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Relatively new fan of the show. Hoping to write some stories. If you want to know anything, feel free to send a message. Take care!


It's over. And the moment has not been prepared for ... · 8:00pm Aug 1st, 2017

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Still waiting on you, my friend~

You can still be around, y'know. Nothing that causes immediate harm should dissuade you from being in a place where you have some ties~

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Oh, you should have my GMail address. So you can contact me there~

I hope you might return someday. I'll miss you.:heart: (I mean, if there is a reason to remain, I'd have started again, if necessary. Still, I wish you fortune wherever you might go instead.) See you!


If they contain a good idea expressed with clarity, then I'm sure that I will.

I thank you for following, and I hope my stories (Once I have some of them up) are to your liking. :pinkiesmile:

Tanks for teh stawk.

thanks for the watch, i appreciate it!


I see. That's very similar to my own line of reasoning, in fact (though there are some things that you can write about without ever having experienced it, intimacy tends not to be one of them).

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I'm genuinely curious and not seeking to start an argument: why do you disapprove [of sexual fanfics]?

Blunt answer: Snobbishness. I am attached to the characters as characters, and them reading in ways that just don't make sense to me, irritates me. Most smut requires them to make leaps of logic that they just would never do and seem weird. And the fact that half of what I come across is by people who have CLEARLY never had sex before.

It more a case of tolerance, though. I don't want to read the crazy fetish stuff that permeates everything, but I'm not gonna look down on those who seek it. I just bemoan the skill of those who write it. ("You can do better! Better, I say!")


You're welcome.

Thanks for the Watch! :raritywink:


You're welcome.

Thankies for the follow


No thanks are necessary.

Thanks for the follow-back. :raritywink:


You are both very welcome.

1962167 I thank all those who follow me.

1962165 Okay. Thanks for the follow.

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