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You awoke in an unfamiliar forest, your bed and apartment is gone, as is the city that they had inhabited. Though as you get your bearings in this new and unfamiliar world it seems that more than just your location has changed.

Now, scared and confused in a world that is not your own you must struggle to find a place of belonging and the reason as to why you have ended up in this strange and colorful new setting.

**Note From The Writer, Caelum: So if you haven't guessed already this is my first ever true attempt at writing; and so me being a fan of the second person surprise ponification FanFics decided to write my own. So happy reading to any of you who decide to read my little (hoping to grow bigger) story here. Also big thank you to Howitzer for editing this and giving me advice when i needed it. Also i highly recommend that you check out some of Howitzer's work particularly Rising Sun which in all honesty was one of the stories which kinda gave me the base idea for this one and is an awesome read. also Howitzer is willing to do editing work and is willing to help out aspiring writers

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