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Celestia finds herself sharing company and her booze stash with Luna's crazed split-personality, Nightmare-Moon. However, as the night wears on, she finds she may actually be able to tolerate the dark alicorn. Maybe even like her.

For Nightmare Moon is the best pony: Contest numero uno.

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I really liked it it give me something really funny/interesting to read good job :raritywink:

Thank you for submitting to the contest!

(misspelling in the title there, champ)

It's pretty good,well done :pinkiehappy:
And thanks for submitting it early, it will really help :twilightsmile:

I'll get the admins to read it tomorrow, though we probably won't make any final decisions until we have other fics to compare it to :pinkiesmile:

3334382 Right-o, can't wait to hear what they say and read some other fics.

Good stuff. Of course, my favorite line was

Celestia:“I am not an alcoholic; it just takes a whole lot more to intoxicate me.”
Nightmare Moon: “So you’re an enthusiast.”

I'm going to have to use that.:rainbowlaugh:

3334639 Glad you liked it.:pinkiesmile:
And if you use that line, it'll be a shout out to me...:pinkiecrazy:
....Sorry, inner narcissist popped up.:facehoof:

This is one of the funniest bucking stories I've ever read!:rainbowlaugh: Great job man.

3334784 And a thank you to you as well.
Might I ask your favorite line?:duck:

3334795 Probably this one:rainbowlaugh:

“The things she imagines doing with cheese.”

I have to say I laughed. Love drunk ponies. They make terrible decisions.


Usually vandalism or some sort of mischief that gets them arrested and in the press. The whole waking up with somepony in bed has been done to death.

3335515 True, but they knew where they were.
Oh, and glad you enjoyed.:pinkiesmile:

Interesting and clever idea, not really handled that great. The premise and about 75% of this could actually make for a really awesome story! but 'so bogged down by lack of elucidation for convenience's sake.


3336688 I had to freaking look up 'elucidation'.
And thank you for your opinion.

3337262 I'm not sure, I think it needs more up votes.
Go tell all your friends to up vote and we'll see if that works!:pinkiehappy:

I was amused, and I found "a marching band conducting a bombing raid whilst playing covers of the Beatles" to be fantastic imagery. :pinkiesmile: Could use a quick once-over from a proofreader, though.

One more bucking word and I swear you’ll be spending season 4 on the moon.

3343121 Thank you.:pinkiesmile:
Which line did you find most awesome?

“We made passionate love.” Celestia said without an once of shame.

That'd be the one that made me choke on my coke

3343173 It's not a good day until I nearly kill someone with my writing. :pinkiecrazy:

splashed in canterlot river.

Canterlot, A city built on a mountain has a river running through it? Oh well. Good story though.


Well, I feel like an idiot. I commented on the wrong story somehow. This is still a great story.

3343995 Oh... Okay:pinkiehappy:.
Also, have to ask what your favorite line was.:twilightsheepish:

So, what was your favorite line?

“We made passionate love.” Celestia said without an once of shame.

Nightmare-Moon went from black-as-night to redder-than-a-rose in ten seconds flat.

“Tia!” she cried, embarrassed.

Not really a single line, but this was my favorite moment of this.

Comment posted by TheWraithWriter deleted Oct 14th, 2013

3344068 I'll tale it.

I also just noticed your profile pic and I must say I love it.

3344443 Thank you!:moustache:
Which Line got all your YES! in particular?

I thought I mentioned it, you know, ALL OF THEM.

3344509 "“We made passionate love.” Celestia said without an once of shame."
this one for me

Wow, this is a good read. And that is all i have to say. (I can't any other way to put it.) :pinkiehappy:

3347439 Thank you.:pinkiesmile:
Mind informing me which line was your favorite?

This was glorious. It would be hilarious if they did have a thing in the show. Discord's sides would be in orbit if they did.

Personal favorite part was the bit about Twilight not finishing writing her story because she needed to save Ponyville. Celestia demands the next chapter of her favorite fanfic to be written now!

There was a long silence as the two just looked at each other. Nightmare shattered it with all the subtly of a marching band conducting a bombing raid whilst playing covers of the Beatles.

Of all the hilarity in this fic, that made me laugh the hardest

3336688>>3334259>>3334300>>3334360>>3336023>>3336046 LOL, I forgot to ask you 'What's your Favorite Line? :duck:'

So, What's your Favorite Line? :duck:

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