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Shining Armor awakens one night to find a baby pony/changeling on his doorstep. A baby that is apparently his as well as Chrysalis's. Can he keep Cadance in the dark? Can Twilight help him? Is the queen changeling herself going to make an appearance? How many OCs will there be? Will everypony be in character? Who will cameo? And most importantly, was he technically cheating?

Read and find out.

Sequels contain spoilers. As in you will spoil the twist if you even look at the sequel.

I see you scrolling down. Stop that.

Editors: All of you!
Oh and SmilingKittens

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Good god that is a long title :raritystarry:
As for the story. I like how its going right now and I eagerly await more :pinkiehappy:

Panic is coming in chapter two. Brain rebooting levels of panic.
Oh, you think that is a long title?
A Challenger Appears
My Little Doctor's Most Excellent Adventure Back to the Future 2: Judgment Day of the Looper Assassin's Creed

:rainbowderp: good god why!?! I can't think of anything that long without just adding it to the story. Gotta give them props though that they draw people in :pinkiehappy:

Oh, a bastard love chile, how hot.

Check your short description. It says chile instead of child and I just had to have some fun with that.

Bastard Love Chili is the best Love Chili.

Looking forward to seeing how fast Shining can think on his feet!


That's a good Q.

Thank you.:twilightsheepish:
(Damnit, keep it together man. Wait, the mods approved my short description... :rainbowdetermined2: Vengeance.)
It is, is it not?

That long title would make Fall Out Boy envious.

As much as the story is near canon and in line with Shining, I cannot help but find myself seeing about... 3 other Shining/Chrysalis baby stories, with 1 of them having a similar plot with this one...

The title should be changed to 'Face Value' or something, the title is too long.

My body is ready for this adventure!

Reggie... What are you doing here?

Soon after closing his eyes, Shining Armor was lying on his back on the train’s ludicrously comfortable seats, snoring, with the baby cuddled against his chest.
(Now if that scene doesn’t make you go ‘awww’ you have no soul.)

:yay::yay:awwwww.... so cute..... cuter than :yay::fluttershysad::heart::heart:

Also, I'm going to try to find a title longer than that and fail epicly.

MFW this story made it to popular box. ::moustache:


My Little Doctor's Most Excellent Adventure Back to the Future 2: Judgment Day of the Looper Assassin's Creed

18 words

If you have sex with a changeling that looks like your beloved and you didn’t know and you end up having a child together, does it count as cheating?


I need to go ludicrous speed. :rainbowdetermined2: (Love the reference.)

Good Luck in your quest!:rainbowdetermined2:
Popular box?
...I just made a flufflepuff gasp.

atleast it wasnt those fucking stupid story titles that have "Blah blah blah OR how i cant fuck three cocks with all these dildos in my mouth" titles

that would have made this title more long than it already is but atleast its to the point.

Also good story dont fuck it up douche

Well, hard to argue with solid facts, but that's what lawyers are for.
Thank you for getting that.

The answer to the title is: No, it is considered, by law, rape by deception.

2883687 that's why I've been dating a changeling!


how i cant fuck three cocks with all these dildos in my mouth

...I'm not sure how to respond to that.

Brilliant! Bloody brilliant lad. I am, As many wound say, Jumping out my chair and hoping to Celestia. That you continue and finish this story.

I dont get why he cant just tell Cadance the truth,
if they love each other, it shouldnt be a problem. Its her husbands kid after all, i dont get why they cant just raise him together ...?

Love the title. Never change it.

announcer voice: Does the title really have to be so damn long? Is this really going to be any good? Will the plot be focused and driven? Will the Mary sue's be absent or at a minimum?

Whaaaaa? It's the best title ever! It even beats "Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix"!

You know damn right that this is a great title! :pinkiehappy:

I feel cheated! the short description said Shining had bastard love chili and there wasn't even any tex mex!

I Think I know how to fill in this plot hole.
*ahem* Cadance is a loving wife and all-around good pony.
She is also a bucking lunatic.
There, I fixed it.:derpytongue2:
What Mary Sue?:ajbemused:
That was a typo, but I love it so much now I can't bring myself to change it.

2884994 You mentioned OC's, and it's only the first chapter. Being an OC is a mary sue magnet, so be careful with your writing.

So, as it turns out, I have no soul.

I actually doubt there will be many, if any, OCs in this story, much less mary sues.
However, I've got pretty much seven or eight main characters to work with, so there's really no need.
Her element is magic, that's basically a free pass.:twilightsmile:
Plus I can always go with, 'It was all a dream.'

Isn't this like the forth story with this image? I know I'm tracking at least two. Sure has inspired a couple of writers. Oh well, can always use more.

Oh man I don't have a soul :fluttercry:
Still there have been a lot of stories like this but this one is certainly has a good start.
I like that it is going to be a comedy some many of them are serous.
Still I am wondering where everything is going with this.
But I like Shinning's reaction in this story the best, just like his sister. :twilightblush:
Now I'm wondering about Cadance's most stories don't even get that far.:ajsleepy:
Heck most don't even get to Twilight's reaction & Spike's reaction. That is unless she was the one who revived the foal in the first place.
So is the foal a Filly or a Colt?
Does the little nipper have wings and sticky glue breath? :trixieshiftright:

Well good luck and I wish you the best of luck.

The Baby does have wings, but I don't think that'll come up as anything important.
And what do you mean, 'sticky glue breath'?

You know reading your other story on here I think iron will might show up here because who else could help shining armor in a bind?:ajsmug:

2885592 :ajsmug: better get the unicorn antivirus program running.

I can't.... breath...... Oh man that was funny..... Okay that was a really good use of taking a sledgehammer to the fourth wall and Twilight and almost everything else in this chapter. :yay: Keep it up dude because if the rest are anything like this I'll never un-favorite this. :rainbowlaugh:
*Kori.exe overloaded laughing* :facehoof: :He just had to do that didn't he?

You called him shinning instead of shining a number of times...might want to go back and fix that lol.....otherwise okay chapter...lets see where u take this

Ah, I see we are going the nonsense route. Alrighty then. Please continue.

ok this is fucking stupid. i forgave the first chapter as a newbie but this is just crap now. so many errors, so many missing things, and not only that you bring in characters too fast, without reason, and without them fitting in the story at all. amature!! complete amature!

2885832 yes that's most new writers are amateurs then they learn from their mistakes and amazingly become experienced writers. Also your writers feed back is kinda vague, you know just claiming mistakes are there but not helping the writer figure out what you mean. Though there is merit to the claim of characters arriving too quickly and with out reason

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