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Rainbow catches the feather flu, and tries to cover it up. She runs into a certain alicorn on her way down to the ground.

This story is for The Abyss’s contest

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Well. Kind of odd to have a story with the relationship simply already established, without any explanation of that fact. :unsuresweetie:

Still, short and sweet, I guess.

Small technical remark: in a "s/he said" type construction, the "s/he said" part should not start with a capital letter (unless it's a name, of course), since it's considered part of the same sentence. Also for that reason, if the quoted piece before it ends on a period (other punctuations are exempt), that period should be changed into a comma.

> “Fine, fine, I was screaming.” She said, her voice barely audible.
Should be:
“Fine, fine, I was screaming[,]” [she] said, her voice barely audible.

I hope this helps you out :twilightsmile:

Another note: the cover image source is
You should put that url in the "source" box under "Cover Art" in the story's settings, so people interested in the image can see where it comes from and who made it, and can comment on it at the author's site :raritywink:

Eh, i'll give it a like.

Whoever can write the cutest one shot wins!

This seems to be marked incomplete.

6268844 Eh, I'm kinda lenient on that little part. I had intended this contest to be the cutest 1k word story, but as I have found myself, cramming cuteness into 1k words just doesn't work out that well, so I bumped up the word limit to 5k.

To the author: the story HAS to be done by the due date though, so do keep that in mind. :heart:

It's already done...do I need to add 4,000 more words?

6269065 Nope. Max limit is 5k words.

I don't know if this could be labeled as "cute" but it was a nice read. Didn't d'aaaawwww though.

I see many many missed opportunities with this.

Since Dash has the feather flu, the wonderbolts are probably wondering where she is and then twilight would tell them she's sick and stuff and then some lovey dubby stuff before admitting that she gave Dash the virus.

That's just an imo for you

Looking at the cover I expected this fic to be mature. Was really surprised that it was E.

Comment posted by tuhka deleted Sep 25th, 2015

:twilightsheepish: Yeah... couldn't find one that was, you know, a bit safer, so, I settled on that one.

Trust me, I only pick those type of cover arts if necessary.

i loved this. it was so cute and endearing. no need for clop of sexy scenes. just cute and innocent.

And here, ends my quest. All the stories were very enjoyable to read and each was a bit unique. (Don't know what the fuss is about this site and romance but oh well.)

I'll admit, I skimmed some lines in this story. Partly because I have trouble reading romances sometimes.

Anyways, good stories. I'll be waiting for the next ones.

6564704 LOL, sorry it took that long to reply. I feel kind of bad now...

6566052 ah don't be we've all been busy. :twilightsmile:

Its official...I am a crybaby...the ending was...amazing...good show >>Short Stories and great story

6270668 Yes, it looks a little...steamy.
If you know what I mean :trollestia:

Sick sex? Damn, no thanks lol.

Mildly enjoyable story.

Who else is here cuz of Brook the Book Horse?

Coincidentally, I am.

TLC? :rainbowhuh:
Oh...tender loving care... :twilightblush: :facehoof:

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