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That was good, a really great fic.:)

4905525 I'm glad you thought so!

This was really lovely. I don't think anyone has addressed Twilight snubbing Moon Dancer's birthday. I always wondered what would have happened if Twilight had actually made an effort to be friends with the other ponies we saw that the beginning of the show. Celestia had to push her to Ponyville to make friends.

We could have ended up with an all unicorn set of Element Bearers.

Hey this was a great story and all but I gotta call up some guys from college now. :twilightsheepish:

4905994 That would actually make a pretty cool AU fic. Not that we don't have enough alternate Mane Six stories floating around already, but still.

4906236 Tell them I said hi. :rainbowwild:

This story made me tear up at the end for some reason...:fluttercry:

Very well written, props to you! :D

that was beautiful! absolutely loved it!

I don't mean to be rude, but Moondance sounds like a G3 name.:twistnerd:

4935064 G1, actually. If you want G3 names, Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie might serve you better. :pinkiehappy:

I kind of want a sequel where the fiance meets Twilight... so much potential for comedy.

That was really touching and great, I loved it!

This was quite good! I can certainly see why it'd make EqD!

Very well done, man.

Oh, by the by...

“Eh, screw it.” Three of us can go out to

Was that intentional?

And finally:


~Skeeter The Lurker

Comment posted by Skeeter The Lurker deleted Sep 1st, 2014

Why the hell did it double post...?

~Skeeter The Lurker

4938676 Thanks for the ribbon! :pinkiehappy: Oh, and that typo was definitely not intentional. I'm surprised how many people it took to catch that one. Just goes to show you there will always be typos no matter how many times you look over something.

4934539 4934858 4937820 Thanks! I'm glad you all liked it.

I feel like this story went a bit over my head but I loved it nevertheless! :twilightsheepish:

4938806 Do you want me to clarify anything?

Not really, I understood the story and all but I like to find the theme in a story (even when there is none :derpytongue2:) but I sorta couldn't figure it out :twilightsheepish:


The distance—or even the amount of time—between two ponies doesn’t matter. Their friendship will always pull them back together again, even if it takes a few years.

Something along the lines of "Even old friendships never die" would be theme here, if you choose to look for one.

Well when you point it out now it seems sorta obvious :unsuresweetie:
Thanks for clearing that up :derpytongue2:

4939621 No problem!

WOW! I can totally see why this is on Equestria Daily!

Oh not bad, not bad at all. I haven't seen very many fics at all that address Twilight's young adult life in Canterlot. Filly Twilight tends to get a fair bit of attention (which is probably Cadance's fault for the most part), but Twilight as she was right before her friendship journey started is mostly untouched territory.

(At some point I really want to see a story expanding on Spike's "But Twilight, we're on a break!" comment. On a break from what?)

Anyway, good story.

Makes you think...

Yep, that's a fine metaphor for friendship right there. Good story that it is, I'm a little disappointed that Moondancer didn't say anything about Spike. He missed her birthday, too, blast it! Might be biased, but I associate him with Moondancer more so than Twilight.

great story but i need sequel:raritydespair: maybe one where twilight meets moondancers fiance that could become a comedy:twilightsmile:

First of all, this was an excellent story. There's the sugar.
My two issues, which are of little consequence to the writing talent are these:
1. I thnk I understand your title, but combined with the intro, it is confusing.
2. This story just screams sequel. You have mentioned the other friends of Twilight's youth. You should consider individual stories based upon Twilight following up on each, especially Minuette. Too many years spent reading Sci Fi and Fantasy and being frustrated by stories that should have gone further. Unless there is a reason such as the tragedy of H. Beam Piper and the Fuzzies.


“Eh, screw it.” The three of us

It still has an erroneous close-quote.

This was a nice little snapshot relating to the life Twilight left behind—which is a topic seldom explored, at least in my experience as a reader.

Well this was a nice little story. I'm glad I took the time out of my busy schedule to read it. You get a thumbs up.

Name a book, and it was there; she’d piled more of them onto that tiny wooden table than she could ever possibly read before the library closed.

Of course, that sure wouldn’t stop her from trying.

So true! :rainbowlaugh:
Although, since she did find a time travel spell once, I think it's within reason that she could eventually discover or invent a spell that stops time for everything but herself, finally allowing her to read every single book in the library in the space of one day... :twilightoops:

This story was quite heartwarming. It does seem to be most worthy of a sequel, like a couple others have mentioned...

Anyway, thanks for writing! :twilightsmile:

Twilight had a happy life with friends in Canterlot before the events of the first episode? Heresy! Hereeeeeeeeesssssssssyyyyy!

In all seriousness, it's a nice idea for a story and I enjoyed it. Especially since it's a FRESH idea that I haven't seen played out eight million times.

Yeah, I still stand by my original thoughts of this story...
Initially, I thought that if I gave it some time I wouldn't be so hung up about it, but... Yeah... My opinions haven't changed...
Still a good read though, from a functional standpoint, anyway...

Oh well... Hope you had a good New Year!

I don't think I've ever seen a story with Moondancer before, or one that addresses the friends Twilight had before she left for Ponyville. I think it's because the show somewhat implies that Twilight never really took an interest in friends before Ponyville, but that's probably just my interpretation, and it didn't hamper my enjoyment of this story in any way. Great job, Avox, and congrats on the EqD feature! :twilightsmile:

One thing, though...

The thick scent of hazelnut pervaded the air, wrapping Twilight up inside a warm, bittersweet, decaffeinated blanket.

Twilight drinks decaf in the morning?

5497564 Geeeeeeeeeez, you're just tearing your way through all my stories. Makes me realize it's far past time I go read more of yours. Away we go, then!

Also, fixed.

That was really, really nice.
I kinda want to read more of this, but I guess that lingering feeling of wanting more is satisfying in its own way.
Good job, Avox.

I feel weird about what I just read because I know how I would act in that situation, and it's completely different. When I saw my old friend, it would elicit a cold sense of dread, and all my subsequent actions would focus on extricating myself from the situation and escaping. For that matter, when I go somewhere I suspect might contain former friends, I scan the area to find if they're there. Then I hole up somewhere I'm unlikely to be seen by them if they happen by.

I think that this story shows the differences in how people function, and, as far as I can tell, that's the entire point of stories.

This is such a charming story! I wish there was a 'I totally love this story to pieces' option next to the 'Like' button...
I only have one question.
Who is Moondancer's fiancè?
P.S. Pretty sure it's :eeyup:

6307318 Well there *is* a favorites button...

Oh, I wish I'd read this when it was new, before "Amending Fences" came out. The trouble is that M. A. Larson gave us such a superb episode that it's now almost impossible for me to think of Moondancer's personality in any other way. In your story, she seems, if anything, closer to now-canon Minuette. Still a charming and rather cute alternative reality, though, so it gets a like anyway.

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