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Prince Blueblood is a strange egomaniac, forever trying to make himself appear bigger and better than he truly is. From buying the affection of mares with fancy dinners and jewels to using his status to bring other nobles to flock around him. But following a humiliating encounter in Canterlot with a vacationing constable he has restricted himself to the palace, and been his best, which is the worst.

Then while he's in the kitchen pinching food he thinks he has found an impudent servant. There follows a curious collection of experiences.

Dedicated to BronyStories. The terrible Prince he created moved me to make this one. Also to GingerNutGin, who made another Blueblood that wasn't terrible but was quite amusing.

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Decent. The story kept me entertained enough to keep reading, though I noticed you made quite a bit of spelling errors towards the end. It's best to reread your story after you write (I've made the mistake of not doing so plenty of times as well).
But like I said, it seems to be building nicely and I await the next chapter :twilightsmile:


Thank you for the notice. Sorry about that. I re-read the beginning but whatever gets written on the last day usually gets glossed. I'll get to it.

Glad you enjoy it. It's going to get... interesting. Don't worry. I try to maintain the amusement factor.

Excellent as always, but do you not think you have too many stories on your plate as is?

Heh. I hope that, together, they can make Lime Sherbet's life a little more... interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing the smile wiped from her face.

For that job he also had women. Very awkward phrasing when added with the other two paragraphs but I can't find the best place for a semicolon.

Blueblook. Really?

Interesting start, I'm not sure where you are taking us though; adventure tag is befuddling me.

Wonderful as always, Gabriel. :eeyup:


Sorry about the late reply. The site redesign killed by ability to make mobile comments.

Fixed it. And I think I clicked the wrong tag. I am very, very rushed on my access days.

Pony is a rich man's game. It's for the bourgeoise with fancy fast computers and hyper-speed broadband connections. A prole like me can barely make it.

Blueblood is a weirdo. Connie should complain.


Even now you can't post comments? I know for a bit after the redesign it was busted, but now it works fine.


The site runs so slowly on my phone it's barely worth the effort to check to see if I can. Maybe I can post mobile comments, maybe I can't. I'll find out in a few days I guess.

Also, there are only four tags: Romance, Comedy, Random, Slice of Life. I don't know why yours says Adventure. It shouldn't.


She has... her own ways. Being a donkey gives her a slightly different perspective on things.


But Blueblood comes off as such a slimy good for nothing, it's creepy.


It doesn't now, but when you posted it, all it had was adventure.

Also, was the last time you checked right before Christmas to now? Knighty's dickish snow was killing my phone, but as soon as I turned it off it was fine.

Oh, process for that to. too. Side note, Rose is awesome like all the other Dogs so far.

It had been far too long without your vegetable innuendos.

Man, Blueblood is really creepy. I think I know where you are going, he's so emotionally immature, he is essentially a child on the playground, tossing dirt at a girl.


It's the way they do the buttons now. How they don't appear until you mouseover them. But you can't mouseover on a phone so I'm screwed. AND this site is slow ashell on a 3G connection. Even on wifi it gobbles my phone's clockcycles like popcorn.


To get the quote, edit, etc buttons, you just have to poke at the comment once or twice and they'll appear. I'm with you on the slowness, but it's been like that since the first huge revamp last year for me so I'm used to it.


Hey, no giving away the plot! :flutterrage:

I kid, the next chapter was going to show that. :twilightsmile:

But yea. I wanted folks to be misdirected by the usual image of Blueblood as some kind of power-abusing sex pervert so they would never realize that he's essentially a five-year-old boy putting a slug in a girl's hair. Also, the things he does and uses are very specific, and significant, beyond any bunny imagery.


I blame the tags, how can you not draw that conclusion with a romance tag?


I know. It gives the game away. But I follow the ules, and all tags must eb accurate.

Oh dear. I almost feel bad for Blueblood.. almost. So how much longer to the wooing?

growing sorry. sorrow

Poor bastard, he really sucks this, doesn't he? You have now created the second time I've been sympathetic to Blueblood. (The other being The Best Night Ever.)

I have three people I feel bad for if things continue like I think they will:

1) Blueblood, who'll get punished the one time he probably shouldn't be and made himself vulnerable in an attempt to reach out,

2) Connie, who asked over and over not to have anyone get in trouble on her behalf and against her will, and

3) Luna, once she finds out that Lime Sherbet came to her based on a misunderstanding.

If you're real quiet and listen carefully you can almost hear Chopin's Funeral March being played for poor Blueblood.


Honestly, I wouldn't feel bad about Luna. If I were Luna, the next one to get a few hundred decibels of voice would be Lime because she was the one who jumped the gun here. It wouldn't, however, be hurled insults, rather a stern (and loud) chastisement for not getting the full story before hurling accusations. I would expect even Luna who sees Lime as a friend would still take it upon herself to tell her friend when she's being stupid.

Granted, the loud words would be followed by soft words explaining why Lime was getting shouted at.

2050638 Perhaps, but if you didn't know the whole story then who would you believe: your most faithful servant and one of your closest mortal friends, or the holier-than-thou nephew who constantly makes an ass of himself?


The assumption I'm making is that Luna already will have hurled her high-volume insults at Blueblood. If she later learns the full story, Luna will be angry, and it will be Lime she will be angry at.


Next chapter... perhaps. He's still a stammering dolt. So he might try and just muck it all up. I'll see how it goes.


Just wait until you see. As it turns out you're both a little right and wrong.


Connie and Blueblood deserve that kind of feeling. Imagine if this was a romantic comedy. Blueblood would be some weird combination of Zach Gallifiniakis/Seth Rogen and someone cultured, like Jeremy Irons or similar.

YES! Woo commence the romance! Can the social barriers be breached? I don't know!


Oddly enough... the social barriers don't matter to either of them. Blueblood has a simple social starification: Me, then everyone else. If he can admit that anyone makes him weak, they are automatically in his sphere. As for Connie she's so pissed off that there's no such thing as social strata, she just wants answers.

...Honestly, Lime was starting to get a little arrogant. She needed to be yelled at. Yes, she hobknobs with royalty but her attitude was a bit...much. Luna's also a bit incorrect in her assessment; it's not really Blueblood that specifically might pull some dark things of that nature, it's people at that level of nobility who do so. I remember what you implied with Marquise Morning Star in "The Unsuitable".

That's a...really odd setup for a confession. I wonder though, if she will slam the door in his face and move like a bat out of hell in an absolute emotionally confused panic. Sleepless nights then ensue for the both of them until they *awkwardly* begin to talk to each other and reconcile. With more awkwardness.

...You know, a meeting between your Luna and the Dragonborn from Skyrim would be....interesting, especially if Luna learned beforehand exactly what sort of power the Dragonborn had. Her use of the Royal Canterlot Voice would likely be...extremely restrained. Or perhaps she might challenge him, in which case his answer would leave her rather blankly amazed and wondering if he were really a mortal being when he caused the palace to shake with a few simple words.

Loved it, thanks for another great chapter.

He couldn't Missed a period. There might have been more, I'm really tired.

Ah, finally thing are coming to light. Now we must await the response: running away or mental blue screen of death. The poor dears really need a good talk right now.

I appreciate the reproach Lime got there, she needed to be reminded to actually look into the matter and get the alleged victim's side before going to Luna.


Yes, it's true. And yet... even though it was wrong, Luna was moderated for a reason. Blueblood has that kind of ambiguous reputation, and it's better to be safe than sorry.


Thank you! I hope you cintinue to enjoy it.


Starting at the end, I think the Royal Canterlot Voice at full volume might be the equivalent of a three word Unrelenting Force. Though she would be impressed with the many varieties of shout, like Fire Breath or Ice Form and such other things.

Lime isn't arrogant. She is acting at the level of her allowances. I offer you one piece of proof: "The Equestrian Resident." Lime snarked off to Bad Apple his own self, in Princess Luna's bed. Luna is from a time when folks were assigned responsibilities and had broad latitudes. While it's true Blueblood has no history of bad behavior, the rumors are enough to make it more of a "better safe than sorry" situation. Now that they know the truth of course they will be shippers on deck.

:ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritywink::twilightsmile: This makes me happy.saga

Hoory, the wooing is successful. Now lets see if Blueblood screws it up.


Normally I would say that he can always find some way to do that. But really, I think he might be getting the hang of it.


My stories are specifically designed to make folks happy, by and large. I believe in happiness.

Adorable to the tenth degree

Blueblood pointing out he'd be a crap date, comedy gold.

It's nice to see Prince Blueblood in a positive view point, I never saw the reason why so many writers turned the one shot character into either a complete douche bag or blood thirsty villain that eats babies and burns down orphanages. When you look at the character as presented in canon: he went out with a gold digger and treated her like crap because Rarity assumed that because she was "there" that Blueblood would whisk off into a fairy tale "Disney" marriage. :rainbowhuh: He spit out Applejack's snack food, because maybe he hates apples and prefers pears.

The OC's in the this fic are also very well written.


THANK YOU for saying that. :twilightsmile: I feel the same way. It's the reason I wrote this in the first place. You're right about the Gold Digger part too. And I explain the snack food bit as him just having zero tact and only liking the things which he already likes, not wanting to try new things.

Hooray! Now let's see how Blueblood screws up and/or succeeds in this grand endeavor. To the theatre!

Yay, a new update. Blueblood has to learn the basics of dating which are simple enough: be courteous (this is the only one you can't screw up as long as you don't invade personal space), give compliments (not too many so it becomes creepy or annoying), tip well, try to keep the conversation rolling and under no circumstances bring up disturbing memories or jokes, don't talk to much about yourself (don't be too quiet or the your date will be wondering what's wrong) and never interrupt your date (unless there's a fire or something of that nature)....:twilightoops: actually I take it back good dating is like trying to fly an airplane after the pilots have been killed and you only have the control tower(nerves/gut instinct) to help you and they are using a broken radio so communication comes it all statically.

Great chapter and I like the focus on Connie for majority of it. It's a shame I can't understand a word Luna says (like in high school and you have to read Shakespeare, only this time you don't have the words on the opposite side of the page), so she ends up acting like Chewbacca, every character can understand her, but the audience can't figure out a damn thing that was spoken.

I am gonna assume that in the up coming chapter some pissant noble(s) is/are going to give them a hard time and the Prince has to man up and act like his title. Of course I still hope that Blueblood's cousin Princess Cadence comes in to help him.


Oddly enough... Blueblood has no idea how to be a good date and COnnie has never had one. This might actually work out well in some odd fashion. I'm glad the "Connie" focus was appreciated. At this point she's as much the star as Blueblood is.

Nobles are a bit more tactful. They might be scandalized but Blueblood is one of the highest of the nobles. Remember what he said about poison smiles. They would never say a thing to him, especially since Celestia and Luna are in some sense watching. That's also why no one says anything about Platinum and Basalt Shine. Given the Sister's approval of interspecies relations they can't say a thing.

But don't worry. It will be a glorious next chapter.

(Oh, and Luna was basically just saying that any acting troupe is good, as long as they have passion for the material. Also Connie and Blueblood should be adult enough to watch a play full of ribald humor without humping each other afterwards.)

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