• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Pride and Prejudice and Ponies - arglefumph

Rarity reads her favorite romance novel, Pride and Prejudice, to her little sister Sweetie Belle.

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"And that's the end," Rarity said, shutting the book. "Isn't that the greatest, most romantic story you've ever heard?"

"No," Sweetie Belle said.

Rarity's jaw dropped. "What? But it was fantastic!"

"Yeah, but you and Mr. Darcy were only in love with each other for the last two pages!" Sweetie Belle said. "I think it's more romantic when the two special someponies spend a lot of time together."

"Yes, well...perhaps you have a point," Rarity said. "Either way, good night, Sweetie Belle."

"Night, Rarity. I love you!" Sweetie snuggled into her blankets.

"I love you, too." Rarity turned off the light and started to leave the room, when Sweetie Belle spoke up again.

"You know, it's a good thing you finished the book tonight, because I go back to Mom and Dad's tomorrow."

"Yes. Maybe next time you stay here, I can read you Horse Sense and Sensibility. It's by the same author."

Sweetie Belle told the rest of the story to her friends, during the school day. It was a long story, and Sweetie couldn't remember everything, so it took a while. By the time Big Macintosh came to pick up Applebloom, the story still wasn't finished.

"I gotta go," Applebloom said, after Big Macintosh whistled for her. "But tell me what happens to my family first!"

"Big Macintosh marries Fluttershy, after he asks my dad for permission!" Sweetie Belle said.

"I knew it! They're the only ponies who actually love each other!" Scootaloo said.

"Eeewhat?" Big Macintosh asked.

"Don't worry, Big Bro! It's just a story Sweetie Belle's telling, where Fluttershy's her sister," Applebloom said.

"Yeah, you're not really married to Fluttershy! Not unless you want to be, I guess."

"Hold on a sec," Big Macintosh said. "You three are the reason why ponies think I'm in love with Fluttershy?"

"Ponies think you're in love with—? Oops."

"Sorry! I guess I shouldn't have told anypony."

"It's not my fault! Rarity told me the story!"

"Am I in trouble now?"


Dear Miss Rarity Bennet,

While I may be desperately in love with your sister Fluttershy, my good friend Big Macintosh Apple is not. In the future, he would appreciate it if you could avoid spreading rumors about the possibility of their engagement. Not only does he find it most annoying, but the fair Miss Fluttershy was quite disturbed when your sister Rainbow Dash confronted her with rumors of their relationship.

Yours sincerely,
Edward Bingley

PS. Congratulations on your engagement to Mr. Darcy.

Rarity could not apologize enough to Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and the two older Apple siblings. Fortunately, it seemed that nopony else in town had heard the story, and Fluttershy was even inclined to laugh about it afterwards. Rarity was just relieved that her mother hadn't heard anything.

The entire mishap was soon forgotten, until two weeks later, when Fancypants had an opportunity to visit Ponyville. He always enjoyed Ponyville; the ponies there were open, friendly, and incredibly quaint. He was walking through town, when Sweetie Belle recognized him as the stallion who her sister spent a lot of time with at the Royal Canterlot Wedding.

"I know you! You're Mr. Darcy!" Sweetie Belle said.

"Excuse me?"

"Fancypants Darcy!" Sweetie Belle said. "My sister told me all about how she's in love with you, and you're gonna get married!"

"In-indeed?" Fancypants asked, nervously adjusting his derby hat. "And you are...?"

"Sweetie Belle! Rarity's little sister!" Sweetie said. "Wanna come in and meet my parents? Mom's been anxious to meet Rarity's new coltfriend!"

"Er, no, thank you," Fancypants said. The young filly's enthusiasm was quite charming, but he was a bit disturbed by what she said. "I...I have some urgent business to take care of, first. Perhaps I will see you afterwards."

"Okay! See you later, Mr. Darcy! Be nice when you propose to her!"

Ten minutes later, a loud scream could be heard throughout the entire town of Ponyville.


"Uh oh," Sweetie said.

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3171424 The views and opinions expressed by Fluttershy in this story do not coincide with the views of the author, fimfiction.net or Hasbro.

3220686 :pinkiegasp:

3214210 I was unhappy with the marriage of Lydia/Wickham and Charlotte/Collins in the original book, so I tried to improve upon them, at least a little bit. I didn't want to doom Pinkie or Twilight to a lifetime of unhappiness!

Nice.:eeyup: and just out of curiosity, are you planning on making a story based off of that book by the same author?:rainbowderp: that's ok if your not.

Ten minutes later, a loud scream could be heard throughout the entire town of Ponyville.
"Uh oh," Sweetie said.

This is why you don't base stories off of people you know intimately. :ajbemused::facehoof: Some people, children especially, have trouble separating fact from fiction.

A good ending to a good story.

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Comment posted by PearlCrescendo deleted Jul 17th, 2018
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