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Ever wonder what characters are doing when they’re not in the spotlight?

They’re certainly glad you never knew.

Unfortunately for them, stories of their lives have come to light.

Side stories to the Seeking Power series.

A forewarning, each short story may contain spoilers for the main series. Although they are arranged in chronological order, they are written in an arbitrary order and out of sync with the main story. It is possible that reading a story can reveal information that isn’t given until much later in the main series. Such stories will have a warning at the top listing the chapter at which spoilers are no longer in effect.

Art created from various sources. A full list of links is available here.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 69 )

I was just thinking 'would like to see a bit on that changeling guy with Octavia' as I read through these. Did not disappoint. Maybe something about how Chrysalis allied with Equestria?

That's on my list of side stories to write. It's a huge list right now. Someday I'll get to it, though there's a lot of other shorts that I want to indulge in first. Hopefully, I'll get a lot done over the summer.

Wow, cadance has some interesting ideas...

That's uhm... pretty fucked up.

I'm not going to argue my opinions on love and sex here, but it's not anywhere near as wrong in the most common moral systems as forcing people to fall in love like she does in canon. That is pretty solid case of fridge horror.

Either way, it should be clear from the main story that things worked out, although Twilight said it herself. Cadance is still obsessed with love.

I guess it makes sense that the alicorn of Love would be more accepting of unconventional romance.

Ah, Twilight you keep showing why you are best pony.

I think she's a princess, but not an alicorn in this story. Just a pegasus.

I do believe that 2 bits is 25 cents (USD).

Story's great so far, keep it up!

Ha, you know it's a special spot of irony that the Princess of Love can't write good romance.:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

She doesn’t really need to breath

1. Breathe.

The first three she conjured sank right to the bottom of the bay, but the fourth one stayed up

... The first time I saw this was in Galactic Civilizations 2 and it was under the... Green colored tech tree, I think it was for being able to terraform yellow colored tiles under the description of;

A king decided to build a castle in a swamp. It sank. He built another. It sank. He build a third one and it sank as well but the fourth one stayed up!

Pardon because it's heavily paraphrased but the king and castle thing stays true.

Velvet was similarly trying to pretend she still hanging on Prose Myth’s every word
but I am worried that she may autistic
Prose Myth slowly came to her sense and nodded
You husband told you about our last meeting, right
Twilight Sparkle never gradated from magic kindergarten

1. Velvet was similarly trying to pretend she was still hanging on Prose Myth's every word.
2. But I am worried that she may be autistic. (I can imagine the facehooving here)
3. Senses.
4. Your.
5. Graduated.

The hinges on the side where broken

1. Were.

I think this chapter gave me too much; Sweet Mother of Romantic Hnnnngg.

Doesn't matter that I saw this ending coming and connected with the main story for Esp but this was just too firkin adorable and near heart wrenching. I think I may love sappy a little too much...

4394020 Dat Monty Python referance :D Yeah, the king and castle bit was from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.... 'Everybody said it was daft to build a castle in the swamp, but I built it all the same!... It sank into the swamp... So I built a second one, it sank into the swamp. So I built a third one, and it sank too. But the forth one stayed up! And that's what yer inheriting boy! The strongest castle in these Isles! :pinkiehappy: (note, might have misquoted a bit, but still, considering it's been years since I saw it, I'd say I got it fairly close)

Good chapter, as always; I do have a question though. Would this be directly before the next chapter, such that Memories occurs right after the end of this one?


Between the age of nine and thirteen, I slept with Celestia pretty much every night.

There is a ~3.5 year gap between them. In Merry Solstice?, Twilight has been spending nights with Celestia for 2 seasons so she's ~9.5. Memories is one of the critical points in their relationship. It's also when Twilight started spending nights alone again. So she would have been ~13 (more towards 14 than 13) during that short. I have other shorts that will be placed in between these two in the future so that this question will be more implicitly answered.

Merry Solstice? is just discussing the manner in which seasons/solstices are created when you have someone moving the sun. In Memories, they were discussing how she physically/magically moves the sun before things went wrong.

Contrary to her well-crafted imagine in Ponyville, she was not a morning pony


After shifting a box of old blueprints, Apple Bloom finally came into view. She was lying on the floor with a quill at hoof in her magic and a vial of ink nearby

Umm, yeah... It doesn't make sense to me at all. Unless she somehow spontaneously grew a horn or somehow gained magical abilities:pinkiecrazy:

Something definitely was turning Ponyville upside down. Even the usual string of disasters had abated recently. That could not be a good sign.

It definitely says something when missing disasters mean something is wrong:rainbowlaugh:

Ha! Applejack is feeling a bit left out. :trollestia:

Don't worry, you still got your farm and your apples! :moustache:

I haven't explored earth pony magic much in the main story yet, but if you poke around for details, Pinkie Pie once grabbed a chair with her hooves and 'gripped' it. Earth ponies have magic for holding things, more or less like they have fingers.

Ahh, if you mean from that perspective, then I can agree with you as that would be... the most logical explanation to put it as. Because when you said magic, I immediately imagined the typical unicorn magic. But that's just me with my simple mind:pinkiecrazy:

Spoilers before chapter seven of Seeking Power.

That's funny because I don't remember anything in chapter seven about the Apples having any sort of nobility or Apple Bloom being rich.:unsuresweetie:

...Yep, this is pretty much exactly what I thought would happen.
Another excellent chapter, courtesy of Forthwith.
Keep on being awesome.

Chapter seven is when we find out Scootaloo is also moving away. The same chapter we found out Sweetie Belle would be too. Way back when the CMC first showed up we heard that Apple Bloom/the CMC made pogo sticks and they are popular in other cities. The CMC use the royalties to fund their hijinks. ...And to pay reparations to Ponyville residents when they cause damage.

The Apple family being nobility is more implied across several chapters so far but the main branch doesn't currently participate in politics seeing as the generation between Granny Smith and the one with Applejack is dead.


Poor AJ...

Poor Applebloom for that matter, though I can see her becoming a famous scientist at least...!

I'm actually afraid, because Apple bloom is on the same level as Twilight when it comes to science compared to Twilight's ability with magic.:twilightsmile:

All those tantalizing "Pre-Discordian" references! (Well, one here, and bunches elsewhere.)

One nitpick:

“I think it was the bends, your highness.”
Celestia scowled inwardly at the title but said nothing.

I don't get it. Isn't "your highness" an appropriate form of address for a princess, while "your majesty" would be the address for a queen?

Yep. She still doesn't like it but is putting up with it.

not the eternal clam smile that otherwise dominated her face
On the one hand, I strongly suspect you made a typo. On the other hand, I got to do a Google Image search for "clam smile":

Twilight's entrance made me think of Dracula from the video games, but he didn't "fade in" in the infamous SotN cutscene. Maybe one of the other games, or maybe I'm wrong. Either way, extremely fun.

Ugh... You have no idea how many times I have to catch myself when typing calm. My hands seem utterly incapable of putting the a before the l. And still, I manage to miss one.

Hm. It just occurred to me: What if Twilight asks Luna about whatever the secret is? Would she want to keep it secret more than she'd want to get ahead of Celestia here?

If only someone like Spike was here to add a seventh seat. Then she wouldn't have to worry about sitting across from anyone.

As a misanthrope she can only find the least bad option. :pinkiecrazy:

I don't see the problem, she was attacked by kids older than her and she defended herself. Yes it was serious she needs to be punished but expulsion is just stupid. But hey that's just me :pinkiecrazy:

The princess of love writing makes terrible romance novels:rainbowlaugh:

This is the meeting room for discussing Official Elements of Harmony Business. Why would Spike get a seat? :rainbowhuh:

He has a seat in the friendship castle throne room thing. (Even if it is just a small one next to Twilight's.)

And more importantly, because it would mean that Twilight wouldn't have to sit across from someone she doesn't want to.

…Hm. Usually, as I understand it, a year's July comes after its June. [shrugs] Computers do strange things sometimes.
(If, um, if it's only me getting this, I'm seeing this chapter appearing before the one from June 7th.)

The chapter itself was good, though. :)

These shorts are arranged in the story's chronological order, not real life's. So yes, this short was published after the Applejack short but appears before it in the list of chapters.

Hmm... Interesting choice Twilight but you forgot one option: placing Flash next to you and being completely blunt with him and having Pinkie next to him so that she can... 'Absorb' the repercussions. Or that might be a terrible idea like you stated... Hmm...

Do I sense some unease with Lyra? Is that why you won't want to sit next to her? What was too soo-:pinkiegasp: I sense a possible romance occurring:pinkiehappy: But then again, I ship Lyra with any pony I like:pinkiecrazy:

One more thing, I think this sentence might be fudged up a little, but I'm not too sure:

Twilight removed off every cutie mark but her own

The 'off' here is throwing me err... Off so to speak.

4556113 I'm pretty sure it pertained to Discord. Something Celestia didn't want Twi to know about him or something - it was revealed in the main story somewhere.

Hm, I don't remember that.

Neither do I. Perhaps babbananaville is referring to the fact that Discord controlled the celestial bodies before Luna/Celestia. But that's not a secret...

‘Cadance realized how much she loved Twi as they kissed, almost as much as her husband.’

Well alright then

At first I hoped this fanfic fanfic would be buried somewhere deep and dark... But the more I think about it, the more I want to see Twi's reaction... Could very well end up with Twi forcing them to switch places with the next generation for a day. :trollestia:

I just realized I posted here an hour and a half ago, but that was before I read every chapter. :facehoof: I apologize for the double post.
Just read the whole story for the first time, and I was wondering about that conversation also. Sweetie asking Twi who moved the sun and moon before Celestia:

“…Agreed. To answer your question, Discord did the moving before her.”
“What about before him?”
“That is the million bit question. I remember having a conversation about it once. It ended with my memory of what was said being erased.”

Unfortunately, the side-story gives no more hints as to the nature of the conversation, other than it being something that Celestia really doesn't want the world to find out, even Twilight. Could be anything. The secret to ascension, something to do with Celestia and Luna's parents, Discord's origin, heck, it could even be something to do with that Alicorn teleportation spell that Celestia also refuses to share with Twi. Off the top of my head, I don't remember any other things of import that Celestia refused to tell Twi.

Eh. I get enough rampant speculation out of the Cosmere... But it's soooo hard not to bring that to every good story I read. :twistnerd:

4332218 I wouldn't say fucked up... More as in a deep emotion tension, as well as peculiar fantasies. I can't blame her for the TwiShine thing though, that is pretty hot :twilightblush:

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