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There is a reason why Twilight used the phrase ‘works every time’ to describe the want it, need it spell. Her data says it has an approximately 99% success rate, but it used to be 100%.

Previous Episode: Twin Twilights
Current Episode: Season Zero — Episode Three
Next Episode: Episode Four: Twilight Frankenstein

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So Twilight knew the want it,need it spell for a long time
I wonder what other thigns she used tha spell for

So . . . you're making this a series? I don't believe there are enough words in the dictionary to properly voice my joy right now.

:twilightsmile: Spike! Come take a bath!
:moustache: I don't wanna!
:twilightsmile: Look at this rubber ducky!
:moustache: I want it! I need it! Bathtime!
:twilightsmile: Want-it-Need-it spell. Works every time.

Great as always.

And now Twilight has a little bit of prior experience with press conferences, which is surely a handy thing for a new princess to have... :trixieshiftright:

Really. you think YOU'RE the one to make the season zero of MLP. Admittedly, i'm not going to either, but c'mon, man, have some humility.

5088722 You're basically twisting the author's words the same way the reporter in the story was, which makes it hard to tell whether you are trolling or not.

5089187 Holy... Shit... Welp. Official fanon-turned-canon.

Story Approver

Fancy seeing you here, JATL.

I was quite pleased when I read this story in the Queue. Quite a good piece, I have to say. I loved the use of the Want It Need It early on, bouncy balls... I got a nice laugh from that. Wonderful writing, and great job on this.

“Has anypony ever told you you have your mothers eyes?”

They keep telling me that but they're still in her head. Maybe a preservation spell after she passes. Though, you have nice eyes. Care to donate them to SCIENCE!? I'm sure the princess would pay you well for them.

I love it! MUSTACHE! :moustache:

i love your version of twilight i would love to read a long story of what happens to twilight in your universe.
what i mean is there is no way the twilight from your stories would ever be the twilight from the show. and that's not a bad thing i like how your twilight is turning out so far. Keep up the good work! ^_^ :twilightsmile:

Fleur Dis Lee

Humm. That is entirely the wrong spelling. Fleur De Lis comes from French, and is spelled as such.

I wonder how Shining feels about his little sister essentially writing ship-fic about him.

I just love your characterization of little Twilight, as well as how you present Celestia. It really does make for heartwarming stories.

Looks pretty incomplete. Like the first chapter of something big.

Definitely an amusing addition to the series. I look forward to what you will create in the future!!

Though so far nothing has topped Twilight taking over Celestia's job.

Agreed. The last two stories seemed self contained, but this one holds a promise of things to come. Makes you want to read on.
But I guess it's the point of telling the story of "season 0".

Are these supposed to be prequels to the show or to "Seeking Power"? Because they're really starting to seem like the latter.

5090590 It's actually the third chapter to SEASON ZERO

A fun little read.




mothers eyes

mother's eyes

“Yes. Did you know there’s a joke going around? ‘We should disband the investigation department. It’s always Twilight Sparkle.’”

I love it.

Man, that press conference. Some of those reporters are lucky Celestia takes a very light touch.

Another great entry in the series!

Very sweet. I'm really enjoying this series so far. You capture young Twilight really well and she's very funny to follow.
My only complaint is that this feels cut off too early compared to the other stories in the series. I find myself pondering things. Like, why the papers were there, Why Celestia would force a child to do a press conference without prepping her in any way beforehand, why the press is fixated on Twi being Celestia's kid, how Twilight copes with this experience, if she ever talks to Celestia about her concerns.

I guess the press conference just felt really trolly and unkind to me as compared to previously. It wasn't clear what Celestia expected her to learn from the experience.

Still adorbs and can't wait for more fics. Just something to keep in mind maybe.:twilightsmile:


I don't know why that is such a popular misspelling, but I see it all the time.

You and your new fancy, smancy blue name box. You think you're better than me, bucko?

These are cute, but is it really necessary to have them all as separate stories? It would be much easier to read and keep track of if they were simply chapters in a 'young twilight' series.

The intention is that they're all standalone stories that just happen to be set in the same continuity. They might make minor references to each other, but they have zero overarching plot other than Celestia teaching Twilight, so it doesn't really make sense to put them together. You can read any selection in any order with little loss of entertainment value.

P.S. I have them all listed on my user page in release order (like canon, they don't necessarily occur in chronological order if, say, I need a specific season to make something work).

Ah, the Compulsion ball. Such an infuriatingly simple device, and yet so potent. Use in drug raids would reduce casualty count, but the problem lies in selectivity for the compulsion. I imagine ponies who use the device would also need some way of shielding themselves from it.

For some reason, Hasbro decided to misspell it too. Oh well.

5091362 5092684
What? WOW. My bad. That's terrible. WHY would they spell it like that? She even has three fleur de lis as a cutie mark!

The answer is the same as for why Chrysalis sings that she "could care less"...
They are idiots. Sometimes.

Although Chrysalis sings that she "could care less" because that's what sounds better with the beat of the song, and "could care less" has taken to meaning "couldn't care less", recently. It's still wrong, but hey.

I just kinda assumed there was some legal reason they didn't want to use "Fleur De Lis". It doesn't seem likely, but yeah... they'd have to be pretty dumb to get the name that wrong.


What they're not telling you is, she's secretly related to Discord.

You say "Quick Story", but I hear "Quick Quotes" and imagine a quill cutie mark.

Anyway, I love this. While they're all cute (and seeing it go from merely "cute" to the added depth that shows up near the end of the episodes is incredible to read), Twilight's fantasies in this one are just so perfectly, beautifully fitting that it's raised to another level. I hope Celestia does find and read Twilight's fanfic--I'd really like to see what she thinks of it.

This chapter also has a feeling of... expectation, I suppose would be the right word. It feels like more stuff is supposed to unfold from here.

RELEVANT, oh god is it so relevant.
Best comic strip ever.


Quick Quotes

Ha! Wow, it has been a long time since I've read HP. If I had thought of that, I totally would have used it.

This chapter also has a feeling of... expectation, I suppose would be the right word. It feels like more stuff is supposed to unfold from here.

Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to say I intend to make a direct sequel to this sometime far down the line. I don't really have an outline for it yet, or even a story idea, just a couple idea fragments.

It's for the same reason that Cadance is spelled with an "A": Trademarks. Unique spellings and phrases can be trademarked (and thus legally protected when put on a toy), while real words and phrases like Fleur de Lis and Cadence cannot.

5093314 5093725
Aha ! So I was kinda right. That makes a great deal of sense, whist simultaneously being rather frustrating.

5092394 I think you're just jealous that somepony else has a big blue box that they use

I want to know how you are feeling?

1. Accidental question mark when it's supposed to be a full stop.

Twilight the Terrible... Is that a possible shoutout the the actual story as well?

Question marks, how do they work?

Anyway, no, I didn't know about that story. It looks interesting, but very, very dead.

Now this is an original angle for a story. Bravo! :twilightsmile:

5088059 She used it on herself during her magic surge. That's why she is Celestia's student.

Wow, that - that could be a very powerful story, short or otherwise. You should consider writing up something based on that premise.

5093639 that is a good comic strip


Like three different ideas just occurred to me around this idea.

Are you magic?

I mean, just as examples-

Celestia had the spell dispelled right away, but Twilight remembered the spell, didn't know it was removed, and found out what the spell does, leading to her crippling self doubt and obsession with being good enough. Character focused one shot between Celestia and Twilight.

Twilight is aware of the spell being cast, it's a passive effect, and she avoided making friends because of the aforementioned self doubt. Possible root for an 'alternate universe' story starting at Canterlot Wedding.

Twilight is unaware of the effect, which is passive and continuous, but is made aware of it. Strong character focus on Twilight as she works to remove the effect and tries to rediscover who she is in light of this idea.

And that's just my immediate thoughts! When you make a story seed, you make it to GOOD...

5111730 I'm planning a story based around the idea at the moment. I'm not going to reveal anything but hopefully it's fun.

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