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With Queen Chrysalis still disguised as the bride, Cadance, and Twilight sealed in Crystal Mines below, things begin to go askew as the chaos she's causing has an unintended side-effect.

'Surely you could have done better than that, Chrysie.'

[Chapter Two is now up! However, being fresh, expect there to be a refined version sometime later.]

(Things will become clear soon enough.)

Looking for editors and pre-readers. http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/23471 Apply if interested.
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Comments ( 39 )

Wow, we already have a "Queen Chrysalis" tag. That's awesome.

This is tad bit messy in the format department, but readable.(I'm a horrible stickler for proper formatting and grammar).
I want to see more of this because it looks to be amusing, but do yourself a favor and spend a little more time on editing. Maybe get some assistance.

Specifically, remember to start a new paragraph when changing speakers, and you should probably add some sort of divider for scene shifts, like between when Cadance distracts the bridesmaids and Discord walking down the hall. Add another blank line between the paragraphs, a line of characters (e.g. ~~~~ or +-+-+, or whatever) or a horizontal rule

I have mentioned this in my recent blog post.
^_^;; I'm somewhat new to this, so I would appreciate the help. :twilightblush:


Just... YES. I've fantasized about this for all 48 hours. You sir, are a mind reader. You deserve to be up there, right on the home page. Here, take all my thumbs, internets, and money. I don't them anymore, for I can die happy now.:pinkiehappy:

...You know what? I'm going to copy-paste this comment, just so this story gets more popular.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't copy-paste on here :twilightsheepish:
I could use having a page-one comment section that could be used to offer criticism and other peoples' views on the story.
Sorry :twilightblush:

Good story: as stated by another, a little messy in format, but still fun to read.
Try to revise the format a tiny bit, now, it's hard to distinguish who's speaking.


"We deem this to be most promising" -Luna

The "Source" thing is supposed to be an actual URL :trixieshiftleft:

Another Chrysalis fanfic? Man u guys scare me.

OOOOh this is going to be good how will Discord being free change things. You know i have to agree with Discord Chrysalis music number was great, i just love villain songs frankly the fact that neither Discord or Nightmare Moon didn't sing one is one of my dissapointments. I really hope the villain in season three gets a musical number.

Villain songs are almost always awesome. Flim and Flam were kinda sorta villains, but "Oppotunity" is probably the #1 catchiest song of Season 2, probably the entire series!

Oh man, this is great. I was expecting Discord to do something with the sound system so that he'd have a song with his entrance.

All were missing now is Luna/Nightmare Moon.:derpytongue2:

But all Discord wants to do is to have a little fun! I mean he did point out that Cadenza was an imposter, and well.... I mean... He uh.... He's awesome and should be allowed a chance to at least light a fire under the wedding. I mean, If I were either Cadence or Shining Armor, I would invite him. No Seriously. I would. Weddings are boring anyways.

Been waiting for a story like this to pop up ever since the finale! I hope to see some awesome villainous teasing from Discord, and even some shape-shifting for the lulz. :pinkiehappy:

Discord will always be best villian hooves down. :moustache:

i require a discord icon in place of moustache spike!

Discord is still being awesome. Excellent.

Excellent. The story seems well paced. Keep up the good work.

why the fuck am I getting 4 update notifications for this in e-mail and no new chapter ?

Wonder what the changelings and their queen are going to do now.


ah lord discord is being awsome as normal...wait...as chaoticly

Perhaps it's because of editing here and there.
They really ought to do something about that so that you don't get messages for edits when you should be getting them for new chapters. :applejackunsure:

I feel bad for Shining armor. First his bride turns out to be an unseelie court member with, like, a thousand young, and then his wedding gets crashed by an Eldritch Abomination with the logic of Lewis Carroll.

Discord at a wedding. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing, or a really GOOD thing. :twilightoops:

How about...the Daily Discord Column!

I told myself if I never saw Discord again, it would be too soon.
I guess this is WAY too soon.
Yes, I suppose this is a funny story as was intended with the Comedy tag.
I just can't comfortably laugh at this. :applejackunsure:

Luna needs a vacation:pinkiesick:

Loved this, I can't wait to see where it's going.

Why do I get the feeling Discord's going to use everyone turning their backs on Twilight against them somehow?

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