-


Suddenly I felt a great pain inside me, it was like every voice that was chanting before was now screaming. I yelled in absolute pain as the lines of light turned blue....

The others began yelling in pain, I looked on, Lunard was smiling, his horn aglow with magic. How...was this...possible...?

Fluttershy was the first to fall, hitting the floor like a rag doll. Rarity and Pinkie soon followed, not moving when they hit the floor. I saw in horror as Applejack and Rainbow hit the ground next, they didn’t even twitch.

Lastly...Twilight fell and hit the ground hard. I fell to the ground myself, I stood on my hooves and looked over at the others. They were lying on the ground, unconscious and not moving.

The had passed but my anger only grew. I glared at Lunard. “What did you do?!”

“I used your element’s power,” Lunard said, as if I was a student and he was a teacher. “Your element can empower the others, but it can also drain them to the point of near death. Sadly, you cannot be drained of Tenacity’s power, so that is why you are awake.”

“How the hell did you do this?” I asked, dumbfounded. “How is this even possible?”

“Simple,” Lunard said, his blue eyes looking at me. “I made your Element.”

“What?!” I cried, in absolute shock. “You, made Tenacity?”

“Fifteen hundred years ago, a star fell from the sky. Inside of it were six jewels of immense power. The power was divided among the gems to make sure that only those that work together can use them. However, there was one part of the star that wasn’t made into an element. It was the diamond layer that protected the precious gems inside. To make sure none could use the power of the elements against me, I used that layer to create the Element of Tenacity. Sadly, I never got to use it before it was stolen from me by Voidera.”

I was just, dumbfounded. My element could do this? It could cause such suffering and pain. I can’t imagine what the others must have felt...

Then, Lunard’s horn glowed, and both of us vanished...
I woke up and felt the wind all around me. I stood and saw I was atop a tower overlooking the Everfree forest. I looked down it and saw I was atop the ruins. Lunard teleported me here!

I looked behind me, and saw the alicorn looking at me. “Now, none can interrupt us.”

“Why do you want me, Lunard?!” I cried. “What did I ever do to you?”

“The dark magic within you is a taint that must be removed,” he said, almost mindlessly.

“You had the gall to hurt my friends because of that?!” I yelled.

“Friends? Is that what you called them? Or mere shields to throw in front of yourself when faced with a real opponent.”

“Shut up!” I yelled. “They are my friends! Twilight above any of them is very important to me!”

He slowly laughed, “Your love for her is obvious! No wonder you are such a fool!”

“I’ve had enough of you!!!” I screamed, pulling out Blackbird and shooting at the Alicorn. The bullets ricocheted off his armor. I managed to hit one of his wings however, I’m guessing he hasn’t encountered firearms quite yet.

He grunted at the pain. “Filthy mongrel!” He swung his massive sword at me.

I managed to roll out of the way in time. I reloaded Blackbird and fired at his wings again, that ought to keep him from flying away. He yelled in pain but managed to swing his sword around. The blade hit Blackbird and sent her flying over the edge. I reached into my Trench coat and pulled out White Tiger, the silenced pistol was now filled with very lethal bullets.

I aimed and shot at a weak point in the armor, a hole above his shoulder. He roared in pain, and then....that’s when it happened.

His horn glowed and the bullets literally came out of his flesh. Why is it that guns never work?! Just once I’d like an all powerful being to be beaten by a shot to the head! Just once!

I saw as his wounds slowly healed, this guy had healing magic? No fair!

“Primitive weaponry,” He commented, levitating up one of the bullets. “In my time we had weaponry that fired pure magical bolts using crystals. I see without a race of all magical beings you could not create such.”

“Then let’s settle this the old fashioned way!” I yelled, pulling out Silver Wolf from it’s sheath.

“You plan to settle it this way?” he asked. “Very well, if you wish to die on your hooves, then I will honor that.”

“I’m not planning on dying!” I yelled, holding the blade in my magic. “Because I have something to live for!” I charged at him, swinging Silver Wolf at him.

He blocked the blade with his own. “Hmm, one of Voidera’s blades. Strong and capable, but hardly a match for Moonsunder!” He then swung his blade and hit Silver Wolf hard.

I swinged the blade hard, hitting Moonsunder. Our blades danced and clashed with one another. Our battle was a chorus of steel and it sang throughout the battle. I felt the fatigue as the battle drew on.

We stood apart from one another, both of us breathing heavily. Lunard spoke, “You have some skill with the blade, few have ever managed to hold on this long.”

“I’m not exactly looking for compliments,” I glowered.

“Do you think you can defeat me? I’m hardly using any magical energy at all. You however, are a hybrid and therefore can barely hold your sword after this.”

“Then....” I reached into my pockets, and set Silver Wolf aside. I pulled out what I knew Luna slipped into my pockets. “I’m going to need some help, some very old friends.”

“So, you discovered that power of Tenacity.” Lunard said, holding Moonsunder in a fighting stance. “Let us see what you do with it...”

“It’s time...” I glared at him. “You faced the beast!” I slipped the medallion around my neck. “HENSHIN!!!”

I transformed into a larger and more muscular unicorn, with a dark gray coat. Suddenly I could see much better in the growing darkness of the falling night, as my eyes became slitted. My magic wielded a pair gladiuses, their hilts purple. My armor was violet and the medallion took the form of an open eye on my chest. I felt fangs form in my mouth to match my rather scary appearance.

Lunard actually looked impressed, “Luna, so you have perfected it.”

“Forget there’s a fight going on?” I growled, lifting both blades and charging at him. I began swinging them both with vigor. Lunard barely had time to react to my attacks as I unleashed a relentless assault on him. I managed to actually leave several deep marks on Moonsunder.

Lunard’s horn glowed and he fired a bolt of magic at me, sending me flying. I worked with the momentum, flipped and landed on my hooves. I looked down at myself, saw a cord of light going to my side. I saw Eclipse standing there, he smiled and his horn glowed. I looked at my blades, and saw that they were coated with some kind of fire and ice magic. This gave me an idea!

I dashed towards Lunard and began swinging at him with the fire sword. He blocked it but I kept swinging at him. He laughed. “So, you think to heat my blade? I’m not touching it! I will not be affected no matter how hot it gets!”

I looked at the blade, and saw it was hot enough. I then began swinging at it with the ice blade. The blade started cooling rapidly...chem 101...

Lunard leaped back and looked at his frozen blade. “What?”

“Let’s give you a little science lesson!” I said, smirking “What happens when metal is heated quickly, and then cooled quickly?”

“Clever...” Lunard said.

I saw another cord of light, and saw Littlepip standing on my other side. Her horn glowed and various guns began appearing around me. I aimed them all at the sword and the guns all fired.

Lunard was able to put up with the first few assaults, blocking it with a shield spell. But over time his spell wore out and one weapon shot a type slug and hit the blade. The other weapons fired upon the now brittle metal and eventually started cracking it. I then leaped myself and delivered a swift kick to Moonsunder, the blade broke in two.

I leaped back, breathing heavily as Lunard looked on his broken blade. “Ha, so much for Moonsunder huh?

Lunard...smiled again. “You are clever, I will give you that mongrel. But once again, you are outmatched...” His horn glowed, and so did the blade. The blade sparked blue and reforged itself....

Alchemy, this guy knew it too?

“You are capable, but you have barely mastered a tenth of your element’s power.” Lunard said.

“Doesn't matter!” I shouted. “I’ll still defeat you!”

“Do not think yourself so powerful, you could fight me for a century and still not come close.” Lunard replied, “You cannot defeat me. You will fall...”

“I won’t let you win!” I yelled.

“The darkness within you will only destroy her.” Lunard said.


“Your dark magic, I can practically smell it on you, that magic will only bring great suffering. Years ago your ancestor used that dark magic to bring about the end of the Old Kingdoms in this era. He destroyed countless cities and ended many lives...”

Prometheus, did that?

“But, his greatest sin was not that. You, are the result of that sin. When she tried to dissuade him Prometheus gave into his darkest desire and laid claim to Izanami in her own room....your ancestor comes from that sinful line...”

No...Twilight’s line...and mine...he did...

“Do you wonder why you desire her so? It is because your ancestors have always chased Izanami’s line in one form or another. But the truth is, such a sin can never be forgiven! I stand as the seeker of justice! I will bring about the end of you line. And once your line is ended...I will make Twilight...into a proper princess...”

“No...” I growled.

“The true power...is within me...” I saw a mist begin to come from him..Miasma...”It will grant her immeasurable power. It will cast away any lingering emotions and bring about a true Equestria. One without mongrels and hybrids and disgusting remnants! A world where true order will be maintained! No dark magic! No sin! No corruption! All will be perfect!”

“I won’t let you Lunard!” I cried. “That corruption is the Miasma! I’ve felt it’s affects myself! You can’t let it win!”

“If you will not turn...then perhaps...she...will...”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” I began swinging both of my blades at him. I didn’t care about any style or finesse! This guy threatened Twilight! He threatened to create that horrible future! He won’t do this! I refuse! I kept wailing on him, not letting up for a minute as pure instinct took over. HE DIES NOW!


I felt....it enter me....the sword....

“You and Voidera are much alike,” Lunard said. “You both are strong in your own rights. But in the end, you are both....disasters waiting to happen...so caught up in your instinct, that I am forced to stop you...here...and now.”

I felt the blood leave my body...I...felt....cold....

I dropped the blades...felt the...magic...leave...body...becoming...n...normal...


I felt the sword come...out....I felt...my life....sl...slipping...away....I hit...the ground....