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A friend returning home after a long absence is something to be celebrated, isn't it? In other circumstances, Rainbow Dash would be delighted that Fluttershy is back after almost a year away, but all she has are questions; questions and dark, disturbing thoughts that she'd rather not delve into. The most important one being, "How could I not have known what was happening all this time?"

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Wow, that was really sad. But also kind of sweet? I'm mostly surprised at how... together Fluttershy seemed. Still, this was good!

This was a lot better than the average story I happen to click on in the new stories feed. Really tough subject that you handled very well here.

Great work! You conveyed Dash's emotions really well. I featured this on episode 249 of my podcast, Pony 411.

That was a good read. Goddamn. Thanks for writting this wonderful fic. It was truly an emotional journey.:twilightsmile:

This was amazingly deep, and I am with Dash that what the changelings did was beyond reprehensible, and nothing about it was the act of a mere predator trying to get its next meal, this is predatory in a completely different and horrifying way.

In any case, I would love to see an expanded story on the year-long incursion, or the aftermath where Twilight takes this information to Princess Celestia and Luna.

Oh wow, this....this hurts.

Nice work.

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