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Twilight Sparkle brings her Granny Sparkle in for Family Appreciation Day at Celestia’s school to talk about the origins of the noble houses of Sparkle and Armor.

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This was an interesting and adorable story. I'd love to hear more about the House of Sparkle/Armor. :twilightsmile:

Anyways, great fic, it was a fun read :raritywink:

Ohhhhh. I get it. Clever. Very clever.

More please!

“Foals’ play.”

“If I had left, the experiment would have gone critical and destroyed half the city!”


Sighing, Granny Sparkle said, “Fine. I love your parents too. Happy?”


That exchange got a genuine chuckle out of me. The only disappointment was the lack of anything actually being learned from this. A magical item gets exchanged that didn't go through, and left so open that it leaves me a bit impassive about the whole thing. It was cute, and that throwing a headcanon wrench about princesses being essentially Presidents who were chosen by another Princess (or something) was okay.

I'd say it is fluffy but not enough to make a decent PB&Fluff out of it. Maybe half a sandwich, at least.

Nice fluff. But I'll pass on voting.

Wait a tick!

Granny Sparkle has a horn and wings?!

Well it was Clear rather quickly that Granny Sparkle was our favorite Dorkable Princess Twilight. Still interesting to see what caused the clash between her daughter(Twilight the 3rd I assume) and Twilight Armor(Shining and Cadance's daughter?). Why was Armor so insistent on becoming her aunt's heir rather then Crystal Princess? Did she feel the position was better or did she have a sibling who took the Crystal Princess position and she refused to be a PINO (Princess In Name Only)?

A cute story, if a bit meandering and rambling. Admittedly that's to be expected when you have a bunch of kids constantly interrupting, so that felt very natural, but at the same time it made the story a bit hard to follow, and there wasn't really any conclusion. It was in fact very difficult to understand what granny was trying to say.

I do support the idea of the naming tradition, though.

5109274 You noticed that too, huh? What a :twistnerd:

Clever about making 'Granny Sparkle' our Twilight. I had to go back and re-read to make sure, and sure enough there aren't any references to her actually looking old. Is she supposed to look old, and the thing passed down is being an alicorn or are you using the immortal-alicorn headcanon?

As for the plot, I'm confused how this is marked complete. There's so much of the plot left unexplained that it feels like a puzzle missing two thirds of the pieces. There's being ambiguous and then there's just an incomplete story. We have all the outer pieces and a couple of clusters here and there, but most of the actual picture is missing. Its really good, which makes it frustrating considering that, without being expanded on, there's not much here. I really hope you choose to expand on this, because this is a seed that could blossom into something incredible

…. now I get it!


Indeed - this looks like a solid and interesting outline for worldbuilding, but that's all it is at the moment - an outline with some bits and pieces filled in.

Politics are very much about specifics and nuances after all, and while we can infer some things from what was revealed, by and large much of the crucial information is still missing, preventing us from drawing any solid conclusions. The setup is intriguing, yet the outcome is not fulfilling because of its incomplete nature.

The very topic of succession itself demands more investigation with an Alicorn up in both sides of the family line (as "Granny Sparkle" is clearly our very own Twilight Sparkle and Cadence on the Armor side) - I mean, there is no need to succeed anything when the family matron is going to be around for the foreseeable eternity, short of her getting bored and stepping down from her position, but as we already established positions aren't hereditary (so even if any of the Alicorns stepped down, their heirs wouldn't automatically gain their titles).

So even what exactly they fought about isn't very clear aside from broad strokes - and devil is very much in the details, here.

Anyways, I hope this gets expanded upon - it has the potential to be great, and it would be a shame to see it go unexplored.

Yes, that's regular old Twilight Sparkle II, youngest of the immortal alicorns, former heir to House Twilight, defeater of Discord, freer of Luna, et cetera.

The magical gift being passed down is the rainbow power from the Element of Magic(/just the Element of Magic if you don't like rainbows/any equivalent future magical macguffin in canon). It's lightly implied that Twilight Sparkle IV has it at the moment.

Is there going to be a sequel? Or are you going to do a prequal and actually show the real story if the tragedy if House Twilight? Because that would be awesome!!!

Heh, nice. Though I was anticipating the twist by about halfway through. :)
I do wonder what happened to drive the heirs apart, though...

It's an interesting read, but I'm not really sure that it has any place to go beyond what's already here. The fun of it is the journey to recognize who Granny Sparkle really is... While I like the concept of the two truly royal branches of House Twilight going forward in time, there is a lot of wrangling needed to try and get a conflict out of it when neither alicorn-hood nor friendship-cannon abilities are clearly hereditary, and so a lot of new headcanon would be necessary to really get into the details beyond what has been suggested here.

It was fun as a one-shot though!


Well it was Clear rather quickly that Granny Sparkle was our favorite Dorkable Princess Twilight.

Really? When did you realize? I didn't figure it out until about a minute after I finished the story, when I was trying to remember if the author ever said if Granny Sparkle had a horn/magic, thus making her an alicorn OC that somehow was never mentioned in the show, or if she was just a pegasus.


She cast a silencing spell even before entering the classroom so that she could LOL to her heart's content without disturbing anypony.

The "congealed from the æther" bit (which was apparently semi-true) raised some immediate major flags as well, as that very much fit's Twilight's rebirth as an Alicorn.

Everypony was a filly at one time or another.

hmmm... interesting. :unsuresweetie:

Nice story. A bit ambiguous but very cleverly done... you should continue this. The potential is there for much more.

Have a Scootaloo :scootangel:

Everypony was a filly at one time or another

How do you get stallions then? Are ponies like starfish?


I laughed too long and too hard at this. :rainbowlaugh:

For me it was pretty much clear when Prose Myth gave the history book interpretation and mentioned "Twilight Sparkle the 3rd". Though it was already pretty sure it was her when the teacher said the students knew he for multiple reasons.

Of course Twilight still being alive, and apparently young does mean much of the heir conflict wasn't about the heir ever getting their grandmother's job. Twilight's duties as Princess of Friendship are pretty vague, she doesn't actively rule Equestia so it's left to her to interpret how ever she thinks she should, doing what ever she wants so long as it promotes friendship, I don't see her giving that up unless absolutely necessary, and picking and heir only because she is legally required to do so.

I was thinking "Granny Sparkle" was Celestia until she was named as a separate person. Took me until the end to figure out who it really was. :rainbowwild:

Passing down the magical gift is rather weird though. And "Granny Sparkle" didn't sound much like Twilight, to be honest.

5109257 5111791
And that's the line that clinched it for me who Granny Sparkle really was. Who else but Twilight Sparkle (II?) would have to choose between keeping half of a country from being accidentally blown up, and attending her great^n-granddaughter's birthday party?

Twilight Sparkle, technically the Fourth, said, “Because they both entered the royal family.”

This was the point at which I realized the direction that the "twist" was going to take. Just under halfway through the story. As you and Harwick put it, the fun of the story is figuring out who Granny Sparkle is. The problem is that I got done with the fun part halfway through and expected more fun to be had in the latter half. More revelations. More details to puzzle out. But the story had spent its ammunition already and had nothing left to engage with.

The writing in this story is great on a technical level. The dialog and characterization are beautiful. But the story is missing. Perhaps if I hadn't sussed out the twist until the clue in the final paragraph, I might have ended the story on a sweeter note. As it is, though, I was disappointed.

Good story. I'd say you've got a great idea going here; definitely not something I've read before. :twilightsmile:

That being said, I got kind of annoyed with the kids interrupting every few sentences that Granny Sparkle spoke. Gah! Kids! :twilightangry2:

Everypony was a filly at one time or another.

Equestria must have a lot of transgender ponies.

I'm surprised Twilight isn't recognized, though. Well, the teacher seems to have noticed, but the class managed to not realize the face of somepony who's been their princess for a couple centuries now.

I hope you don't mind, but I'm about to try unfavouriting and refavouriting this story as part of a test of the update. The new default list order, which I'm very much hoping I can change somehow, has put it at the top, hence it's selection.
edit: Test complete. I apologize if there was any inconvenience.

No troubles. I didn't even get the messages. Perhaps the favorite notification system has been deprecated? I haven't figured out how to view other people's favorites (public bookshelves now, I suppose) anymore either.

Nor have I.

It feels like I'm missing something there at the end, but a good read never less.:trixieshiftright:

The character tags kinda spoil the big twist.

Also, this feels really incomplete.

OH, it took me a moment to understand what this was, but now I get it! Nicely done!

It's interesting, but there's just really not anything to it. Fluff, and nothing more.

Though I'd love to hear the second half- we might get enough information there to make some basic assumptions.

Also, logic dictates that, if she was there, and her name is 'sparkle', she must logically be Twilight Sparkle the third, or perhaps second, but I rather doubt it.the way she placed emphasis on Sparkle rather than armour, amongst other things, makes it far too likely to ignore.

I didn't really get it, but well done! No errors that I could find, and you seem like a good writer! Bravo! :yay::coolphoto:

Am I the only person who figured out who Granny Sparkle was right from the start?

wait is granny sparkle an alicorn :pinkiegasp:

*Granny Sparkle cast a silencing spell so she could laugh as loudly as she wanted, much to Twilight’s indignity*

*Granny Sparkle rose to her hooves and stretched her wings and back*

Wait, was this always tagged incomplete?

half-glare, half-eye roll

Now I'm picturing Granny Sparkle simultaneously glaring with one eye and rolling the other. :derpyderp1:

Actually, I think in this case Logic dictates that she's Twilight Sparkle the second and the one from the TV show, whereas the young Twilight Sparkle is one of her descendants. It's hinted at rather than pointed out because this is supposed to be a 'twist'. I wanted to say this made her Twilight Sparkle the First, but given that the 'previous generation' to the Third was the one who ascended into royalty, that would make her the Second and the alicorn. Shining Armor, of course, being the other member of the previous generation who married into royalty.

In one hand, it was nicely written... in the other, I'm completely lost... :pinkiecrazy:


My guess about her being the third, and not the second, is because of her focus on "sparkle's" flaws. it comes with a level of emotion and almosgt hate that I would expect out of someone who caused the issue, not one whose daughter caused these problems. I don't think anything in the story requires that Princess Sparkle is the same as Granny Sparkle- after all, there's nothing to say that Twilight didn't end up with, say, Flash, and have a pegasus foal as a result, who could then be granny Sparkle, and the Sparkle of the story.

I can't tell you how many times I read this story before I finally figured out who Granny Sparkle was. I do have to admit, it took reading most of the comments and then rereading the story to finally get it. However reading it with the new information in mind only made the story 10x better!


Ohhhhh. Oh that's clever.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh! That makes so much sense now, the title even spoils it, but it hides so plainly in plain sight that you miss it as soon as you realize it...

Clever author...

TBH, I did have to read the comments to finally figure out who Granny Sparkle was.

just about sums up my feelings
cute though

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