• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Pride and Prejudice and Ponies - arglefumph

Rarity reads her favorite romance novel, Pride and Prejudice, to her little sister Sweetie Belle.

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Chapter 3

"So, how do you like the party so far, Miss Bennet?" Big Macintosh asked, as he and Rarity danced in front of the barn.

"It's been wonderful," Rarity said. She cast a glance at Mr. Darcy, who was glowering at her and Big Macintosh. "It's just a shame some ponies don't seem capable of enjoying themselves."

Big Macintosh followed her gaze. "Ah," he chuckled. "Don't mind my friend none. He's a lawyer. They ain't allowed to have fun."

Rarity laughed theatrically, and she grinned when she saw Mr. Darcy get up and walk away, scowling. "Why did you invite such a stick-in-the-mud to a party like this, anyway?"

"I kinda had to," Big Macintosh said. "He's gonna be staying in town for a little while, helping me with all the paperwork and such for the farm. I imagine he'll leave after that."

"Do you intend to stay in Ponyville very long?" Rarity asked.

"Well, I should probably leave once I get the farm business up and going," Big Macintosh said. "But there might be something to keep me here a while longer."

"Something or somepony?" Rarity asked pointedly.

Big Macintosh chuckled again. "There are some very nice ladies here in Ponyville," he said. "I certainly wouldn't mind getting to know some of them better."

The song came to an end, and the two dance partners broke off. Big Macintosh went to find another dance partner, while Rarity went to speak with Twilight Sparkle. Twilight and Rarity were the dearest of friends, both of them being unicorns. Twilight was much older than Rarity, at age twenty-seven, but at present, she was acting like a much younger pony.

"How did you enjoy dancing with Big Macintosh?" Twilight asked giddily. "Isn't he charming?"

"He is perfectly gentleman-like," Rarity said. "But I do not think he is interested in me. Another pony has caught his eye."

Twilight squealed. "Maybe it's me!" she said. "I hope he likes me. He did pick me to be his first dance partner of the night, after all. I was very affectionate when we were together."

"Affectionate? You?" Rarity asked. "It's not like you to be so...forward, with a stallion you've just met."

"Yes, well..." Twilight said. "It's been a long time since a new stallion has come to town, and my mother..."

"Say no more," Rarity said. Twilight's mother, Lady Luna, was even more obsessed with relationships than Mrs. Bennet, if that was possible. Whenever Lady Luna started shouting about her daughter being single, everypony had the urge to run and hide. "My mother is certain that Fluttershy will find true love tonight."

"She might not be wrong," Twilight said, gazing forlornly at the dance floor, where Fluttershy was dancing with Big Macintosh for the third time.

Eventually, the night came to an end, and everypony left for home. As the Bennet family took their carriage to the Carousel Boutique, they all discussed the party. Mr. Bennet was the first to declare that it had been a tiresome event, with too much dancing and not enough desserts. His wife and daughters soon overrode his opinion.

Pinkie Pie had enjoyed herself; she had a partner for every single dance, and that was all she cared about. Rainbow Dash and Sweetie Belle had tried to befriend Big Macintosh's somewhat haughty sisters. Sweetie Belle was successful in winning over Apple Bloom, but Rainbow Dash had brought out Applejack's competitive side; the two of them had argued over who was the most athletic.

Sensing it was her turn to speak, Rarity said, "I had a perfectly enjoyable time, speaking with Twilight."

"Oh, Rarity, you don't have to pretend!" Mrs. Bennet said, hugging her daughter. "I heard all about what that dreadful Mr. Darcy said! Who does he think he is, insulting you like that?"

"I could care less what Mr. Darcy thinks," Rarity said. "He is not worth my time."

"The most handsome stallion at the party, spurning my daughter!" Mrs. Bennet said. "Why, if this story gets out, you may never find a date again! You'll die an old maid!"

"Eh, he wasn't that good looking," Rainbow Dash said.

"No way, he was smoking hot!" Pinkie Pie said. "But he was a jerk! He didn't want to talk to me either!"

"Two of my daughters spurned!" Mrs. Bennet said. "This Mr. Darcy has irreparably insulted our family! My dear Mr. Bennet, you must defend the honor of our name by challenging him to a duel!"

"Can't I challenge him to a game of checkers instead?" Mr. Bennet asked.

"He is only going to be in town for a short time," Rarity said. "Hopefully, a very short time. After that, I imagine Mr. Darcy can go back to admiring himself, full time."

"Um..." Fluttershy said in a small voice. "He can't be that bad, if he's friends with Mr. Macintosh. I don't think Mr. Macintosh would be friends with a mean pony..."

"And Fluttershy!" Mrs. Bennet said, fondly nuzzling her daughter. "You were the triumph of the night! When is your date with Mr. Macintosh?"

"D-date?" Fluttershy asked, turning red. "We...we didn't talk about...that..."

"But you danced with him four times!" Mrs. Bennet said. "He only danced once with every other mare! He clearly favors you, as his mare of choice!"

"Oh, no, he was just being friendly," Fluttershy said. "I'm sure he's not interested in courting me."

But when Fluttershy was alone with Rarity and Rainbow Dash, her cautious assessment of Big Macintosh Bingley was thrown aside, in favor of direct admiration.

"He is just what a young stallion ought to be!" Fluttershy said, opening her wings halfway. "He's sensible, good-humored and lively! I never saw such happy manners!"

"I'm glad you found somepony you like, 'Shy," Rainbow Dash said.

"He is also handsome," Rarity remarked. "And certainly, a young stallion ought to be handsome, if he possibly can. It completes his character."

"I was so flattered when he asked me to dance with him more than once," Fluttershy said. "I did not expect such a compliment."

"Why shouldn't he ask you to dance more than once?" Rainbow Dash asked. "Any other stallion would have done the same. You were about five times as pretty as every other mare in the room."

"I agree," Rarity said. "And I approve of Mr. Macintosh. You have liked many a stupider pony."

"Rarity!" Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash cried.

"I'm just saying, you can sometimes be too kind for your own good," Rarity said. "But I don't think we have to worry about that in Mr. Macintosh's case. He seems like a perfect gentlecolt."

"I think so, too," Fluttershy said. She blushed. "I really like him. I hope I get to see him again..."

"Well, there's only one way to make sure that happens," Rainbow Dash said.

"What?" Rarity asked.

"You have to go visit him," Rainbow Dash said.

"Oh, no, I couldn't!" Fluttershy said. "I'm sure he's busy, and it'd be awfully rude to just barge in unexpectedly, and I...I..."

"Weren't you just saying how much you like him?" Rainbow Dash asked. "He likes you, too, you know. There's nothing to be afraid of."

Fluttershy gulped. "I...I'll do it," she said at last. "But you have to help me."

Rarity and Rainbow Dash immediately agreed.