This is a group I've made for anyone who wants to get a glimpse into the creative processes of my mind. It now also doubles as a group for the stories written by those that I have deemed worthy. I'll be putting up some information up here regarding my stories, and I'll even entertain questions here. And, should anyone be inspired enough, I'll post any stories that people would like up here. Once I get some more work done on Rising Sun, and my other current stories, I'm going to be doing a collection of interconnected stories.

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Yeah! A group dedicated to my favorite (or second favorite) writer!

HELLO EVERYONE! Im kinda new here. So lets have a PARTY!!!! :pinkiehappy:

I have been deemed worthy! Huzzah! or... more like Strange Winds has who cares HUZZAH

Very few writers manage to make me enjoy being in pieces. I commend you on your heart breaking powers.

282420 I don't honestly know. It just sort of comes to me. If I do figure out where I get my inspiration I will be sure to let you know.

Well so far I really enjoy your story. How do you came up with them I wonder...

282397 Well, if you're sick I suggest you get some rest. Can't have you dying from some disease on my account. That would be pretty irresponsible of me.

Indeed I did, interesting revelations.

282388 Really? You stayed up to read my chapter? I'm honored. Did you like it?

1. I'm incredibly sick at the moment.
2. See story update.
3. Find out it's Howitzer saying the chapter will be up later.
5.Resume waiting for epic story update. :pinkiehappy:

I'm just saying the truth there

282375 You're too kind...

Well i can safely say that your stories are a joy to experience

So, I see that there are now three of you in the group, myself excluded. Go and talk about stuff, it's why this is here. I mostly made this for the fans to talk to each other. I'll jump in every so often, but mostly it's like a fan club. (Wow, now I know how Rainbow Dash feels.)

Well, here it is. I do hope that this will be the first post of many, but I have no way of knowing. Feel free to ask questions, and chat about whatever. I really don't mind. Just avoid any hate. If you want to say something bad about something I've done, or something someone else has done, don't hate. Just be polite.

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