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Spring is upon Equestria and Twilight just wants to read her book outdoors. Celestia has other plans.

Rated teen for Celestia.

Edited by Evanescyan

Now with 100% more dramatic reading! by CaptainBron3y
Words do not properly express the ego stroking!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 68 )

I lol'd. Like, harder than I should have.

I want to see more of this its so damn funny.

I liked this. Wish it was expanded upon to be more, but this short is good. I love stories where Celestia is linked with the sun physically and mentally.

This is utterly ridiculous.

AIP§ :rainbowdetermined2:

"BIG MAC I NEED YOU!" Twilight screamed:facehoof:

"They don't call him big for nothing":ajsmug:


That escalated quickly...

Well that was fast and to-the-point. Would like it to be longer but this is fine to. A nice 9/10 from me. :ajsmug:

“ThesunmakesmehornyandIloveyouTwilightSparkle,” Celestia ejaculated,

To be fair, confessions make me hot too.

When Celestia blushes, it's called 'sunspots.' Doo-wee-ooo-doooooo... :facehoof:

5092393 From the down votes? Nope:rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp::raritydespair::flutterrage::ajsmug:

Damn this is a rough crowd:pinkiegasp:

Needs more puns and innuendo.

5094095 I'm way ahead of you on that one.

“ThesunmakesmehornyandIloveyouTwilightSparkle,” Celestia ejaculated

Well, I didn't expect someone to be able to make use of that double entendre these days.

What...'pardon the future pun' the fuck, did i just read?!?! Thats it im bailing on this!

“ThesunmakesmehornyandIloveyouTwilightSparkle,” Celestia ejaculated, blushing hotly and ginning like a school filly with her crush.

Dear god I love your word choice.

Author in the note's right, you know.

Wat just happened...?:applejackconfused:


I'm sorry do you mean grinning? Because ginning means 1. treat (cotton) in a gin. 2.trap (a person or animal) in a gin. Man, I really am a grammer Nazi, Anyways keep writing and Rock on.

5098701 no its just that im not into this kinda stuff.

5104354 Pussy.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

5108335 At least I'm not a clopper! All of those dipshits are what make us bronies so frowned upon.

5113419 You're still a pussy.

And were you implying that I am a 'clopper'? I will have you know that, while I may enjoy the occasional raunchy story, I am in no way a 'clopper' as you so wrongly put it.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Needs an ending, but other than that, pretty decent.

5113662 No I'm just saying that that is what this is turning out to be.

You keep telling yourself that, meanwhile I'll keep looking for a hole.

did you seriously just leave this on a semi-cliffhanger?

MORE! I must see them f:pinkiegasp:k

You sir, clearly don't know how to have fun with this fandom.

5220258 yes I do and that fun comes in the form of the scene in smile hd were rarity gets the crap beaten out of her.

5221301 Ponies in sexual situations? We condemn you to hell! You are the rot of this world! Die in a fire!

Ponies graphically dismembering each other to bright happy music? Sounds fine to me.

5221372 Fine.

Now man the fu:yay:ck up and read about some haunting.

5221383 no. I know what yer tryin to pull and no

5221421 Come on, what's the worst that could happen?

5221459 if you think I'm a wimp then thats your opinion. I could still kick your ass if you swung first seeing as how I know several forms of martial arts. I will stick to my beleifs and stay away from these kind of storys


I could still kick your ass if you swung first seeing as how I know several forms of martial arts.



5221516 I havent read these photos or even glanced at them yet. I am leaving this story and If you continue to call me stuff for not being a fucking pervert then I will count it as harasment and tell the police.

5223895 Wait... "complete"? PREPOSTEROUS! I COMMAND THEE TO WRITE MORE!!!

Already upvoted, came back to re-read. Still great!

Or Celly, or Tia, whichever strikes you fancy.

strikes your fancy.


PSA: Knowing several martial arts styles wpn't save you from a gun of any description, given a gap larger than leg distance. And most times, not even if the gap is shorter.

Comment posted by dukesofhazzardftw deleted Jan 6th, 2015
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