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Welcome to the Fraternal Brotherhood of Mann, a secret society dedicated to preserving the male ethos of stallions everywhere. For we are all stallions in a mares' world, but through our brotherhood, and the values of Mann, our masculinity shall prevail!

All grandstanding aside, this group is dedicated to the promotion of stallion-oriented fics about mann-ly stallions doing mann-ly things. Got an awesome story about Big Macintosh or Pokey Pierce? Then this is the place for you, Brother.

A few rules apply:

Rule #1: Never talk about Brotherhood! Now that the obligatory Fight Club reference is out of the way, let's move on to the real Rule #1: This group is for original stories that feature stallions and other male characters. Apart from that, really anything goes; adventure stories, comedy stories, even romance if you can find a way to make it mann-ly enough.

Rule #2: Let's leave out the Human-in-Equestria stories. That's just cheating.

Rule #3: Contrary to logical expectations, this group is not exclusive to males. Besides, this being the internet and all, gender is a pretty fluid concept at best.

Rule #4: Be strong, be true, be Mann!

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While I have no fic to add to this grand group, I am overjoyed to have found a brotherhood dedicated to mannly men.

Finally. A group I can get behind!:eeyup:

Now that i'm part of the group, I feel like i'm a true MANN! I guess I need to start working on my stories and contribute to the group.

This group will make a perfect home for my fic. I'm glad I found it.

When I saw this group's name, I thought it might have something to do with Saxton Hale. Oh well, looks pretty cool anyway.

286263 well then! Do I got a few nice stories I found for you guy's!

First of all I found Treasure in the west I know, there is still a mare in the story, but its more about braeburn. That and its a western. How awesome and manly is that?

Secondly Keeping it simple Its a story about big mac. Whose nice routine life gets turned up side down, and shaken a bit from left to right for good measure. Its funny at parts and remarkably intresting on how the author wrote down big mac. Hasn't updated in a month though. Hope it isn't abandoned.

And lastly but not leastly Feather of days past. The old and new Once again a big mac story. To bad its on hiatus, but at the biggining of this month the author said he was slowly writing the next chapter :) so I think its worth to keep an eye on!

286238 286229 The basic criteria is a story about male characters. While stereotypical, over-the-top manliness is certainly keeping with the spirit of things, deeper, more serious fics are also welcome. :eeyup:

As far as I'm concerned, the biggest requirement for a 'Mann-ly' story is quality, plain and simple. If it's a good fic, and a good read, that's really all that matters. If others don't like it, that's their right, but given that we Bronies are supposedly "redefining masculinity", I feel that we should at least try to be flexible.

Well met fellow brothers of mann. Hope that our Mann-ly organization may flourish!

Obligatary idiocy out of the way. hello and nice to meet you guy's.
I am also a bit confused on the issue of what is Mannly enough to be accepted. Is a story centring on the stalions? Or are there other criteria?

Esteemed members of this honorable group, what is your vote about "The Price"?
Because, truth be told, this brother is not sure if it meets the ideals of Mann.
For those who have not read it, (now is the time to stop reading):
Big Mac ponders his sexual orientation and can not come to terms with a kiss he shared with Caramel in his youth.
Now, I don't think there should be a distinction between M/M or strait shippings here (infact, I'd consider that quite unmanly), but Big Mac shows an depressing insecurity that I find quite un-Mann-ly.
Or is it enough for a story to have a male main character to be included here?

I think I've got my idea... First, I must ask... Gladiators are Mann-ly, right?

285111 Nice. Keep an eye out for other suitable stories that we can add as well.

I hereby install the first Mann-ly comment in this Mann-ly group. 'Tis a good feeling to be a part of a brotherhood... I'm contemplating a short-story idea to contribute to our brotherhood... :ajbemused:
Anyhow, glad to be here.

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