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Similar to The Sun and The Stars: A Twilestia Prompt Collab, this is a collection of short stories by various authors.

The key difference? We all get the same prompt and we have an hour to write. See more of the rules here. Want to contribute? Join the Skype chat group or check out the thread!

Chapter titles are that week's prompt; each author is listed and linked above their entry.

Chapters (61)
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Comments ( 60 )

Excellent work, people. :twilightsmile: I've always been curious how different authors would tackle the same prompt, and now I get my curiosity sated.

...I'm going to be reading so many chapters.

*High pitch squeal*. My heart just melted.

Well that's one way to start a relationship, poor celly is going to have the awkward experience of knowing exactly who your little pony student is going to be and what they're going to/have done to you...

Night Light, I assure you that none of our children would marry Blueblood.”

Shots fired!

'Dat burn.

Yeah, you need to have mature stories visible. And I can't link directly from this story to the mature one.

5528516 um i have my setting on to allow mature and i'ev been able to read all but the very last chapter other then the last chapter i've been fine

You need to visit Fuzzyfurvert's page and read the story in the Hot for Teacher: A Twilestia Clop Collab. It can be found here; it's the top story.

Celestia smiled, happy to have found someone who as smart and loving and beautiful and purple as Twilight to brighten her days.

This fic i like. That sentence i love.

and this is why you knock Rainbow. Not that I'd expect her to do anything else, but still.


Hey, that's one way of getting out of that ever-present paperwork...

:trollestia:"I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, spleeenndorr":twilightblush:

:twilightsmile: "Adventure?"
:trollestia: "Of course."
*one summoning ritual later*
:twilightoops: "Wtf?"

Yes...new fetish thing! Cover yourself in ranch dressing. Search your heart, Luna, you know it to be right!

D'awwww... Supershipper Cadance is a fave of mine. And that was just cute.

This was chocolate-covered marshmallow sweet, and funny to boot

/suggestive eyebrow waggle

Sadly, I was not able to get it passed moderation, even with multiple revisions, due to "lack of pony content." So, for now, I have an unpublished fic titled 'Oh $#!%, it's the fuzz!' on my list...

wait doesn't music beat parasprites and twilight knows this so why did this happen

Because flamethrowers are about a trillion times cooler than music.

Because why the hell not? The idea stuck in my head, and I wrote it. These are all inherently AU, so there's no reason I can't have Twi and Tia rock some flamethrowers agains a swarm of parasprites.

In short, because raisins.

interesting story is there any possibility of the continuation of this please. :twilightsmile:


Cute? That was horrifying.

Dang it Cadence, leave 'em be!

Another good set. I particularly enjoyed the 3.

Ya, just found this...great start and Twilight! What???:rainbowlaugh::yay::facehoof:

Well played, Minuette, well played.:trollestia:

Well shit, I forgot I wrote this!

It's already up on my page. Just not on its own, though.

That went from dark to adorable really quickly.

That it did, Kinsley. That it did.

I'm guessing i wanted to go with the mad scientist, but it turned out to be filly/young Twi. I don't remember what my inspiration was, but it likely was Bri-sta's fault.

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