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After Vinyl skips out on the debut of Octavia's newest composition—her latest act in a string of obtuse and aloof behavior—Octavia begins to wonder if Vinyl really appreciates their friendship. Sure, she's busy, but Vinyl's always made time for her before. Since when does Octavia come in second place?

And why did it have to be now of all times?

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Me, throughout this entire chapter. :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait to see more of this, and yeah, you totally should write that story.


Congratulations! You win FIMfiction for Friday. That was awesome.

Hmm will Vinyl speak or is she a mute here?

Thanks! Those two were definitely a case of instant characterization. From the very first line of dialogue, they came right off the page for me; I loved it.

I thought this was an already established colloquialism. Thank you, though!

Without spoiling anything, Tavi did mention Vinyl's wording early on in the chapter; it's probably safe to assume that she's not entirely mute.

Hm Ok that she has way of communication I can get behind... let's see...


Thanks for the reply!

At the risk of shameless self-promotion (sorry), I played with the “Vinyl is biologically mute” trope last month...

Keep it coming, I like this ship particularly...

Absolutely adorable little fic, and the hilariousness just kept on coming. Just what anyone needs to brighten their day.

Horse apples, that was great! Loved it.

I'm sorely tempted to write a fic starring Silver Strings and Viola now.

Please do.

with a red cross became enshrouded in a deep blue aura.

Hmm Vinyl magic is not consistently depicted in the show... but it's been either light blue [the first time is shown] or magenta...

Hm so she talks normally, but she is a introvert and scared of talking... Bof... doesn't square much with the show but whatever.

Vinyl grinned and thrust the lucky record into the air. Some old bearded stallion looked back at her. He looked pretty stern—Vinyl wondered if being a snooty elitist was part of composer school—but something about him was different. Instead of looking pompous, this dude actually looked, well, pretty badass. Like he’d write his music if he had to, but he’d really rather ride a wolf into battle against a dragon.

“Trotkovsky: 812 Overture,” she read aloud. Well, that sounded promising. 812 was a long time ago, and old music was supposed to be all romantic and junk, right? She shrugged. Tavi didn’t seem to have anything more interesting in her collection, so this would have to do. There wasn’t really any more time to choose anything else, anyway.

How did I know it'd be Trotkovsky's 812 Overture...



Very sweet. I could've done with a more integrated look at what Vinyl loves about Octavia, but it's not like Wubhorse is the most introspective pony in the world. All told, a lovely read. Thank you for it.

This was highly enjoyable

Man, I picked a hell of story for my first Tavi/Scratch fic!

Got to love the awkward gay fumbling am I right?

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