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Apple Bloom wakes up hungry, goes downstairs to grab a snack, and spots Big Mac.

What's he doing up so early?

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Now the real question is, why the heck is the bowling alley only open from 1 to 4?

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I bet catering to a more adult crowd or for the insomniacs that could be around. It sounds like it is doing good business if Big Mac is on another date at this location.

Heh, adorable.

It's fun to picture Apple Bloom and Big Mac at the stairs, just having their little chat, maybe with the younger pointing accusingly at her brother.

6400920 I used to work at a bowling alley that had "Midnight bowling." Fridays and Saturdays (although technically Saturdays and Sundays), they would have it so you could pay a flat rate and bowl for two hours, starting at midnight. The difference between it and regular bowling -- aside from the cost -- was that they would turn on blacklights and put out bright neon colored pins.

This was really sweet.

Now a chapter of Granny Smith!

I really like this story! But, as Unidentified asked, why is the bowling alley open from ONE TO FOUR?
Love the story, and Cutie Skirts are such a cool idea!

6414511 She was sleeping the whole time. *snore snore snore* XD

6490584 Thanks! :D The reason it's opened from 1-4 is because it's catering to a more adult crowd, some (bowling) places are opened from 1-4 IRL. (I probably would faint if I stayed up that late, though. :P)

6490591 ahhh good chapter, dragged on a little bit good to see Granny's perspective

6490601 oh, thank you. That explains it!

I like this story. Pretty sweet Apple family story, and I liked it! However, one question, though:

What kind of bowling alley is only opened from one to four in the morning? :rainbowlaugh:

6538923 Thanks, I worked hard on it. :D :pinkiehappy:

As for your question, that is a question that everyone is asking. Scroll through the comments and take you pic on what ecuse you like best. :raritywink: :derpytongue2:

Where'd you get the cover art? It looks familiar, but I can't quite place it.

7131784 IDK, TBH. XD I just found it on Google Images.

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