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For a thousand years, peace has reigned over Equus, in large part due to a tournament known as the Gundam Fight. This tournament, held every four years, decides which nation will rule the others. Equestria itself, the origin of the Fight, has not won a Fight in over a hundred years. Will the return of the King Of Hearts, founder of the fight, allow Equestria to finally win?

Chapters (2)
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I'm only going to give this a try because I used to love G Gundam when it aired on Toonami. God how I missed those days. :fluttercry:

I lick were this isgoing.


Finally! Someone is doing a crossover with mother fucking Domon! I haven't seen the show, but I have played as him in Dynasty Warriors Gundam, and he is my third favorite! (Hyruu being first and Dio being second, not because of their characters, but because of their Gundams) And I can't wait for him to use Burning Finger!

It needs a little work with the pacing but overall its good, can't wait till the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

5247131 i miss them to:fluttercry: ha what i good childhood:pinkiehappy:

Gundam wing master race.

:3 I don't know the crossover but I love it anyway :)

Woo! Burning Gundam in Canterlot. Plus, Domon going to pilot it! I can not wait until you unleash the cheesy lines. Also, why did you make Domon hold back on Scootaloo?

5557856 *crashes through wall in dark gundam* HEARD YOU TALKIN SHIT LIKE I WOULDNT FIND OUT!!!!

are you going to re do this or is it finished

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