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On the most important day of Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle's lives, Princess Luna finds herself as busy as ever making sure all of the arrangements go according to plan. The last thing she needs to worry about is one of the brides having second thoughts about the decision looming around the corner. After some words of guidance from the princess of the night, the mare in question knows what she needs to do. But will she be able to walk down the aisle if her hooves are still too cold?
Written as a (late) birthday present for the lovely and talented artist bri-sta, who is also the artist of the image I'm using as a cover, since it's what I used as inspiration for this little story.

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Comments ( 20 )

Can tell its pretty well written and well done.


Beautifully written.

Thank you. I'm used to descriptive comments, but sometimes simple ones work just as well, especially if the story is added to a collection with a flattering category name. :twilightsmile:

Well written story, if a bit purple in places. Might want to cut back a bit on the thesaurus for color names.

I usually go by the MLP Wiki for colors, and use what's listed there directly. I wasn't really aware I could go any simpler than those. :fluttershysad:

That was very well written :twilightsmile::raritystarry:


"Silk robes of cerulean and heliotrope"

That sort of thing. Sometimes simple is better. Also, you've got a touch of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome going along with it. I know the reflex is often to be more descriptive, but it is totally all right to just use character names rather than 'the purple alicorn' and the like.

Still, good story, very enjoyable!

I'm not disputing that simpler is better: I'm saying I don't know what simpler is, as far as those colors are concerned. So I can't do something I don't know. :applejackunsure: Any advice on what some good alternatives might be?

Blue and purple, for a start. :)

The white stallion bellowed heavily, his cries echoing throughout the room as he clung to his handkerchief against his eyes for everything it was worth.

I think "bawled" would work better. Y'know, just to rub it in.

Considering that the story is set in a formal event in a castle, a modicum of flowery language isn't out of order.
Get it? Get it? Flowery? It's funny because the word "heliotrope" comes from... nevermind.
Although there may be some other points where the wording could be simplified, I think that particular example works fine as-is.

Yeah, it does. Fixed.

How the flying buck did I missed this!? It's so cute and great!

is it wrong how Celestia marrying twilight seems a bit like... pedophilia to me? With Celestia being thousands of years old and Twilight being... a teenager (at least in my headcanon)....

You and anyone else who thinks an age gap means pedophilia has a bad definition of pedophilia.
Pedophilia is being attracted to children. Twilight is an adult.
>but, when Celestia was X age, Twilight wasn't-!


OK, well, I know you made her an adult in this one, but... I still personally don't see why you would ship Celestia with Twilight, not saying it's a bad fanfic, but... not sure if it's plausible.

I don't think I respect what your definition of plausible is, granted you didn't even know how to define pedophilia a few days ago.


just forget it, im just not certain if it could possibly be canon, but go ahead and ship them,

Fanfiction isn't about making something canon. It's about making stories that you and others find appealing, whether you want it to be canon or not.
You've gone from accusing her of pedophilia to practicality to canon. It's leading me to believe that you're trying desperately to find some way to justify saying "I don't like thing, stop making thing that I don't like, because I don't like it".
Please fuck off now, thanks.

It's a beautiful story, capturing what could be the problem in this kind of relationship, but dealing with it in a beautiful manner. And it ends at the perfect moment. I read only one TwiLestia fanfic before, but it is a great pleasure to read.

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