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You awoke in an unfamiliar forest, your bed and apartment is gone, as is the city that they had inhabited. Though as you get your bearings in this new and unfamiliar world it seems that more than just your location has changed.

Now, scared and confused in a world that is not your own you must struggle to find a place of belonging and the reason as to why you have ended up in this strange and colorful new setting.

**Note From The Writer, Caelum: So if you haven't guessed already this is my first ever true attempt at writing; and so me being a fan of the second person surprise ponification FanFics decided to write my own. So happy reading to any of you who decide to read my little (hoping to grow bigger) story here. Also big thank you to Howitzer for editing this and giving me advice when i needed it. Also i highly recommend that you check out some of Howitzer's work particularly Rising Sun which in all honesty was one of the stories which kinda gave me the base idea for this one and is an awesome read. also Howitzer is willing to do editing work and is willing to help out aspiring writers

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Nice, keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

425308 Will do! third chapter should be up later today :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

DAMN this is a good story!
You need WAY more people reading this.
I don't say this often, and I only say it when I read a really good story, but...

I am here! I edit stuff! Notice me! Nah, just kidding. But really, I endorse this story wholeheartedly.

425764 well then if you don't say so often i have to say i am honored! and if you're worried about chapters i already have number 3 going through editing and number 4 almost finished being written and ready to be sent through editing (*cough editor=Howitzer who is awesome *cough cough) but be looking forward to meeting fluttershy or more so talking in front of a yellow pegasus with an amazing talent at staring at anything but you while not saying anything loud enough for 'you' to hear, and a rather, ah, interesting encounter with Rainbow Dash

427477 and yes! you are here Howitzer!
and thanks fer all yer hard work ah'm mighty thankful to ya-AJ :ajsmug:

Oh! You mean when he encounters Rainbow Dash, she'll be dressed up as Scootaloo?! That IS interesting!

427705 Haha perhaps, nothing shall be given away except that it is sure to be an more awesome part of the reading experience
Hay yeah it is! but only because i'm in it and with me everything is awesome-RD :rainbowwild:
Hush rainbow, but wait patiently and you shant be surprised

For some reason, I expect either

A. Falling.
B. Crashing into Rainbow Dash. Possibly.
C. All of the above.
D. something else.

429637 Mwahahahahahaha no hints
but perhaps you are right, or maybe i'll just throw you a complete curveball and have you land in a tree again or something.

Hmm, if no words can describe it, can we get an paint image for it?

430059 haha well actually i cannot paint for the life of me but i believe i have someone painting me something but it's just for the title :applejackunsure:

I'm really enjoying the first person angle your going with. I'm finding it puts "you" the reader right into the story. With the memory loss, it really makes thing fall into place as anyone can be the "you". Your doing great. You asked what my favorite part was before, I've been rereading it, and to be honest, it's the whole darn thing. Twighlight's slowly building interest in "you" should be an interesting development.

431704 Well with the self immersion into the story was truly what i wanted to happen. It goes hand in hand with the detail i try to put through in descriptions of areas etc. just to make it feel like 'you' are really there and not just reading a story. And oh don't worry Twilight's interest shall truly be, ah, interesting? shall we say? Think of the smartypants (her doll) enchanting thing times it by three then direct it in your general direction ;)

I know what it is a reference to, but I won't say. I'm a nice guy like that. I also cheated, and had extra time to think about it. Hooray for being the editor!

442069 Well just for being a good person Howitzer you get a mustache anyways:pinkiehappy: so here you go :moustache: but note that the person who finds out now will get two! :pinkiegasp:

442101 ... You... I have no words for you... :pinkiecrazy:

442109 mwahaha what the fact that i have upped the total mustaches given...damn i really needed an evil face..like one with spike in a tophat and cape twirling a stache but alas none was had so we will settle foorr :trollestia: trollestia :eeyup:

yes! Not sure it was falling in style, but falling none the less! :pinkiehappy:

443438 haha yes it was! and hmm can Mcyav tell me what the chapter name is referencing? :ajsmug: WITHOUT GOING TO MY PROFILE, that is cheating:derpytongue2:

I can't tell you at all, it seems slightly familiar, but only just

Great story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter!

444070 GAH! Mcyav you have failed me D: it was referencing Toy Story :derpytongue2:

444948 Haha well thank ya :D i am writing it as we speak

Which one? because I haven't seen the new one.

447574 The first one when all the toys are commenting on how Buzz can fly and that hes so much cooler than woody an he's saying it wasnt flying it was falling in style, hm i just had an idea i wonder what a Toy Story movie would be like if Andie was a brony and bought MLP: FiM toys as well?

Ohhhhhhhh, That's been a long time since i saw that

447748 haha it's alright do not worry there will be plenty of other references to things both in the story and in the chapter titles therefore, other chances to earn musaches :D :yay:

I'll try and spot them :(

haha well for the most part they should be easier, perhaps a portal reference? :P or something akin to it. also i must ask does it bother you when i switch the viewpoints of the story such as from your character t0 Dash/Fluttershy? cause i realised from a readers criticism that i do that and it gives you the reader and main character information you should not be privy to such as Dashie's thoughts etc etc. and what im asking i guess is does it work? or do you find it meh?

Interesting proposition. Faving this so I can catch updates. Will read eventually.

not bad, I'll be keeping an eye on you, someone so skilled at discriptive writing should be watched closely. I'll be getting in touch with you one day, till then, bye:pinkiecrazy:

453343 *looks behind* well now that i know that you arent watching me that closely i can be sure that you shant get a sneak peek at chapter 5! also well when ya need to get in touch go ahead an gimme a holler :D

How's chapter 5 coming along?

454324 Chapter 5 is currently being written, im just taking a quick break to gather my thoughts and i wasnt able to write during the day due to work stuff i had to take care of :twilightoops:

First. Bazinga.

Anyway, another great job, by you, and me.

Another great success from the combined talents of Caelum and Howitzer :pinkiehappy: i commend you good sir for retaining interest and keeping up with being my ever faithful editor and story consultant, perhaps a Howitzer pony will become friends with [unknown]

463909 Perhaps. It'd certainly be an interesting relationship.

Finished first 4 chapters this evening. Review:

Nearly fell out of my chair laughing once I realized I had no thumbs.

Huh. Pegasus. I'd prefer to be an earth pony myself. Just saying.

AHAHAHAHAAA! Yeah, I'd probably yell too if a large reptilian shook me awake. Though, once I realized Spike was a dragon I'd try to hug him. I looove dragons.

"This stance, if not for the look of outright terror on your face, would probably have been a very imposing sight. At least, you hope it was imposing." XD Cracked me up.

Ooo, head trauma is always fun.

I'm guessing they're taking me to Fluttershy. Well, I'm about to find out, aren't I?

Called it!

Also, charades with Angel are hilarious. It helps make it seem more like a slice-of-life sort of thing.

So I apparently inhaled some amnesia dust. That, or I hit my head way too hard. Seems legit.

Yay! Arguing personalities!

Considering that I already like Twilight Sparkle IRL, I'm liking where this is going. NEXT CHAPTER!

And gravity wins again! Curse you gravity for being a universal law!

And here is where personal preference diverts from the story. I love dragons. My reaction would actually be to perk up at the mention that Spike was one. Although, the size issue might still be a topic of conversation.

GAHAHAHAHA! ( < Me laughing at Spike getting gagged.)

Love the final line! Flying is easy. Landing without crashing... that's another kettle of fish.

Roffle. First paragraph reminds me of the whale in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that smashes into the side of that one planet. (That's a compliment, by the way.)

I kinda like how I'm learning to fly. Reminds me of baby birds, actually.

And I'm guessing I'm landing on a cloud. Oh look, Rainbow Dash!

And now she's chasing me. Oh boy. This won't end well.

Wait... was I always a pony? This is... confusing. I thought I had thumbs at some point. Or did me and some random pegasus switch bodies?
Actually, that would be hilarious. Especially if we cut to that pegasus trying to figure out how to hold stuff... and why clothes are necessary.

Oh ow. Sonic Rainboom'd into the ground!

Well, that was an enjoyable experience. Definitely looking forward to more.

Oh look! Chapter 5!

463975 why thank you :twilightsmile: i appreciate your sentiment

463958 i shall let you finish your summaries before fully commenting to them but let it be known they have made me lol the hardest so far :moustache: this is for you (the key to getting these is to make me laugh :D)

P.S. and being super awesome too but that's less specific :)

464074 MY MOUSTACHES HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO THREE!! HUZZAH! how'd you like your meeting with Rainbow?

Absolutely perfect. Good job mimicking her personality.

464124 as in good job portraying her? :P well thank you :D

464129 Yep. Your welcome, keep the chapters coming.

464134 I shall :) debating on who to meet next, that is if you will meet someone new next i'm not sure yet

464137 Hmmm.. have we met Applejack yet?

now that i think of it, nope not yet, i'll think of putting her into the meeting queue and if she clicks with what im writing then i'll put her in i'm thinking chapter 6 will mostly be a 'you time' chapter idk yet

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