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This will be the primary group for the collaboration I am organizing.

Known/Suspected Shipping pairs:
Howitzer ---- Rainbow Dash
Kujo Blaze ---- Fluttershy (NON-AUTHOR)
viper9172 ---- Applejack (NON-AUTHOR)
Caelum ---- Twilight
Melancholy ---- Luna
BaroqueNexus ---- Big Macintosh
Mcyav ---- Ditzy Doo

Editors (Editors are granted Admin power):
Kujo Blaze

For Ideas, ask viper9172

That's what I have so far. If you want to get in on this than let me know via PM. Seriously, just send me a PM.

Member levels:
Member: You're here, and you'll be notified if I, or someone, posts a thread.
Contributor: You're writing for the collaboration, and will be given a fancy plus next to your name on the member list. How fun! Oh, and you'll be able to post stuff up here.
Admin: Not only do you get a fancy crown, you also get to have a second vote when voting comes up! This is a power that will only be exercised rarely, though, as the Admin's will only vote in the event of a tie between authors.

More will be added over time, but for now this is all it is. I will be posting all the rules for the fic in a thread, so be sure to take a gander at that.

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If I can be involved in this in some way, you can count me in!

But...what do I do exactly? Also, I'm writing a fic right now, so I can't work on it yet.

283665 do it, you know you want to. Also where better to start than as part of a group where you can get lots of support?

I'm watching this, thinking about taking part, although I've never really done much writing.

283651 I feel better already.

283650 You now have unlimited doctoring, congrats :D

283649 Hell, I lost count a while ago. Too many staches, and not enough time to count them all. I had in excess of a hundred, though.

283648 are fine, for you i shall substitute moustaches as currency (congratulations Howitzer your dream is coming true!)

283647 ... Shit. I only have vanilla... Guess I'm screwed.

283645 Hmmmm well then, i am ze doctor, as this position is awesome i hereby am Dr. Caelum. Give me your insurance bits....or cupcakes...and only chocolate ones

283644 Optimism is the key to success!

283643 .... sooo many people are going to di-i mean OH YES DOCTOR I AM DEFINITELY QUALIFIED! Now all i need is a dove called Archimedes

283642 your the doctor.

OOoooooOOOOooohHHHHhhh I HAVE A SHINY PLUS NEXT TO MY NAME!! I FEEL SPECIAL *starts drawing smiley face on a potato*

283533 The year is 2048 AD. Humans are now able to leave their earthly home and travel to other dimensions.

283551 I dunno about anyone else, but I'm feeling crossing the divide and falling into the unknown.

Human Storm?
Human Transformation?
Face the Humans?
Humanity meets Ponies?
Crossing the Divide?
Falling into the Unknown?

Ok, now I just feel silly... I wonder how Pinkie does this...?:raritydespair:

283533 so a reverse Ponyfall? Humanfall? Ok, we need a professional catchy name maker, I suck.

283527 Well, it may not be human turned into pony. I will be clarifying when the time comes, though.

Hehehehe, suspected shipping pairs.
283513 Huzzah Plot!
Ok, let me just confirm in my own head how this works,
This is a self insert human in Equestria, where the human becomes pony? Haha the possibilities!

283511 Excellent. I will update the list, and then I will soon begin the main plot idea for the whole story arc.

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