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As a filly, Vinyl listened to Octavia Melody on the radio. As a mare, Vinyl goes to meet Octavia in person. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

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I love that song by the Buggles.

Same. I love it so much a wrote a whole story about it. :twilightblush:

Oh, think I've got something in my eye...

The first music video played on MTV.

...and now a great fic.

Was it really the first music video on MTV? I didn't know that. That's awesome.

Yes sir! You know... back when MTV had music.

Honestly, it's an interesting take on VinylTavia. I don't know if the age difference was explored before, but I quite like it regardless. A breath of fresh air on the pairing.

For some reason, though, I feel like this story could've been... more, y'know? I wish you fleshed out the characters and their dates more, turning this into a multi-chapter story rather than an one-shot. While I enjoyed the dynamics between the two, I also feel like it lacks a bit due to it being a single chapter. It's well... not exactly forced, but Octavia's acceptance to date a complete-stranger-she-met-not-even-hours-ago comes off a bit too quick. When you factor in how Vinyl admitted she was out on the prowl for dat ass, it makes it worse. And, honestly, Octavia's bout of emotion after playing the piece (and how quickly she recomposed herself after one or two compliments) felt very heavy-handed.

Also, I think you may remove the sex tag, given how it's only mentioned en passant

But overall? Thoroughly enjoyable fic with a dab of 'something new' on top. Despite my above-mentioned comments on it, I feel like you are a talented writer to pull of this premise/pairing if you brainstorm on it a bit (maybe with an editor? Pre-reader?). There's a lot of potential for this to become an actual great fic, if you're interested in polishing it, that is.

Please let me know if you plan to revisit this story and/or pairing in the future so I can follow you. I honestly wouldn't want to miss it. :raritywink:

I hear what you're saying about the second to last scene. I might take another run at it in the near future.

Also, you're the second person today to tell me they want more of this spin on the pairing. So that just might be something to look forward to. :raritywink:

TWW, it's Magnum Opus time.

Do it, filly!


Psst, go read Lateness of the Hour

Classic song! Good job!

The feature box must be really dead if your story made it up here.

Im just kidding bro, heh, nice to see your story up! Pretty good read mate!

Read this because of the name, enjoyed it because it was good. Thanks!

This, this is the single most creative, original interpretation of this pairing I've ever seen. The plot is unique, the characters, though their time is brief, are likeable and realistic, the undertone of grief is clever and impactful without overriding the romance and the idea of a mature Octavia with a similar sense of humour causing Vinyl to be the one flustered and shocked is a sharp and refreshing contrast to other OctaScratch stories. I can't wait to see more of this storyline should you deem it worth continuing, 9.5/10.

Love the fic, love the song but "video is not available in your country".

That aside, it was warm and fuzzy so this is definitely going in the library.

And the first track on MTV in Europe was Money For Nothing by Dire Straits, because of the line "I want my MTV".

Indeed it is. Thank you.:twilightsmile:

I try. Not very hard, but I try.

I know, right? :rainbowwild:

I'm glad you liked it.:rainbowkiss:

Thank you.:raritywink:

Aw, that's a shame. The song has the same name as the fic. (Yes, I stole the name.:scootangel:)
I'm glad you liked it.:pinkiesmile:

Thank you.:twilightblush:

And I shall be continuing it.

I reallllllly like the age difference angle. You have no idea. That's such an interesting exploration of the two characters. :heart:

Great story! I love how crass Old!Tavia is. Cockney bastard.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:
And Octavia was a lot of fun to write.

Some of the terminology implies anthro but it’s not tagged as such. I’m confused, how does a quadruped drive a car and getting Crotchboobs signed seems illogical because you wouldn’t be able to see the signature as well as the whole thing being more intimate due to the proximity to the privates.

Whoops, I forgot about the tits line. Lemme smash fix that.

EDIT: fixed

Your story is as good as listening to this video.

! The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Well, screw you too uploader.

Great story, loved it.

Sorry about the video.

But, I'm glad you liked the story.:heart:

This was a really warm and fuzzy read. I love the title (and the song that goes with it) the take on this story with the age gap too, that was quite refreshing! I'm no writer so I don't have much to offer in the way of critique, so I won't attempt it. If I had to say anything at all, it's that I would also have enjoyed seeing more of Vinyl before she met Tavi. Brevity is good, less is often always more, but I think it'd be cool to have seen a day in the life of this Vinyl Scratch. Anyway, excellent job, thank you for sharing this with us.

I'm glad you like it.:twilightsmile:

And I'm currently working on a sequel, so a day in the life might not be too far off.

That was really sweet. I love it. The song at the end brought me to tears right after the story. Well done. I don't think I'll be able to hear this song again without thinking of this fic.

I love this take on OctaScratch. I've never seen it's like before and I certainly would like to see more of this. Though I now have to ask, is Octavia Best Milf?

While you were sitting in my living room with my children. Were you thinking about bending their mother over a table?”

Well I am now!

More like video kissed the radio star, amirite?

I’ve been meaning to read this fic (the song has been going in and out of my head since it’s been on the Featured List, so thank you for that) and it’s as good as I imagined it would be. Can’t wait to read more from you!

Dude, I love OctyScratch. Thank you for this.

I haven't read many good OctyScratch fics since psp7master fucked off to who knows where, but this took me back to the good old days (2012/2013... Jesus Christ that was 5.5 years ago!) I dunno how to explain it, but this hurt to read? But like, a good hurt. I might be crying.

:heart: in any case, it was a wonderful story.

There are a few pens under table

under the table

Did I, make her mad or something

Delete comma

sorry for, uh,”

End comma should be a period

She ran to catch up; slowing to a trot

Semicolon should be a comma

Eeeeeeee~! Thank you.:heart:

And it was my pleasure to hurt you.:pinkiecrazy:

Got dem tings fixed.

Octavia let out an exaggerated huffed. “Maybe I will start my own band. It’ll be me and my seven kids and we’ll travel around on a bus.”

Partridge Family much? XD

Honestly though, being a history nerd, I can’t help but geek out at seeing allusion to the realities of the transition from radio to television from the 50’s or 60’s... And then cry from some of the loss.

It was awesome all around.

Yes, someone got my references!:yay:

I'm glad you liked it.:twilightsmile:


Like I said, I’m a history nerd. :coolphoto:

I faved and upvoted, but truthfully I'm on the fence about this fic. There's so much promise here that ultimately gets ruined by the short format. In many ways, if you remove the sex stuff, the first two/three parts of this fic seem like the beginning of a greater story, whereas the last is the end. I can't help but think there's a whole lot of story here to tell.

this was gay and amazing

I'm framing this comment.

I only just got around to reading this and I want to say its a lovely story.

The stuff about sex feels a little forced at times, given that, Vinyl not only just met Octavia in the story, and just before meeting her got a massive mirror pointed in her direction by Octavia's children...

And flirting one someone who is crying and talking about her dead husband isn't cool....even IF the context is, "I think I could finally learn to love again, with someone like you."

But despite that bit of hurried sexual tension, the story does what it sets out to do and is enjoyable the entire time.

Fair points.

And I;m glad you like it.:rainbowkiss:

Well there's nothing I can say that hasn't been said by others here, so I'll just leave my stamp and move on.

Boo! Give your thoughts!

It's all already been said by others!

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